In addition to the Zen of the ignorant and sound standing on the side of the giant pit, the rest only rushed to the bodies of the ninja, who had been lying in the giant pit.

"This power ..., 'surrounded by the wooden, ninja looked at the giant pit in front of you, suddenly, fortunately, I was not rushing.

The moment you have to live! '. See this scene, behind the endless earth wall, the three generations have some angry sinking. On the one hand, he is angry with the ninja of so many wooden leaves. On the other hand, he also angry two elders. I don't listen to him advised to send the ninja to pay the moment. On the other hand, he also shocked the brakes.

The power caused.

'Stop? "The province is a three generations, and some mock a laughter:" The three generations of old agers don't reason, they are active to attack me first. "

'Strong Word! If you are not you unauthorized unauthorized mantra, it is still old, how can they take the initiative to attack you ?!'. Looking at the look, the three generations suddenly feel very painful, this feeling, and A few years ago, he found that the big snake pills studied the vanity of the human body experiment.

"Something! You said yourself! '. Seeing the three generations of old face, there is also a taste that can't be said:" If it is not a stupid system, Zong gives me a spell, I How can I need to go to the group to win the scroll to solve the spell, how can I kill so many ninja, you

Have you cleared this cause ?! "

In the face of almost roaring questions, the three generations were silent, and the eyes flashed a struggle. Finally, they said: 'The things have been here, I can't let you get more far on the wrong road ... moment, If you have your hand! "

I have seen the three generations of the three generations. I seem to have become more sharp. The face of Jun Xiu gradually has a bitter laugh: "Three generations old, you are going to do with me? Forget it, you are the number of leaves. More than people who are good for me. ... To be honest, you usually have a care of me.

If you can, I really don't want to do it with you. ... "

After listening to the wrong, the three generations glanced, it seems to be a little touch, but 043 is the top color: 'Your day I have always know, I also know that I am not an opponent with your current strength. However, I am a wooden fire! The ninjas of every wooden leaves here is my home.

! I can't hurt them! "

"Home ... The corpse is gently whispering. Is it even a group of this kind of person, and the three generations of old men still still stubbornly as their own family?

At this moment, I suddenly discovered that the three generations were truly inherited by the fire of the first generation, he was the true village in the village, including Yuxi Bo, who did not have a family of niji.

And Tibetan. However, it inherited the will of the second-generation rigs, acting extremely, implement dark ninja iron, extremely excluding Unexpea, two people like a black one. Extreme.

Once again, he glanced at the woody ninja around and didn't find the figure of the gods, and it was not a sigh of relief.

'Okay. ..., then let you know what I really power, let the strength talk! "After recovering his thoughts, the eyes suddenly bloomed in the flash.

After seeing the eyes of the moment, the three generations of hearts were in the tissue, and we all seemed to be shot. Directly quickly took a few hands and swords, and the print was started.

(The book opened by Xiao A, thanks to everyone, paying for ten days, boarding the heavens, this is a record in Fei Lu, next, I will write more thanks to everyone).

Chapter 85, Guild Woods (more than one)

"Tolerance · Hands in Sword Shadows !!",

I saw the hand sword in the head of the head, started with a very fast speed, changed two, two changed four, four change eight, wait until the moment to fly in front of the moment, it is already the hands of the secrets of the sky.

It is worthy of tutor, the quality and printing of this kind of exercise ..., 'The heart is not praised, because he saved the sword to the front of himself, notice that the three generations have been finished again. Several complex handprints.

' · ! Soil and Tu Longguang! Combine Solden · Firest Slim bomb !!'. After three generations complex hand print, it turned out to release the fire and soil, but also The new composite tissue is formed.

The province will immediately put the thousands of broken swords of the thousands of harces of the thousand generations, and the tremendous dragons released from the Dragon, spit a huge soil flame bomb, and the moment is a moment. Chakra broke out from each acupuncture road of the body.

Eight Diagrams, vacuum back !! ',

Chakra, which has driven the body surface, rapidly turns a round ball, and the surface of the sphere is also covered with a layer of vacuum barriers, except for the sword, the three generations released. Long Yan bomb can also cause any injury to this vacuum ball.

'Good high defense!' The child will see the two of themselves released, and it is easy to blocked it, and the three generations can't help but admire.

'Is that still returned?!' The child looked at the huge Chakra round ball released, even the senior combination of three generations of personally showed it easily. Several days, the Ninja of the family felt stunned.

'Let's go together! Look down!' After the three generations of three generations, all the wooden and ninters on the side began to rush towards the moment.

It's good! '. The moment to stop the three generations of all the tips, the province saw the wooden ninja that he rushed over, and the mouth of the mouth was a smile.

Not good ..., '} Bat, joined the battle in your hand.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Between, all the ninja in the field lost the figure in front of the moment, and then slammed a few dramatically collides, and seven eight ninja were hit.

'Ah, ah: "Second,'

At the moment, I made a full force of the body, and I killed the army, and a series of screams came out. I saw it like a tiger into the flock, and the constant ninja was blown out.

The action is too fast! My shadow is simulated. It can't catch his figure. Outside the group, Nara Luo seizes a handprint, and the use of shadow is imitated to track the shadow of the crowd, head Full of sweat.

I can't think of his body, I have reached this level ..., 'Some of the Ninja who is constantly being flying, and some are the Ninja of the Richguet. The day is surprised.

'Can be evil ...,' Holding the magic transformed into the crowd, the three generations found that they did not pay for their hands, and the speed of the moment is too fast. Every time he shot, it will spare. He is directly attacked by other ninja.

At a time, the large number of wooden leaves actually became obstacles to the three generations of hands.

'Let me come! Eight-door, the sixth door, the scene, open !!'. In this way, this is a Kay, who is ignorant, rushed up, and suddenly broke the whole body Chakra, opened eight gates. The sixth door, 'I can't think of this powerful body! It's a bloody youth !! "

Every case where the exhibition exhibited, it seems that there is a different road, and immediately evokes his strong functions of his vital expert.

The province will open the Six-door and wg into the arrival of Akai. Although the Akai, the Akai has not reached the body of the hooded, but there is a bonus of the sixth door of the eight armor, and he dragged his hands and feet Things become troublesome.

Lift !! "

The white eyes of the moment have been observed that his movements are obviously more than other ninja. When you don't hesitate to directly kick out a dragon dragon shape.

Ah !!! "

Just push it to release the peacock, I immediately flew out the same as the drove of the air gun. I fell to the ground, and I still read it before the eyes of my eyes. "What is the body '

'Akai !! "I saw that the gates were slammed out, and the powerful thunderous thunder's Kakasi was blocked, and the eyes of the eyes were not awkward. The movement of the moment is too Faster, even sometimes his writing wheel can capture it, the body also does not respond.

'This is not ...,' completely can't keep up with the three generations of fighting rhythm, I understand that this is already in your hand, otherwise, he takes time in the crowd to use his powerful non-printing and ice, and the wood rubber has already The dead injury is heavy.

'Everyone will stop! "The province has saved more and more ninja, and the ninja in the ground is piled up into a pile. The three generations are also anxious, and they can't help but shout.

After hearing the three generations of orders, the wooden ninus around the flash also stopped the movements in the hand. After watching him, he gradually stopped, and squinted with their eyes: 'It seems that you have Recognize the gap between strength ..., '

Ox, strength is not in one level ..., 'Although all the ninjas present in the field is not convinced, the heart is an idea, that is, the power of the moment is completely exceeded.

' ! Can't let him go this way.

'Live your mouth! Your thing, you will give me a relationship!' Calling the three generations directly interrupted his words, from today, there is too many doubts and problems in the group. Need to accept their interrogation and disc.

'I. ... I just want to say anything, but after A to the three generations, I can only hate the words of the mouth, I will go back to my stomach.

'If you still have any controversy ... A to the look between them, the moment is squatting, feeling that the immortal Chakra has been restored, and the body is brewing, I think it is still letting you face us. A true difference between! ".

Heaven, the world. Only my alone! "

At the moment, I waved behind (good Zhao Zhao), and a beautiful frozen force broke out, and suddenly the ground countless ice piergence, extended to the temple of the distant fire, the endless icebergs, The entire forest in the middle is covered with an intravenous iceberg, which exudes an amazing cold.

' ...,'