Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 74 of Huedings

Have you realized? "

'People who are obsessed with you are you! Heart, why do you have to live up to everyone's expectation to you ..., Water Water Tauntry

Oh, almost a little speechless.

'Why is it clear that there is so powerful strength but not guarding your own people, guarding your own village! "Usually in the impression of the moment

They are all kinds of gentle and smile, but now almost almost hysterical loudly roaring him.

The province has been clipped in the gap between the villages and people, huge pressure and two difficulties have made him a few collapses ...

Looking at the end of the day before the eyes, the Wen Wen Wen Wen Wen, and there is a bit of a bit.

'Now you, I may think that I am not your opponent ...,'

'There is no way. I will let you see the ultimate power of our Unexpello ...,'

Unexpectedly, the final power? Is it ...

Chapter 95, the war, Zuo Can (first more)

I heard a heartbeat, and the surface of the body of the water in the heart of the water was crazy. The green Chakra was turned.

In his body, a green giant stayed in Chakra flame.

Benevo ... "

At the mouth of the moment, a word is spit out of these four words. Although today is still the first time, how is it for this

Will it be familiar?

This is the most desire to have the most envious power when he just passed through this world ....

'And still in the second stage of semi-mood shape. ... The body surface of the giant has formed meridians and flesh ...,'

High. Surgia the gods from heaven, the chakra giant, muttered.

Come on it, let me see all your strength! '. Among the green Chakra giants, the sound of the water is swayed.

It is called the power of God by the world, as long as you have a good one, it is inevitable, is it?

Oh. I have to be really so resistant to the province.

At this time, I have a hands in front of it, and I have an invisible breath to go out, and the surrounding grass seems to be strong.

The wind is overwhelming, and there will be a gorgeous white robe, and the paint-250-black elder is not windless, causing an inexplicable.


Cactus mode, start!!

'This is the immortal mode in the rumors ...,'

I saved the original pale face opened the cactus mode and suddenly recovered a bit, looking at the powerful momentum of his body, wrapped

Water-water expressions in must be able to have it becomes more dignified.

Finally, I can truly fight against you ... The corpse is stuck, and it has a strong battle, and the green must be upon.

When a spiral long. Gun.

Looking at the eyes of the green Chakra flame, it seems that the gods of the water from the summon from Heaven, there is no shine on the face.


The footsteps are gently turned, and the whole person will disappear in the original place.

Lift !! "

A little drunk, when the water heard this voice, when his wafer's short-on-eyed eyes captured the figure again, the moment has appeared in him.

Best side.

I saw a turning in the air, driving the body to struggle to kick him out of the leg, surrounded by the air dish time by him after the legs were compressed

Striped to form a huge air gun of a dragon shape.

There are two little ghosts next to the sun and Jun Ma Lu, the ear seems to hear two comets hit the sound together.

I hope, the green Chakra giant of God is actually taken away from the ground, hit it next to it, the dragon shape is the wind and four

The airflow from all the way has set off a while in the forest.

The speed is too fast !! Wrapped in the water to be able to bite his teeth within the need to be able to do it.

He found that the speed and power of the body after opening the immortal mode. When I was in the illusion space, I was more than two.

People, simply doubled ten times.


No crushing, the water inside does not seem to be harmful to harm.

Then come again!

The mind is turning, the next moment ((CJAC) is now disappeared again.

When the figure of the moment of the moment, when I was soaring, I took off up and took off the water to the water, and the hand was a huge spiral.

The sword is bursting out the harsh explosion.

Immortal, spiral, sword!!

Under the increase in the fairy mode, the spiral hand in the moment is almost three times more than usual, and the power of devastating is from green.

The head bombards.

It is evil, so it's too passive ... I didn't expect to use it, it is ..., '

In the face of the beginning of the moment, stop the teeth, you must slave the spiral gun with green Chakra flame, and bombard

The fairy law hit the fairy, the sword directly shot!

Two devastating power collided together, suddenly set off a huge airflow that shades the eyes on the grass.

'This is the battle of the ninja ...,' reached out to the violent airflow to your eyes, Jun Ma Lu and white face except for the shock

Other expressions are also eliminated.