Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 67 of Hueding Crack System

White and Jun Ma, who had just jumped out from the water, immediately found that there was a huge crab on the shore, it seems to be staring at them.

A large crab showed ..., 'Two little ghosts looked at the huge crabs on the shore, and the face was shocked.

Boom ...

The province is going out, the huge crab is slightly shocked, and then the reaction has reacted it. It seems that three delicious foods, immediately kick up eight abdominal foot towards the moment they rushed, hit a pile along the road.

The huge crabs of the eye waved in the hands of strong giants, rushed to them, and the eye was to clamping. I only see that there is nothing to panic on my face, and I actually raise my hands to call this phenomenon.

The strength is not small ..., ' ,, ,,

The homonymous human beings actually lived in his own big, huge crabs were not surprised. I only felt a vast power, the body couldn't help but turn around, and I was split by the whole. It set off a diffuse dust.

Ok. ... Good strength ..., '

' ...,'

The crab that was pulled in the ground, and it seems to have a unusual anger that he actually be sized by a small man, turned over and waved two major crabs, and the opening of the open exit is aimed at the moment they spit out a small waterfall. foam.

'Well? The bubbles that will be fascinated in the water are all of this everyone ... Shazhe see a series of foams spit out of the crab, and the eyes are bright, and they immediately reach a palm immediately. Aligned, it ...

, Ice,! "

The coldness in the air quickly condensed, and the crabs in front of the blink of an eye were frozen within a huge transparent ice. In addition to a big crab out, the whole body is wrapped in a hail than the diamond density.

It's so beautiful ..., 'Looking at the huge ice of the eyes, the white mouth has sprayed in the mouth:' My blood sustain limit can release such a beautiful trick ..., '

'If you have a good development of your blood, it will not be possible in the future ... I will save less envious expressions on the white face. I will smile slightly. When I stare at the huge crabs that were frozen, I thought:' Province This way this Tong Ling beast seems to have signed a spiritual contract with someone else ...

If this is the case, it is better to sign a psychic contract with him. How is it ..., ' ,' This big crab defense and force seem to be good, more importantly, once it touched Will make people fall into the foam that is very powerful, if you can sign a psychic contract with you

Then there is no doubt that add a powerful helper and killer steel. "

'Um ...,' I nodded, although this crab is some of the aesthetics, but its ability is still very powerful.

How? Big crabs ... Leave less than Bai Tongxi, flash to save the huge crabs that are frozen in the ice, 'If you are traded, you will move your happiness. "

5.9 ' ...,' This big crab is also a spiritual spirit, although this unmanned cave, but he heard people, and the power of the moment has also made it yield, listen At the moment, the question is broken, and it is only a big town.

Very good ..., 'province's good crabs, the yield of the big crabs under their own masturbation, and nodded, waving the huge ice, and pulling a reel from the endurance bag, letting white and it Signed a spiritual contract.

It turns out that you are called Haikawa Pill ... After signing the Tongling contract, the white horse learned about the name of this big crab, and said, he finally had the first Tong Beast in life.

On the side of Jun Ma, Lu Province, who is happy, and the cold little face has also emerged as an envy and yearning.

After all, it is still two little ghosts ..., 'I can see this scene, I can't help but, smile and shake your head ...

Chapter 89 Big Jane Wood Family Site (Five Connections)

Successful Harbate and this huge crab signed a spiritual contract, and this is a surrounding environment.

It is still the same as the cave just now, it is around the stone in the stone. However, it is just that it is just now. The top of this cave has a skylight export. It is amazed that it can save a sun. It has a subtle angle with the hole. Just like a human eye


'Let's go. '. I refer to the exit above the cave. When I stepped on Chakla on the rock wall, I also followed the two faders. In the previous year's practice, step on the water climbed this ninja foundation. Has been familiar with Xiong,

After drilling out the hole, they stood on the cliffs of the hole, as if they came to a new world, especially white and Jun Ma Lu two little ghost. It is incredible to look at everything in front of you.

In the eye is a wave of blue sea. There is a continent in a very far. The most amazing thing is that the sky is still u-Po.

How can there be a sun in the cave ..., 'White looks at some glamorous sun, muttering.

There is also the island in the sky ... Shao Jun Ma Lu's cold face is also surprised to open your mouth.

'28 This sun should be a kind of artificial sun. ... The island in the sky is the sea of ​​margin, which is a sea-side magic building. Have a mental preparation, but it is still deeply shocked.

Just in the moment they drilled out the hole and came to this magical world.

The unknown palace of the distant moon.

'Um? Someone broke into the race of the earth? In the official hall, a silver-white hair in the middle-aged man seems to have received the newspaper news. Sitting in a luxurious luxury seat muttering .

'Forget it, don't take it ...,' Middle-aged man put his hand to protect his hand on the handrail of the seat, 'No, there is no more value, find a chance to kill them, don't Let them go out there ... less.

Father ..., then a silver-white haired child came over from the depths of the palace, lifting the head to the man: 'What happened? "

It is surprisingly that the eyes of this child are actually a pair of secrets of the dark, but there is no normal person should have the eye.

'There is no big thing, the people ... The corpse feels that the son came over, his face was out of Xin u's smile,' Just a few little mice ran into our past races ... less

'Is it a globe ... The father is not said. We will destroy it later sooner or later? "The child is somewhat asking his father.

'Yeah, sooner or later. The world of six cactors has failed ...,' The man's voice is even more empty in this cold palace.

Outside this majestic palace. A floating island is floating everywhere. One of them sits on the island of huge gods. The temple is in a huge reincarnation eye. The mysterious vast Guanghua is slowly moving. One

After spending a half-day time, the three people hit in the vast forest.

'It's great here. ... I really can't think of such a large forest and ocean' on the cave, and the fast flying between the big trees, Jun Ma Lu said on a confusion.

"If you don't guess the wrong, you should be the past tribal world in the past ..., 'The flash said, in front of the previous jumping, through the white eyes, he has faintly about more than 20 kilometers. There is a village.

'Big Jane Wood?' Call in white is a bit confused, he is the first time he heard this strange vocabulary.

'Well, the big Jane Wood family is a family of six cactus, the family ...,' , ,,, ,,,, understand more.

The six immortal families ..., Jun Ma Lu, next to, slightly. Pakistan, six cactors, what kind of concept, what kind of concept, no one, does not come over.

'Say. ... This may also have thousands of relationships with Jun Ma Lu ...,' I is rushing forward, and the moment I launched the Jun Ma Lu, and the eyes are inexplicable. .

'Is there a relationship with me? "" Jun Ma Lu surprised the province of the province, and the white is also curious.

'Maybe you will understand ...,' The mysterious smile, accelerate the pace of the feet, the front village is getting closer, even if you don't have white eyes, you can replace it.

With their own mind, the three people ran again for about more than ten minutes, and finally came to a high. Before the shrugs, the villages were built on the mountain.

'It seems really the village of the ninja ...,' I walked into the streets of the village, and the white land built a shabby bitterness, and the philosophy should have a long time.

'There is no one in the entire village ...,' Jun Ma Lu also got an eye, and a person did not find it.

'Continue to go, find some of the discovery ...,' The moment took the lead in walking forward, saving the two sides of the streets are some soiled. Colored buildings.

This village is very large, and the moment they have been looking for a long time. They are some broken residuals. Some are broken by war, some are hit by fire.

'At the moment! White! You come over ... Yun Ma Lu, who is not far from the corpse, attracting the moment of ingredients of the moment and white.

After the moment and white walk, I found that it seems to be a temple ancestral hall, saving Jun Ma Lu pointed to a few people high-profile gods, sturdy, image is quite, the face of God is already destroyed, and the moment can also be separated. This is The feathers are still the god of Yun Village.