Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 71 of Hueding Crack System

Vacuum back !! "

At the moment, I didn't dare to worry, and I was overlink. The whole body high-speed rotation released a huge Chakra National Ball, one outside the country.

Layer vacuum barriers, enough to isolate any external attack.

Sure enough, the three-day temperature amazing dragon fireball bombarded the vacuum of the moment, did not pick up the slightest fluctuations, directly flames, was

Herd of intangible.

'I certainly know that this advanced fire is not so easy to deal with you ...,' Senior fire that is released is also easy to resolve.

Water is not discouraged because he knows that it is impossible to be hurt by him, and he has already prepared it.

····· ...... Flowers

'Pick up the moment! Yuxi Waizhong · Juan Yue Yan !! "

One hand took the little tai knife that had just dropped it in the air, and the fire property in the body was running, and only the small sword on the sailor was played.

The upper layer is covered with a high temperature flame.

Yuxi Waizhong · Dizziness !! "

Handheld the blade of the flame, stop the water in an instant to sway a dozen knives, a dozen flame swords are in the air, at first glance

It is used to cut space with red lines.

At the moment, I have just stopped the sky, and more than a dozen hot and fierce flame swords have broken the air strike. When I immediately figure it, I flash now.

On the other side, the result of the ten flame swords actually seems to have a spiritual and general, and the arc will continue to catch up with him.

, Big, unshabited


Can you track the swordsman of the target?

Killing "The more surprised watching is really a dozen flaming swords that are going to be on their own, this is really the ability to track the target, or stop

Water conservancy write wheel eye insights The ability to pre-regain the manipulation?

I haven't come to think deeply, and I quickly condensed a thick ice shield, and blocked all the flame swords in front of my body.


'It is a wonderful sword. After blocking the fire sword, the fumes will save the ice shields that are almost broke, and they are not praised.

'Can get your appreciation, it is really exciting. "In the face of the praise of the moment, there is no different look on the face, 'But I think

You haven't taken real strength yet. "

The voice just fell, the sound almost stayed in the position of the water, and the moment of blinking, he saw that the water has been instantly appeared in his eyes.

Before, the flame of the hand cracked up the sharp hot and hot, and came to him.

But the speed of the moment is not slow, gently flashed, showing a soft method · gossip two hundred and fifty-six palm shots, blending the woods and just palm

Weird's strange power of the earth, making the sophisticated body of the peak.

In a blink of an eye, the two speeds are very fast, and there is a changing hand in a few dozen, and the two of the battle are secretly marvel.


At the moment, I found that every cutting of the water is used to use the instantaneous surgery of his wind. If it is not a flash itself.

Sports and response capabilities have reached a realm of surpassing the human body, I believe that I have never known that there is a lot of time ...

Chapter 93 Don't God (four more)

'It is even possible to use instantaneous use of instantaneous surgery, even if it is the general movie-level ninja, can't you do this?'. Fierce

In the battle, I was still able to speak in the moment: 'It's really a known, instantaneous water, and genius. "

And in the process of making a hand, if it is not a moment of white eyes, Chakra in the exhausting water is running, and the average person is already paying.

In the battle, I was already unknown to the illusion of the throat of the thief, and was killed by a knife.

At this time, I tried to resist the soothestomy to avoid the superb sputum surgery. After listening to the words of the wrong, I called it.

After playing in the moment, he found that the body of the moment is not only very fast, the moving changes are unpredictable, and each trick is hit.

Holding a huge power, even in the day to the ethnic secrets of the ethnic secrets, the Soft Characle of Kra, stop water, so that ordinary people are hit by this

First time, I believe it immediately

It will be able to live on the spot.

And in this extent of this level, it can also speak, obviously, it's too much.

The 'Zero Seven "is just a flow of water, and the moment is flying. After the water, the water is soaring, and his writing is

I would like to see the huge riots in the body of Chakra in the body.

Not good !! Stop the heart, a strong crisis, is in the heart.

Lift !! "

The huge Chakra crazy in the body broke out, the right leg is like an angry dragon to kick out the water, the air is swayed, and a huge dragon shape.

It's windy, like an air gun to kill him.

The dragon shape has not yet been in the body, and the powerful power has made the water breathing and standing, standing up with both hands.

Water only feels a pain in the whole body, and a huge force that has not been able to resist him directly.

'Haven't ended yet! "

I saw that the water was just blown out in a moment, and the moment directly chased the movement of the water.

'Soft Fighting, Gossip Bai Twenty-eighth Pocket !! "

The right hand of the moment is playing a lot of palm in the air in the air, and it is actually the part of the cloud.

I hit the day of the Soft Method, and the bloody method of the day.

The water that was blown out and pulled out on the grass and slipped out of the meadow, and the green grass was planed from a long dunger.

'The sixty-four points of your body, all have been blocked twice, don't struggle to stop the water, you can't use a little bit.