Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 69 of Huedings

Chapter 91, in case of Yuxi Wave water (two even more)

No matter how many times, this ability is so pleasing ..., 'Jun Ma Lu Province, the forest in front of you has become an ice.

The snow world is not surprised.

I don't know when my ice can reach the extent of the big people. The corpse is looking around the hundred people all have a total of one.

Ice sculpture, I can't help but appear an envious light.

'... "

After the words of the moment, the three people started a fast shuttle in this snowy forest.

Just in the moment, I look at the sun in the sky: 'This time ... the big simmer is still as big as the Naruto.

Child, should not be him. ... But no matter who you are, don't worry, one day I will see you on the moon. "

at the same time.

The distant moon is above the palace.

Failed? Alternative is not a small mouse ..., the man in the luxury seat seems to be a bit surprised, but then laughs, 'But

It doesn't matter, anyway, just reroute your eyes, destroying the earth is only between me ..., '.

Hahahahaha ..., the laughter, spread throughout the entire empty palace.

Finally came out ..., '

Through the two-faced pool in the cave, return to the world outside, under the eyes, the vast night, the vast night sky, the star point.

It's like a world ... After rushing out of the waterfall, standing in the forest, I took a fresh air, from the big simmerous wood family

A dull dinner atmosphere sweeps.

Next, you should find a place to study this big border of the big simmerous wood family. ...

Think about it.

But studying cell extraction genes need to be used in precision medical instruments and equipment, which is what this should be a little broken here.

In the past, the Ninja Hospital in the wooden leaves has these medical instruments, but it is absolutely impossible to go back. Other four ninja

Village is not. ...

Or ... musical village? Thinking here, the moment is suddenly bright, yes, go there, the big snake pill is definitely big.

The amount of medical equipment and equipment, just don't know if this guy has been killed by himself. ....

In the moment, where are we going? "At this time, the white doubts asked him.

'Let's go to Tianzhi! NLB is set to pay attention, the moment of the mouth is a smile, even if the big snake pill is dead, at least

A guy should still be in the village, no matter what medical instrumentation is still in it. ...

After determining the next itinerary, the moment with two little ghosts wore the dense forest and stepped into a green grass.

Just out of the forest, the white eyes of the moment should be taken more than one person.

A person he unexpected.

, Stop water?! ".

I haven't seen you for a long time. "I have a deep blue dress, but I also printed with Woody Yushui outside the back knife.

Sign of a group of group fans.

People who appear in front of them are Yuxi Woshi, and there is such a unscrupulous appearance in front of them, and even the white eyes of the moment.

Didn't pay attention to someone approaching.

I haven't seen you for a long time, I can't think of your instant, I have reached this point ... I have a little surprised to stare at Sui Zhibo in front of him.

Water, don't understand why he will come here.

"Since the last thing you leave the wooden leaves, I always want to find a chance to talk about it again and talk about it, a pair of scarlets.

The write-eyed eyes are still covered with a short hair of some micro volumes.

'? Although we are friends, but if you come to convince me back, I think it is still free. "The white eyes of the moment have been watching the water

The body, guess his intention.

It's really taking you ... The corpse seeing the words of the moment, he broke his intention, stopping the slight smile on the face. You left the wooden leaves last time.

I am not here, or I must persuade you. '' '

"It's useless, even if you are, you can't change my decusion, I decided, no one can change." At the moment, it shook it.

Shake your head, the water is so drunk, the water in front of you, taking a little curious in the tone, "Instead, I want to know, how do you find me?"

Take the scope of detection of my white eyes

It is impossible to appear in my field of view and I have not found it. "

'Oh, this is a secret. '. Resolute attitude towards the moment, the whole person is particularly helpless, "" With you in the foreground of the leaves,

Really big, don't have to be the case, about the matter of Mr. on the big difference, everyone does not want to happen, now people know, know that he is for wood

Leaf sacrifice

"For the hero who sacrifice in the leaves? Hey, the province is a chess piece that is discarded for compromise! 'Hearing the water to mention the day, the moment

I can't help but gain it in my unconsciousness. "This thing should not be mentioned! In short, if you come to tell me today.

So you can now

Go back! You are one of my friends who I am in the wood, I don't want to hurt our feelings. "

After listening to the words of the flash, the mood of his fluctuations, the water is silent. On the grass outside the forest, the atmosphere has fallen into silence.

"'' Ii is actually ..., after a moment, the water will break this silence again, and only see him said: The three generations of adults have always been very

Pay attention to you, you are the most promising future generations in the village. '' '

I heard the water and raised the three generations. I didn't interrupted his words. I just silently drunk, my thoughts began to think about the past three generations old.

Take a drop in his care.

'And, when I went to the guard mission, I heard them mentioned that the three generations of adults had already listed you in the list of fire candidates. "Water is carefully tissue, looking at the moment.