Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 76 of Hueding Crack System

With the unparalleled momentum, with the breath of Chakra's ancestors, it is absolutely true that there is a must-have to be frozen.

Empty climb.

····· ...... seek flowers ...

I didn't make too big sound, I saw that I was broken by Ice, as if it seems to be an ordinary glass.

AT !! _._. ''

The blood spurted in the mouth, and it was necessary to have a punch for a punch to catch a bomb, and the whole woman flew out on the spot.

The frozen grass above.

God blows, really, it is the closest to Chakra, the original ancestors, the blood, the blood of the Naki, Zhu Gui, one, eighty god, air hit, oyster, in

Under the increase in the perfect immortal mode, the power of the moment makes it feel very stunned.

'You lose _._. Water ._.' '

In the moment, I died in white robe. The darkness of the darkness danced. It was like a breeze to stop the water, and he saved him.

'I lost _._.' '' Fell to the ground, it seems that all the strength of the water is lost, and some difficulties have a bitterness of the mouth floating.


I can't think of my own strength to make the strength of the Legend of the Yishabo, nor his opponent, what is his strength to a point?

'You should not come at all today ._.' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '

'Cough ._.' 'The expression of the moment is ignorant, and the water will stand slowly.

'I didn't expect to be able to do it. I was not your opponent. The production of water was finally difficult to stand in front of the moment. The weakness as if a wind blowing him.

It will fall.

'Sorry, I can only use that surgery _._ must bring you back to the wooden leaf _._ must be _.' 'In fierce battle, continuously

Two Wanhua Shop's eye-catching levels of sleep, severely consumed, and physical strength, let the sound of the water began to be blurred.

'Are you crazy ?! You will be okay! "

Unbelievable water, the left eye, the left eye, the left eye, abbreviated, and the heart has a unpleasant shock ...

Chapter 97 leaves (three consecutive)

Don't take one by one by one without the left of the left eye. You can forgive permanent changes and ideas.

The people who have seen it will become the anti-day pupil.

If you want to confirm the turbulent of the whole, the original. The ability of the state, don't God, this is the capacity of the BUG level, ranking absolute

Also read on the month.

'Neck this! "

This is the only idea at this time, and the ghost knows that the water will change his weeks and ideas to change their own words, so it must be

Can't let him succeed.

The four-corner windmill in the left eye is abbreviated, the four-corner windmill hooks jade crazy rotation, the

Under pressure, the moment of the whole body's fairy 'eight nine zero "in an instant broke out.

Drums !!! "

A difficulty freezing force suddenly released from the moment, as if a unpredictable area of ​​the surrounding space

, Between it, everything is paused.

Water, white, Jun Ma Lu Lu, even the grass leaf rolled up in half of the air, all paused, and the whole time and space around the center

Into it's drunk.

At this time, in this space, the moment of moving, drunk standing in front of the water, sigh, waved the soft boxing, and will stop water

The sixty-four points of the whole body are all blocked twice.

After blinking, the time in the whole space has recovered the flow, and the surrounding world is restored as early as the beginning, so there is no change.

The only change is that it is incredible to station in the same place where the water is stopped, and the clouds in the eyes have returned to ordinary black eyes.

'This. ... What happened? My written eye ... my Chakra. ... stop the water eye big eyes, the incredible lanes occurred before the eyes

Everything, he found that he couldn't use a little bit of Chakra, but also can't drive anything.

'I just frozen the whole time and space here. ... in this time and space, only I can live freely ... Produce the face of the water

The expression who is full of dare not confidence is full, and the flash is satisfied with him.

'; East, after listening, you will mutter these words in some sluggish mouths.

What kind of concept is that?

Now your strength has reached this level?

I looked at the moment, and the water was stopped at this moment. I found that I would like to save this boy.

'I will not kill you. I will not go back to you. Don't appear in front of me ... I don't pay attention to the retaining water, myself is silent.

From his side, he left a silent atmosphere. 'This is my last time when you are friends ...,'

, White, Jun Ma Lu, let's go! "

The immortal mode is lifted, and the moment I feel a little tired, calling two teenagers who wake up like a dream, and the head does not return.

Remote walking away.

Standing in the same place, the water is silent for a long time, finally clenching the fist, as if it is a big determination, tough and turning back, saying

A word.

The 'Kill "is that it is Tibetan ...,'.

He found me before, on the one hand, he told me that the leaves needed your strength to guard, on the other hand, he promised me as long as I took you back,

On this matter of the village and Yischi, he will stand on a position with the three generations of fire.