Naruto's Jade Crash System

Target Crack System Chapter 65

This is some of the sound of the tangle-swallowed water, looking at the endless icebergs that frozen in the eyes, their brain temporarily lost the ability to think.

'This is his true strength. ... Just like God ...,' At this time, a wooden ninja is muttered, even the hard work is not found on the ground.

It turned out that he has always been in his hand ... Shakkaka looks at the world of this delayed ice, and there is a dream of the dream.

Unconsciously, your strength has grown to this step? The body has blinkled in the eyes of the muddy eyes. The same brilliance, no one knows what is thinking at this moment.

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Chapter 86 is left (two even more)

'This power ...,' and the three generations, the provision of this miracle of this miranity, the hearts of the group are only endless greedy. "If he wants to kill me ...

After a pleasant person, I'm pulling over the huge iceberg. It is grateful to everyone in the huge iceberg. The fairy model is slowly fluttering, and the dark long hair is free. At this moment, it is like a cactus.

'Is a ninja of a village, I don't want to do it too ... but I have already bored it for this decayed village ...,' I'm standing on the high. The towering iceberg is indifferent to everyone, slowly I took a scroll:. Three generations old head, this reel, which records the method of manufacturing medical comparative

I'm repaying this village, I have been taking care of my kindness! "

'There is also this care ...,' said, the moment I took out a wooden impeller from the side, and I lost it with the reel, 'I also gave you, since now, I will never do one with each other. By one, '

The two things that have been lost in the moment, the three generations look at the eyes of the moment become extremely loney: 'Heart, you are ...

'Celile you make a judgment of our province, you will not do it. I don't care ...,' said that I turned into the body, back to everyone, but I advised you not to chase, otherwise I will really You all kill! "

I heard this sentence, the wood leaves under the bottom feel like a ice, as if a cold wind is scraped from the heart, and it is not rising from the heart.

'I almost forgot ... I want to leave, suddenly turned to a group below, the mouth has a ridicule: "There is you, group, your life, I will stay to us next time , I hope that next time you can transplant some write-wheel eyes, so that you can use a few times.

For a few minutes for your rest of your life. Hahahaha ..., '

After that, I feel that I have almost consumed in the body, I'm gentle, my figure is a few times, and finally disappeared in front of the iceberg in front of him ...

The rest of the wooden leaves are in front of this endless iceberg. I save you, I don't know what it is, I can only wait for Naruto Adults and the elders.

'! You still festive ideas to support him to sit on the fire. ... Hey, what kind of dangerous people do you have now!? "Tang Tang began to ridicule the three generations, just now In the last thing to say, let him almost fall into a difficult situation, especially in the scene.

Yisi Wai people, staring at him in front of him.

Shut up! "The three generations of cold and cold, there is also the long consultant who is only playing Xiachun and Water Innitis, 'Everyone is scattered, today's things are here ... '

After saying this, the three generations seem to be a few years old, and the back of the departure seems to be a bit.

'That. ... How to deal with the day ?! "Looking at the back of the three generations of leave, the water household asked loudly.

The back of the three generations left, and the head did not return to the front: 'Celile you, how do you want to deal with it, I am tired ...,'

Leave a dried wooden ninja, and several old consultants who face each other, who can't take the main queue, have to make a good job, each with different minds, have disappeared.

If you publish wanted, announce the day to the moment to flee the ninja, even if you follow him, who can deal with him? Just is the injury and death.

Wood leaves for 53 years, the day is from the village, and the wooden leaves are hidden, leaving only the endless icebergs that have been unchanged in the back of the mountains, and the legend of the endurance.

A few days later, the water of the water.

When I just gave a message under the top five generations, I was a little bit slightly fascinated by the gods. Human: 'Japan is now, actually leaving the wooden leaves _._.' '

Raytary country.

'Hahahaha ._ ! I can't stay good!'. The Lei Ying office has passed the four generations of Lei Ying real wild laughter: 'White eyes demonic the hard-wrapped opponent Leaving the leaves, saving the old people who don't die, doing a good thing for us! "


At a certain mysterious base, the big snake pill has also received the news that the endurance spread today, can't help but add a long tongue. Head, gloomy: 'I can't think that the terrible guy also left the leaves, last time I died in his hand .... Fortunately, I re-resurrected it through the spell.........

Planning is more favorable, two _. ''

'Yes, the big snake pills _._.' 'The big snake pill stands around, and it is the past. The pharmacist who met in the roots. I saw him pushing the glasses on the rigid, and the lens refused. Out No one.

A mysterious space.

A mysterious person with a vortex mask is sitting on a piece of a substance. It has revealed a scarlet writing in the mask, and a dull laughter: 'Thinking about the day, it is also turning with the wooden leaves. , Hahaha ~ _. True thoughtful, things become interesting _._. ''

···· ...... Seeking flowers ...

Sichuan Province.

In a large casino, I just lost all the money, and I drunk selenium, listened to the news that the drunken sound was explored, and the brow gradually worried about the look: 'That kid How to talk to the wooden leaves Turned the _._. It is really unwittling.

'Adults, you don't worry too much. Anyway, no matter how to instantly, you will not suffer, you will not suffer: ._.' 'The drunken sound in the side is helped.

This is................................................................................................................ .. .

However, the storm of the endurance happened, but it did not have an impact.

At this moment, he is lying in a unknown wood near the fire of the fire, replacing his own shadow is a crazy practice for crazy exercises and Jun Ma Lu, enjoy the warm afternoon.

"No, Mr. Lu Lu, your movements are not flexible! This kind of body can see it!"

"White, your blood suxaching is also what I teach you the water. I have made it! How do you survive in the Ninja World ??"

The shadow of the moment is interspersed with two small figure in front of his eyes, and it does not look at the shortcomings of them.

Dance of the bones !! "

Jun Ma Lu also drunk, pumping. Bones on the bones, the speed of the speed of the flash attacking the shadow, each action brought a fierce style, simple and powerful. I have to say that Jun Ma Lu's battle talent is really rare. Such a small age, the strength of the show does not dare.

It is said that he can deal with him.

"Water Semicody"

Stone to Jun Ma Lu with the moment of the moment to fight, whitening. The left hand is quickly printed, and it is a single-handed print. Suddenly there was a burst of water beads around the shadow. It turned into a large amount of ice that had a large number of ice.

One-hand print, there is also the talent of the styles, have to speak in this age, but also to the endurance that he can achieve this age will be extreme.

(I didn't become a rebellion, but I left the wooden leaf, and the following plots were designed, and there would be a different potential).

Chapter 87 looking for clues (three connectors more)

"It's really awkward talent ..." In the moment of leisurely lying down, I saw them and the battle of my shadow, I was secretly amazed: "It is the best in the original. A genius ninja, if they are in the original, they will never die, the film level will never be their strength.

The end ... "

Eight Diagrams, vacuum back !! "

I saw the movie of the moment to rotate at high speed, a Chakra ball wrapped a layer of transparent vacuum gas to quickly bounce the countless ice made of white, and the momentum also slammed the bones of Jun Ma Lu to the side.

No. Can't open his defense at all ...

When I was bounced, Jun Ma, Jun Ma bite his jam, and the force just rebounded did not hit him.