Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 68 of the Capabar System

'Let's enter the province. "At the moment, the gods, I walked into the inner hall of the temple, I found that the paint is black, and there is no light.

Let Jun Ma Lu go to ignite a fire, and they will save the environment inside. First printing is a marker of an octagon, and it is an emblem of the big simmer.

387 'Province, there are still some words above, but the province does not understand ...,' white with the fire illuminates the row of text below the badge, and some doubt it.

'It seems to be an ancient text ... Ancient Zheyan ... Host Rules ... Renovation of the eyes ... During the moon, the moon is destroyed by human ..., "At this moment, I learned that I learned that this Ninja World is in ancient times. Text, probably can only distinguish such some content.

At the moment, it is a little bit of taking the ancient text. Suddenly, a shock of a shock. The empty voice actually spread his ears.

"White eye boy ... good pure white eyes ... corpse

The sound of this truth. It is like an old man suddenly in the ears of the moment. Mranches, the hair in an instant is all vertically:. Who ?! Come out! "

What happened to? "White and Jun Ma Lu suddenly saw such a big response in the moment, scared, and the end of the doubts raised around.

'You didn't hear it? "I saw two of them seem to have not heard the sound of the sound. I feel more strange.

'Long Longlong ... corpse

At this moment, suddenly the floor under their feet was automatically opened, and I was IS out of the dark passage.

It seems that there is an invisible hand in manipulating this.

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Chapter 90 Cemetery (1 more)

Be careful, in the moment, with white and Jun Ma Lu entered the dark underground passage, I really had to break up, a strength over the shadow. Bee level, I am really not afraid that there is any conspiracy of the devil.

Only in the midst of it, I always feel that there is a pair that seems to be staring at him.

After the stairs of the underground passage, they have three discovery, and they are actually a few graves in front of them.

Is this the cemetery of this village? "After all, it is two children. White and Jun Ma Lu are afraid of hiding behind the moment.

It should be ..., '

When I took a fire, I suddenly found out that from the dark cemetery from the eyes, I came out of a person, and the scene was shocked.

It is white ... I feel white ..., '

'Absolutely no mistakes ... good pure white eyes ...,'

In the moment, I looked around. I was a strange middle-aged uncle, and I was watching a pair of dark eyes that didn't have eyeball 28 toward them.

'Youth of the white eyes ... vomiting ...,'

When I was in white and Jun Ma Lu, when this strange middle-aged uncle suddenly became vomiting, the mouth. Balzhu opened to a incredible level, spit it out of the big light ball from the inside.

this is…,'

At the moment, I just wanted to distinguish something, when the light ball quickly became expanded, directly illuminated. Out of glare white light.

From this glare in white. I have seen a long-term battlefield in an era. The two wars fight, countless banners of the big simmonism, fluttering.

I just started the battle between the two sides, and finally suddenly, I started to sacrifice a huge white light ball, rapidly shot from the huge white light ball. Out of a golden laser, the other is all over the other's camp.

I came back from the illusion, I found out that I was still in front of them, and I was worried about him next to him. The mid-year uncle in front of him started speech.

Please stop the future of Yu Village. The world of six cactors. Can't destroy ..., '

After the intermittent, the moment I just wanted to go to the previous question, and the middle-aged uncle in front of my eyes suddenly became soft on the ground, and the disgust of disgusting pus.

'Okay. ... I save him specially to show me a distortion. '. At this moment, the information you just saw, and I have to start flying fast. "It should be the war of Jane Wood and the war.' '.

After the death of Da Jiwu Yu, the big Jane Wood family and hunters that have been circulated. It seems that there is a different disagreement of the remains of Yun Village. 'Heavy thoughtful thinking, "The family seems to be destroyed to destroy the six cactors. Earth, destroying this world that has been warning from ancient times, and the guests are holding

Fighter. Therefore, when all members of the family and the guests will fight, they have given their own white eyes, integrated into a huge reincarnation, and instantly extends all the members. "

'The province is a big uncle, that is, the home of the big Jane Wood family, who is passed down, two _.' 'Thinks for a while, and it will clarify the current situation,' I don't think I am involved in the moon. The big simmerous wood family should destroy the Earth's event _. ''

Remember that there is a Naruto, which is that the Naruto is also involved in the fourth endurance battle, and I can't trigger this event in advance because of my own arrival.

'Bai, Jun Ma Lu, two of you will find anything else to find out. '. I will let them go to search for this cemetery, see if there is any other items.

Yes. "White and Jun Ma Lu listened to the moment, immediately divided a fire, and explored it in the depths of the grave.

Standing in the original place, but the body of this big simmerous wood family master's master's body, Incesed a subscriptive.

'Since the future generation of Da Jiemu Village, the future streamer can be waken with the blood of the blood and white eyes, then I will take the border of this big simmer to go back to research. See Extract a complete big simmon group gene ~ _. ''

Holding such an idea, I took out a white reel, which was the psychic reel of the tolerance and items.

After a smoke, the corpse on the ground disappeared, and it was sealed into the reel in the hands of the moment.

'At the moment, this is the grave on the ground, there is no other thing. "At this time, the white and Jun Ma Lu also searched it back, indicating that there is no, no special things.

'No ._. It doesn't matter, I think I have harvested the most useful thing ._. "The moment is careful to put the reel in the hand, and I am struck by them,' Let's go."

After coming out of the dark bottom, I felt the dark sun, and three people couldn't help but feel the feelings. Lei said that according to this time, the world outside is already late in the night, but there is a head in the top of this big simmer, gave them now.

It is still an illusion in the evening.

'Let's go back. "Finally, I watched this magical land, my moment is on white and Jun Ma Lu, and I started to shuttle again in the forest.

It took more than ten minutes in the forest, Jun Ma Lu suddenly missed the surrounding atmosphere: 'Heart _._.' '

'I know ._.' ' ,. Through white eyes, he has long borrowed the surrounding forest, probably has a hundred black shadows that are quickly close to them.

' ._.' ' The white eyes will soon save the black shadow close to the body, the construction of the body is very different from the human body, and it is said that it should be some controlled.

'The future generations of the big simms on the moon have discovered that we have entered the Ming Dynasty _.' 'At this moment, looked up at the sun on the sky, and immediately thought of this.

'What should I do now, I'm a big man _._.' 'White out, because he saw that they have been surrounded by the darkness of the lack of Ma Ma.

'Nothing, let me come on the second _.' 'Heart put a swing, whose wear two people will stand behind themselves.

Carefully observe the black ninja around you, everyone is exactly the same body, and the face is wrapped around the white bandage, the five senses are all closed inside.

'Sure enough, the moon-controlled lethar ...,' Strive to quickly rush, from their movements, it has been judged from their strength, 'Every one is almost the strength of neutrality ... I am so small, even this kind of drag is put out to try to solve us ..., '

,Ice Age!!"

Even the immortal mode is unnecessary, and the moment is directly drunk, and there is a strong frozen force to bombard the ground. In an instant, the snow white energy spread on the ground, the whole forest between the blinks has been covered with a thick ice, the whole forest except them

Personally, all have been frozen into a white ice.

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