Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 77 of Hueding Crack System

After the heart is buried in the heart, I finally said, and the water has long, and the contradiction between the family and the village has become more intensified in the past few years.

In the gap, he violates the things that you are embarrassed in these years.

Now, after being defeated by the moment, it is instead of being a sigh of relief, at least I have tried my best, now the absolute power

Losing, no need to see a violation of your own wearea. ...

'Group Hide ...,' After hearing the water, the moment stopped his footsteps, 'Sure enough, it is this old thing. ... actually wants to use

Water to use me ... is really a deep calculation ..., '

Pressing your own heart, I'm smashed slightly, and finally saved the water after a deep water, this' instantaneous water "

, This. Strongest illusion ,,, this is in the original, in the world, it is like a mystery.

Well, Yishibo will stop water, maybe there will never have a chance to meet ...

Recovered all the thoughts in the heart, turning over, two teenagers with white and Jun Ma Lu Lu, stepped out, to the road to no clear ...

The years are yellow, I don't know, I came to the wooden leaves for 55 years.

In these two years, in addition to the genius ninja, the talented ninja in the rumors of the woods two years ago, I can't produce it with the village, and I left the wooden leaves.

There is no big event in the world, and the dark stream is turbulence.

Tianzhi country, the sound of the village.

Dark mysterious institutes who haven't seen the day.

It is a darkly and deep dim corridor, except for a little light on both sides. There is no other light.

Both sides of the walkway is a piece of iron-made cell, one side of a faceless prisoner, from their clothes and hands

Using hands in the hands of the sword in the past long, they should all be all ninja 3.4 ,.

Mingming Mingming Mingming ...

In a laboratory in the middle of the walkway, a tragic mourning is filled with this whole dark world, and it has been punished over and over again.

The ninja fragile nerves in the cell.

'No. 107 experiment, failed, change one ...,'

In a small room, a precision instrument is placed everywhere, you can see the containers such as medical test tubes in the bottle can, and it is still stored.

Holding some organs of the human body, the entire room filled the pungent smell.

When the face is on the face, there is a sick and pale big snake pill, standing in front of a white test bed, just posing. Before you finish the previous one

Still fresh but after a second, there is a body temperature ...

Chapter 98, Village (four consecutive)

And next to it, it is a parentap of the pharmacist who has seen a side of the root tissue base a few years ago. At this time, he is quiet.

The snake pills, the hand is not paid to the big snake pills in the hands, and the role of the assistant is fully played. Just from his glasses

Glorious flash from time to time

No one knows what his heart is thinking.

'Failure, this is already the eighth experimoctive body today, the big snake pills. _.' 'The face hangs a smile, light

The big snake pill next to it is said.

'Oh, pocket, in the field of research and development ban, the most important thing is not talent, but patience. One.' '

The big snake pill said with the tares, but he said half, suddenly his heart broke out a strong crisis.

Suddenly, the wall on the edge of the room suddenly collapsed, and even took the wall along with the walls of the outside.

Through the collapse of the broken wall, the golden light in the evening is sprinkled into a dim room, illuminated the whole walkway, the big snake pill and the pocket

There are three spoons outside the wall.

In the face of the sunset shining, the big snake pills and pockets cannot save the appearance of the people.

Who is the big snake pill of his three tolerance? There is no tens of thousands of life in the hands, when is it like this,?

I just wanted to attack, I had a strong murder, and I was stopped by the sound of the people who came suddenly.

It turned out to be here ._. You can really find it here, big snake pills predecessors _._. ''

One seems to have some light, passing into the big snake pills and pockets.

This voice: ._.

It seems to have heard: ._.

Suddenly, I look at the figure in front of my eyes, and the big snake pill has emerged, a person who has brought him a threat to death.

It turned out to be a moment.

The expression on the big snake pill seems to be a little shock, some panic, but finally put a smile of evil spirits.

'The country of the last water is in a hurry, this time, I saw the seniles of the big snake pill, the province is still still, the second _.' 'The people have played a haha, one side

I came in from the broken wall.

After coming out of the sun, the big snake pills and pockets see the figure of three people.

I saw that two years have passed, and the three people in the moment have long been a lot, and the contour is getting stronger.

At the moment, still black clothes, dark long hair such as a water, double eyeliner, and the face of Feng Qunxiu.

The white face is soft and beautiful, the temperament is drunk, and the face is in the face, it is less than a slight, and it is more gentle.

And Jun Ma Lu is cold, white and white, and there is a good murderous effect.

I can't think of you, I will suddenly come to my muslus village today ... _. It is a rush to the _._. "Big snake pills use his unique hoarse charm

The noise said, suddenly he was a little surprised, and his head, 'The curse on your head:.

'Provision of the birth of a bird in a cage in the day, it is difficult to stop the eagle of you, you have the eagle of you.

Come over, restored his legendary three tolerance, the style of the old card level.