Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 78 of Hueding Crack System

'You said this Ming Second _.' 'Wen said that he smiled and caress his forehead, and said:' You are not waiting for your leisure.

The seniors of the big snake pill, I thought you were dead, I can't think of it, but I still stay here.....

I heard the moment, I suddenly mentioned the last time, I think it seems that I can't see the horrible power of the world. The face of the big snake pill is not

The ban is unnatural colors, but soon recovered back and said: 'Hehe ... _. In the past, it will not have to mention _._

Less than these two children

It has also grown to this point _._. ''

It is said that the sight of the big snake pill is transferred to the white and Jun Ma Lu in the moment, and it is easy for him to be poisonous.

The strength has arrived in the middle of the way. Feng immediately stepped into the strength of the endurance level.

Since then, I came out from the big simmerous wood family, and the two years after Unechyo stopped the water, I have been with two white and Jun Ma Lu.

A teenager is turning between travel and all countries, on the one hand, we will improve their strength and two teenagers, on the other hand, with them to appreciate the Ninja


However, the unique customs have increased their experience.

Along the way, the moment they have been hired by the hiring ninja, the most is from the cloud, followed by group hiding, and others are other.

Some unknown forces, for some purposes not known.

Of course, these assassins are easily resolved, and some even have a material that is used as a white and Jun Ma Lu practiced.

Two years of time, the moment I feel that my current strength will soon touch the new bottleneck, Chakra and the frozen fruit are only one step.

It is necessary to officially enter the stage of the overcham level and the devil 930 fruit awakening.

In these two years, there are three people's strengths, let's make a mistake in the moment, is unknown in Jun Ma Lu.

Blood is sick, finally broke out.

Jun Ma Lu began to disturb the disturbance, although the frequency is not very high, but this is already enough to worry, this appearance is cold and solid

The heart is simple, and the child is always a child, and the inner heart has completely regarded himself as his companion.

After the moment, I have been diagnosed with him. Even if the current medical, I have a level that I can't get it at all, I still can't

Accurately and furnish the blood of Jun Ma Lu, can only temporarily suppress his symptoms.

So after a month, I finally took Bai and Jun Ma Lu, came to the base of Battle Pill, now in the country of Tianzhi.

'Pharmacist ...,' recovering his thoughts, the moment to move the eyes to the big snake pill, 'I don't think you will appear in the predecessors of the big snake pill.

..., '

' , you said ... I have always been a big snake pill, and I will have a hand of the big snake, and I have pushed the eye on my nose.

Mirror, reflection. Out of inexplicable glory, smiling and humble ...

Chapter 99 extracting genes (five even more)

'Yes, I don't know if I suddenly visit my village today. Is there anything ... Less this, the big snake pill suddenly opened the topic

In the past, he looked at the moment, he didn't understand the future of the moment.

The deep and deep province, the big snake pill, hidden behind the multi-mask, and the opening explains the purpose of this: '

I have come today, this is mainly to borrow medical instrument and laboratory here, I hope you can promise ..., '

Medical instrumentation equipment? Laboratory?

Carefully pondering the meaning of the moment, the big snake pills have a little doubt, say: 'Wonderful, the moment you only use it, think not

You also have research interests in the moment ...

'Um ...,' There is no excessive communication, the moment is straight towards the room of the medical equipment and equipment, and he is in your own strength.

What is the lotus flower can't be found.

' , there is an unfortunate thing ...,' walking in the moment, suddenly stopped, go back to the big snake pill, 'Daspen Pillion

I save so much in the hands here, I hope you can help white and Jun Ma Lu, hone hard experience and skills ..., '

The moment is regardless of the unattended attitude, and it is clearly the big snake pill of his legends.

I saw a green pill on the big snake pill flashed, but the face was sinking, but it quickly came out of the evil smile, 'Hah no problem, I also like this.

Two children, '

I saw that the big snake pill did not oppose, the moment left the two teenagers of the white and Jun Ma Lu, and they took themselves to the medical equipment research room.


Come to the room of the medical equipment research room, re-enhance the door of the room.

Into the room into the room, and I am going to be a variety of precision medical equipment and instruments around the world. There is also a computer computer instrument.


It is worth studying the madness, master the snake uncle of core technology. ... What kind of instrumentation in the base should be all. "J ..." glanced over a circle

After that, I was sprayed in my mouth and quickly took out a reel from my clothes.


After using the spiritual surgery, a body appeared in front of the smoke, it was the underground from the big simmerous wood family.

The big simmer of the big simmer is a long body that is taken in the cemetery.

'First. First extract the gene ...,'

There is also the day before following the program, these medical knowledge and equipment instrument operation skills have all been studied, otherwise

He is really unable to operate such a precise in front of you.

'Extraction ...,'

After some operation, I finally put myself, the big simms of the Jane Wood family, and the blood sample of Jun Ma Lu, will generate the gene.


At the instrument, a relatively comparison of the genes of the three, and suddenly found Ni. Big Jane Wood Family Family Gene Chain and your own gene chain