Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 70 of the Capaci Yushu System

'List me in the Huangjie candidate? "At the moment, it was a little surrounded by his eyes. The information in the water lane made him unhappy.

Three generations old head _._.

I didn't expect him to see me so much.

Think of the past pictures, and left the wooden leaves, the three generations of the three generations lost their hearts, and they couldn't help but hold the fists in the hand.

'Also ._.' 'I didn't pay attention to the touch of my heart, and the water continued to say to the moment:' You spend our thoughts to grab the day to the curse

In fact, there is no need. "

Because, (Zhao Zhao good) three generations of adults have intended to negotiate with the day to let them relieve the mantra control. '. If you stop water,

It is undoubtedly equivalent to a heavy bomb, which has grown into the heart of the moment.

Three generations of old heads. One. '' Headless to rest the water, let the Buddha are carefully considering the true and false in his words.

'You don't have to doubt, these are all I have heard when I have a fire-shadow guard mission. This is not a secret in the wooden row, if

If you don't believe it, you can verify that if I say, it is true. "Stop the water is in color, I have finished talking about it with intoxicated tone.


Then, I have a much thoughts and robbed the reel of the group. It is not a lot of this. Instead, whiten people live up to me for my expectation?

Thinking that the opening of the moon in the village, the day is ringing.

Think of the three generations who have been hoped like a general grandfather.

At a time, embarrassed, regret, lost, all kinds of complicated emotions have been in the moment ...

Chapter 92 is handed over (three even more)

But immediately, I thought of a day from a small to yourself.

In order to the village's interests, I was sacrificed by I, and I didn't have my father. I didn't have a father, I lost my husband.

I remembered that they had a expectation for themselves.

In the end, the moment is thrown away, and the eyes are gods in order to determine the charm.

"Don't say any more!" The moment is trying to calm your mood, change the dilute tone to tell the water in front of you, "Water, I

They are all Ninja, and the Ninja should regret it for the choice of yourself. "

'I only know, everything I have witnessed, the real existence of this world, even if the time is back, let me choose once, I will still choose

Select this road! "The moment of the moment, the real thing said out the idea of ​​his heart. I will naturally use my own.

Measures are obtained. "

', you ._.' 'Water has grown his eyes, and the firm attitude is out of his tissue.

The province is coming, it has decided, the light is mouth. Pakistan is unable to convince you back to the leaves with me _._. ''

'I am sorry, then I can only catch you back. '. Water scarlet written in the eyes of light, the face is in the heart, it is also in the heart.

A decision,. Although there is no challenge to you in the village, it does not list you as a rebellion, but it is really not your talents.

Should go on this road

'Catch me back? "At the moment, I would like to provoke any incredible things, and a surprised expression," Water, you are not talking to me. "

Joke? ".

Although you are borrowed the first master of Unechebra, the strongest illusion ninja. '. At the moment, I didn't be angry, but I was inkilled with him.

A truth: 'But I want to take me back with the strength of you, this is impossible to achieve. "

'I know that the ability of yourself is not the same, but my dark sleep is far more powerful than the average day, I am strong, I

The eyes are always paying attention to the flow of Chakra on your body. Once you start using illusion or tolerance, you will be insight into the first time. "The district's look of the water

} The day is firm, and the moment is in good condition: 'You don't have any opportunities, give up, let go, I will never go back to you. "

"No, I know, with your current strength, I can't be your opponent. '. Water, while talking, slow down the short knife behind

I took it out, 'But I didn't try it, I gave up, this is not my endure! "

'Hand's brake, although we have never truly enlarged hands, but I have long thought of feeling the true strength of the white devil! "

The voice falls, the left handicon finger refers to Xiong, and suddenly the whole person disappears in the original place.

When the white eye of the moment, when the movement of the water was captured again, it was shocked. The snowy knife is already in front of him.

It's too fast !! Continue not yet yet, the knife is already in front of it.

Sure enough, the name of the moment, the body's skin feels a burst of cold, and the heart is admired, this is what he has so far.

I have seen the fastest ninja using the instantaneous surgery, no one.

I don't know if I compared with the legendary golden flashes. Who is the instant surgery? The water of the water is approaching, but the heart of the moment is

Tour. Go.

Hey! Hey!

I didn't make any resistance in the moment of the knife, the body turned on the elementalization, standing in the ground, hard work, I saw the water

The body of Xiao Tai knife is nourish with the crocink.

'Nothing to stop water, any physical attack is invalid to me. '. It's a good standing station in the same place, and I look back in the water.

'Sure like the rumor, your body can make ice cubes, any physical attack can not hurt your sicking face

I didn't fluctuate, it seems that he will have the result that will be like this, 'then try another way. "

, Fire, dragon fire !! "

Put the little too knife and throw it over, and the handsome have a dozen complex handprints in an instant.

Fireless, forming a spherical striker with amazing high temperature and rapid development.

The printer is really fast, no wonder that the A. of the water learning will have the so fast print speed, and the heart is sighed.

In the face of the attack of the Three Mun Dragons, it has not been able to feel this advanced fire. The temperature is better than the general fire.

Much higher.