Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 75 of Hueding Crack System

Gas flowing, I only see that I have intact, I have a well-lost position on the grass, and the water that will be able to do away from the arm, which has been


'Is this the power of Xianli ?! "The water is shocked by his own must be able to skyrocket on Chakra flames, and is slowly recovering.

The arm is not allowed to sigh the power of the immortality.

It is worthwhile to have the highest price, and the attack and defense is integrated.

Green Chakra giants who gradually recover before their eyes, flash spray, if the advancement of the fourth stage, I don't know

How much will it?

Not expedd, the complete body of the original


'Well? Have a chance! "

Seeing an moment seems to have some gods, stop the water, the flow of flowers is turned, and immediately grab. Time to live in this tip, the weigh must be able to send

After a change, XionG cavity opened a gap.

Sudo, ninety-nine!!!

Obvious time, the green Guanghua on the whole grass, countless green Chakra arrows, from the Water, the THO, the Xiong cavity is flying.

Out, every one is all over the air, replacing the back.

Looking at the arrows who have a must-have to fly over the sky, the eyes bloom in the eyes of the people's glory, holding the head of the hand.

Today, I will let you know what is called humanoid movement. ...

Chapter 96 God's Sky (two more)

, Ice Canghuanglong !!! "

!! The moment is raised by a punch, and the frozen fruit is frozen.

Can explode. There are countless arrows that shoot out.

The province will see yourself to shoot. Chakra Arrow is engraved with the frost dragon that is blown out of the flash, and it is condensed along with the grasslands around.

A piece of ice, the water is awkward, and the spiral gun that must be waved to wavily waving, and the abuse is swatched.

Looking at the huge water, it is necessary to rush to himself, and the moment is unique, and the eyes are condensed, and they have burst with their strong body.

The strength of the frozen fruit is directly on the front.

Clear! Clear! Clear!

Two shocking power came together again and again, issued a deafening sound.

Looking at the front of this person's heart, Bai and Jun Ma Lu, who have just become a boy, the ninja, and the eyes of the eyes issued a layer.

Another layer of envy is the brighter.

It's really toughness. It is worthy of the strongest ninja in Yushu, now the water ..., '

The province's must-have to stop the water again and again, and each time I can shoot the defense.

Soon, he was recovered again.

Call ...

And the water, it stood in the face of the mouth in the mouth, as if this time, breathing has become a very luxury.


Do you have to pay attention to him?

Some unbelievable, he only feels that every cell of his body is in pain, and there is a bright blood and tears in the eyes, it has been maintained

It is necessary to seek, this is undoubtedly a heavy load in the opposite end of the eternal flowers.

At the end, stop water. "

The white eye is firmly locked. It seems that there seems to have some unlicensed water, and the face is intoxicated, crazy mobilize the huge huge Xianke Chuck


,not good!!"

The mysterious Chakra, which is clear, and the mysterious Chakra that broke out at this time, and the water is shocked, and the large amount of Chakra and the pupil are immediately delivered.

Force, the in vitro must be able to skyrocket, form an indestructible fence, which is firmly covered with the world outside.

Heaven, the world. Only my alone! "

A soish, and like the sound of the rhynritish, from the moment, he listened to the water, but it seems that it is roaring in his ear.

Sound, put these eight characters into his mind.

A speech is unable to describe the explosive force, between the first moment, this cold is more than hell's natural frozen, in the moment, trace

The mad dance is over.

The only white and Jun Ma Lu, who have not been affected, can't help but take a breath, a blink of an eye, and the surrounded forest and grass are turned into a peak.

Endless iceberg!

Water, along with his huge mustvas, and be frozen in front of this high.

This is not finished, because the white eyes of the moment clear the situation within the iceberg, although the water is not allowed to move, but firmly

It must be surrounded, and the body did not receive too much damage.

Save it here, the moment is alive, the huge unparalleled Xianke Chakra once again, and the white eyes were blocked.

The vast, ancient, the ancestors of the ancestors ...

God! Empty! Hit !!! "

Different ghosts from afar, and Jun Ma Lu two little ghosts, only feel that the foreground is like a change, and there is only a black and white in the world.

There is no big move in the moment. It is formed in an air in the air, which is formed between tangible and invisible.

Hundreds of heads, there is an exterior of all the air, and the palm has formed an absolute vacuum!