Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 73 of the Crash System

Chapter 94, must be able to (five even more)

"There is also something, I can't understand, how do you escape my white-eyed explorer, suddenly appear in front of me to use illusion

This is not possible. "The moment is simple, and some is wonderful to look at the mystery of this mystery," Is it ... "

I suddenly thought of an answer.

Yes. Don't God.

Can do this kind of magic, only the ultimate illusion, the strongest illusion eye, don't have a good God.

That's right, don't be God ..., 'I saw the feelings on my face, and the face of the water stopped,' You really thoughtfully, this is

However, if you don't have to use it for you, I can't get your eyes, using illusion in front of you.


I don't know if I don't know when I have been influenced by don't be affected. It is really terrible, and the lane in the moment is in front of it.

Throughout the water, everything just experienced has given him a new definition of this' strongest illusion in front of you.

When is the matter? "He asked the last question in his heart.

At the moment, he couldn't understand. He began to recall the contact of his past, once in the 29th floor of the fire shadow office, once in the water

When the country performs tasks.

However, I have a self-satisfaction that I have been careful to prevent water, and I will always open the two sides of Chakra.

How to flow, how can it still have a illusion of doing God.

Is it ...

You remember ..., 'I hope that I will show myself to the look of myself. I can't help but laugh on my face.

It was this time in the Yuxi Bo, and we ball the wooden leaves on the waterfall in Nanhechuan ..., '.

When you are not exhausted, I secretly use the right-eyed Chinese flowers, and I have a lot of life in your brain. ".

This satellite is that when you see me next time, you will take the initiative to ignore my existence, so I can escape your white eyes just now.

The exploration is close to you and not discovering you, which creates a condition for you to use other techniques. ".

Your bitter is very strong, so I didn't modify your other weali and ideas, because if you have a lot of weesed and ideas.

Deviation and entry, it is easy to be perceived by you ..., '


Is it really that time?

If you don't feel your feelings, you can feel your life. If you talk to you, you can use illusion when you seize the opportunity, you can't do it.

A friend?

Why do you do this?! 'Listen to the explanation of the water, the moment is anger and angry.

It's a shocking thing that don't really, it is the most terrible illusion in this world. It really can really don't know how to don't know the ghost.

Under, modify the will and ideas of others.

That time in the Yuxi wave, he used not to use it for himself. He will wear the next meeting will ignore his laundry instructions.

A soul seed that is weak and unbearable will let the white eyes discover his approximate after going out of the forest today.

Even if it is white and Jun Ma Lu, I have seen the emergence of water, but I can't find it.

That is to say, the water is temporarily a blind spot in his vision and ideas, so he has not been stopped from the water.

Use illusion one or one other light.

At an angry, the water is a person who is not much friendly in the wood, and it is also going to the country to carry out the task.

Born in death, why don't you use illusion for yourself without reason?

In the face of the question of the moment, the low of the water is silent.

Water is a strong principle, the sense of justice is very strong, and a passionate youth to treat friendship is also a comrades for their friends.

This kind of illusion is secretly used, which makes him feel very embarrassed.

Finally, he still said: 'At this moment, I really hope that you can look back, the leaves need your strength to guard ...,'

If you stop the water, I have been interrupted, and I have been interrupted. Don't tell me these nonsense! These words we have said in the illusion space just now.

Clear enough! ',

'I will ask you again! Why do you want this to do this?!', The complex to save the water in front of you, the mind is steep.

At that time, I didn't show my thoughts that I wanted to leave the leaves before I stopped the water. How can he use it without any reason?

• Water water is now clearly explained.

Looking at the sound that has gradually cooled down, the water will fall into silence again, and finally said: 'No matter whether you believe it or not, my

The purpose is for wooden leaves, guarding wooden leaves require your strength ..., '.

Anyway, today I have to bring you back ..., 'said, Chakra, the province to stop the water, started crazy running

The sorrowful scarlet written eyes have emerged in the four-pointed windmill hook jade.

What exactly, let you take me back? What kind of purpose is you in the end?

You go two next to you. ' ............... ..

But ..., 'two little ghosts are anxious, just want to resist what.

'Nothing! This is not the battle you can insert now. "But I immediately interrupted.


The vision of the province is not to reject, 513 Bai and Jun Ma Lu have to retreat to the side, especially Jun Ma Lu, he is still

The first time I hate I have no powerful power.

After the province of two small ghosts retired to the safety of safety, although the face was pale, the eyes were still in front of the water in front of them: '

Just now, we will save your hand in your illusion space. You are also saved ... In the real world, you will not be my opponent. Do you still have to be too?