Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 72 of Hueding Crack System

carat. "

The moment after I took my hand, standing in the same place, looking down on the water on the grass.

'It is a horrible body, it is not like actions that humans can make. ', The water in the ground seems to be a little difficult, face

With a hint.

Sheng Deco, the moment is abundant, the leaffragm is blown, and the ingestrics of the upgrade will be quickly smashed with powerful play.

After a breath, the shape of the air cannon is like a dragon shape. If the moment is opened, the fairy model is fully played, power

Even the original

Akai opened the seven gates and the top of the sky.

If you fight the body, the water is of course unable to resist.

I can't think of you can talk ._. '' The body of myself has a lot of power, I am very clear, but by falling

The water on the ground is suddenly changed.


Because of his white eyes, seeing the water on the ground actually suddenly became the crow of the sky, suddenly scattered.

Illusion? Or is it a crow?

It is impossible, from the white eyes that have just started to lock his actions, he can't have the opportunity to use illusion or replacement, for a moment

The situation in front of the eyes seems to be overtaken.

In fact, from the moment they go out of this forest, the water suddenly appears in the moment in front of him, and the moment is faint.

Where is it wrong, but I can't say it.

'If it is normal, maybe I have already lost _._ "} The crow of Man Tianfa is screaming, rendering in front of the moment.

The body of the water is gathered. 'But here I can control everything in the second _.' '

What is even more surprised, and the surrounding environment has begun to change, and the sky began to be gray.

The forest began to hide.

Most importantly, the moment suddenly found that I didn't know when I started, I didn't see the trace, as if they were there.

Two have never existed.

'This is ._.' '' Moment, some unbelievable provinces, the surrounding changes.

Glowing the blossoms in the dark sky, suddenly after the water, slowly emerged a huge scarlet writing wheel, above

It is a hook jade in the shape of a four-pointed windmill.

'Is it ._.' 'See all of this variety of changes, the heart of the moment floated a thought.

'This is the ultimate illusion ... No power can be equipped with this illusion ._ Water replace the monster

The face is brought for an unpredictable expression.

There are some hesitating, there are some helpless, but it is finally turned into a firm colors.

, Turning the dust! Heart! "

With a light drink in the south, the moment of seeing the glory on the sky began to bloom, the endless golden rays broke down.

Let's let the moment can't open your eyes ...

As soon as I see this scene, I can use the elementalization of instinctivity. The result is that I can't use the elemental. I don't even have the body.

Can't move!

'Mingming clear !! "

At the moment, I took the hundred million golden rays that took it on the sky, she bombarded myself, and along with the surrounding land, one

Caused acre powder _._.

On the edge of the forest outside the fire, a green grass.

_. _._: _

The pain of the moment, holding his forehead, there is a gasping in his mouth, and the face is very rare, there is a fine sweat.

' ! You are fine ?! "

White and Jun Ma Lu, who were painful at the moment, helping him around, and shouted at the scene.

'What is going on here! "The unnecessary of the invincible in his mind, even in front of this blackhead, red eyes suddenly

After now, it turned this, and the white did not understand what happened.

'There is no doubt that it should be a ghost that this guy! We now kill him!', Face cold Jun Ma Lu, with cold look, positive

A sudden arbitrary man who is blown out in front of him.

'You don't have to urge, I am fine. "After receiving a few mouthfuls of fresh air, the moment finally spreading the stock from the mind.

The pain of the whole body is temporarily suppressed.

What is this olewater? Water ... There is a pale, and some are incredibly watching the water in front of you. 2.4.

Don't God. "Water water slowly puts the windmill of the four-pool in his eyes, and looks at the moment in front of the eyes, '

Pull the enemy's spirit to a magical space that is fully dominated by yourself and causes great injuries to cause great injuries. "

'I didn't expect your spiritual power. It was so powerful. The normal ninja had already been coma ...,' The face of Water is also filled.

Unbelievable expression.

Don't God ??

Sure enough. From the moment I just walked out of the forest, I had already in his illusion, and everything happened was illusion.

If you stop water, let's think about everything you just experienced in the illusion space. I didn't expect to stop the water, but I'm looking like it.

Monthly readers, short-term, in the original plot, he has never seen it.

However, it is no wonder that the strongest illusion ninja one Yischo stopped water, even in the original, it has always been a mystery of people ...