Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 66 of Hueding Crack System

How? Do you want to give up? You are two! '. The movie of the moment is blessed by hands, so that they have a lot of ridicule.

No way, I can only try the most powerful sickness of the eyes ..., 'L B is thinking. White and Jun Ma Lu are opposite each other, and the two nodded at the same time.

"The water of the water dragon bullet !!" The white hands began to be a phantom, and the smoother inquiors quickly formed in his hand, and he had to say that it was on the talents of the tolerance and printing. It is amazing.

In the small river next to it, a thick dragon suddenly emerged, with an amazing momentum to fly to the momentum of the moment.

The body of the corpse willow !! '. Jun Ma Lu Meizhi jumped from the ground, and every joint of each joint squatted a lot of sharp bones, and ran up with the roaring dragon, the small face was tight, and the eyes were shot amazing. The rays, with an unprecedented momentum to the moment.

Ding Bodhi ... It's a good momentum ... less shadow, the shadow is going to hold your chest, standing in the middle, and the smile of playing, it is true that the cooperation of the white and Jun Ma Lu is quite good.

The shade of the sorrowful water dragon directly shocked on the shadow of the moment, Jun Ma Lu's a large number of bones were like a meat grinder, and the momentum of the moment was screwed into pieces.

Well? "Jun Ma Lu, who attacked in his hand, suddenly, because he provoked the movie in front of him, under his and white attack, turned into a ice, any attack could cause him to harm.

I'm cheating !! '. Seeing the white next to this scene immediately anger turning his head, glaring at the body of the moment, looking at the body under the tree.

Hahahaha ..., "province two little devilly expressions, the moment under the tree is slow and lending, the flow of shadings, the satisfaction province, the province, the queen, Ma Ma Lu:" Today's actual combat is here. ... you are two The performance is good, the province comes to me, there is no two practice in the days.

what. ".

Jun Ma Lu's body is ideal for blood success, but you have to strengthen effective remote blows, can't give you the opponent's opportunity to use it in your approach. Otherwise, the powerful attack does not hurt the opponent's body, but it is only futile, but it consumes yourself in vain. "

Said that it is a white-faced white:. There is also the biggest problem is you! White! ".

Me? '. At this time, I walked together with Jun Ma Lu in the white side of the moment. Some indiscriminate lanes.

Your shot is not enough.

I'm remembering in the original. White is too soft, I am going to play the strength of the mung, but I have never been willing to kill the hand. I have been to the end. I went to do anything that I didn't have to die. Under the Thunder of Kakasi.

In the ninja world, it is inevitable. In this case, it is not that you die, I just don't want to die, it will be you, just this, I hope you remember. "The usica of the inexhaped alley seems to be a little seemingly understanding, he will turn his sight to the other side of Jun Ma Lu, if there is

One day you have been too soft, but I have sent my own life. I believe that Jun Ma is willing to be sad. "

After listening to the wrong, Jun Ma Lu's cold little face turned a firm color, Zheng Li's lane is white: "Yes, white, you don't want to die in someone else because of your heart, otherwise I will definitely Kill all people hurt you! ".

Jun Ma Lu ..., 'I heard the words of Jun Ma Lu, the white eyes did not ban homogeneous water vapor, this year's time got along, there was a deep born with more than two bulls. .

Hey. ... so small began to have a basic relationship ..., 'I have seen two teenagers to look at each other, and I have some evil spirits in my heart.

However, the province is still clear white, and there is a little headache, and the ideological work of the province is still going to continue, and it is heavy and far ...

Overall, the strength of the two teenagers of white and Jun Ma Lu, counting their own blood, which has been accomplished, this progress makes it feel very satisfied.

··· ...... seeking flowers.

The things of the wooden leaves have been reported, then ...

In the upcoming plot, whether it is the anti-heavens of various writing ribs, it is still a tremendous shortcomings on the road to the road. If you don't want to evolve the eye into a reincarnation, it will believe that it will become very passive in the future.

At the moment, I didn't forget that when I activated the collapse system, the only task issued by the system was to ask him to dominate this ninja world in front of him. Although I don't know what to punish, he doesn't want to fail to fail. taste.

Hey, how to find it so much ..., '

The country of fire is in a forest outside the village of the village. The moment has a long complaint.

After leaving the sub-street street, he has three or four days in the forest surrounded by Bai and Jun Ma Lu.

When the ancestor of the ancestors, the mysterious cave, the mysterious cave, which is suspected of the big simmerous wood family, is located in the area where the fire is not far away, and there is still a very deep impression, surrounded. There is also a huge river and waterfall in the middle of the intensive forest.

I remember that it is not that this is, why can't I find it ..., 'I have explored it in the white eye. I can't help but have a impulse who wants to sigh,' Is it the aatrical version, so I've been aunt with this main line. Didn't you know? I didn't reason. A ..., '.

Although I don't know what I want to find something, we have turned over a few days in this forest. ... "White is brought with a smile on the face, not slowly walk next to it.

'I remember the theatrical version of the story, the young field and Naruto sat, the eagle drawn from the Zuoi super pseudo-beast, found it near this: ._.' 'Hey did not die at the white eyes. Finding on the ground is not as convenient to find it on high altitude, but there is no way to fly without flight.

Flight spirit.

'At the moment, it seems that there is a wave of waterfalls: ._.' 'At this time, Jun Ma Luola has laphened, pointing to the direction in front of the roar, suddenly said.

Waterfall? "I also heard the sound of the waterfall from the distance, and the white eyes have saved the past, but I can't help but hop, 'Is it ._.' '.

Chapter 88 Mystery Caves (Four Connections)

"Great! It should be here!"

Before going to the huge waterfall straight down, there was a little excited to shout, and he saved the waterfall behind the waterfall with a dark cave.

go in. '. At the moment, I took the lead in the waterfall, white and Jun Ma Lu paired his eyes, and he did not hesitate to follow.

After entering the cave after the waterfall, it gradually adapts to the dark light in it. The moment is expensive to have a huge space in this cave. Sure enough, don't have a hole ..., '

'There seems to be something. ... I feel that after the white and Jun Ma Lu also come in. The white eyes of the moment observed the ground in the depths of the cave, and there seems to have a shower shine.

'Come over with me ...,' I'm going to make a trick behind the white and Jun Ma Lu, slowly walked toward the depths of the cave.

Yes, it is here! "After walking to the depths of the cave, there was a picture of his own eyes. It was a water in the ground, and the green light of the green light, this is the picture in his memory. Almost consistently.

'Good magical water. ... I can't wet ... The corpse is in the ground with hand, and the water in the pool is used. The surprised discovery of the water in the hand will not wet their hands and sleeves.

Well. ... I will save it here ... Let's go in. '. Observed the water chamber with white eyes, found that the line of sight of the white eyes did not wear this layer of water tanning, and the sight of the line of sight occurred at the bottom of the water chamber.

Q Awards ..., ' directly jumped into the water. The white and Jun Ma Lu next to them also jumped in.

It seems that in this water, you can talk ..., 'Sideways swim in the depths of the pool, and I'm talking about them, he found that the sound was completely affected by this water.

Yes ..., 'White Musi Lu is a little curious in the water, saving the same bubble as a person in the water, can't help but reach out and want to touch it.

Be careful! Don't touch those bubbles, you will be in the illusion! ' It will make people fall into the trap of illusion memories.

Ah ..., 'Two little ghosts recovered the hand that just stretched out.

After the underwater, after a minute, it was a moment of water, and I found that there was still a dark cave, but in this cave, everywhere is a suspended ball, similar to the cross. Quarty rock.

It's a magical place. ... , is you looking for? "White is a small star, a small planet.

No, I have to go to ..., 'I also viewed four weeks, referring to another pool in front.

Do you have to enter a trendan ..., 'Jun Ma Lu also saw the front water chamber, the cold face, muttered muttered

Don't talk, hurry up. '. I thought that it is the old man of the big simmer, it is possible to find a clue to the blind eye, and the whole person can't help but excite.

Take it into the water, the situation in the water is basically like the first water chamber just swim, and the foam is smooth, just drilled out from the second pool, and I found out that there seems to have a special enemy outside. Waiting for them.

' ...,'