Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 79 of Hueding Cracks

Combined with each other and have a complementary trend.

And Jun Ma Lu's gene chain is even more strange. Even some part of the gene chain of the big simmerous wood family is consistent with themselves.

But it is not all consistent.

Sure enough, '

Sure enough, like the original diagnosis, Jun Ma Lu's bloody disease is because his gene chain is incomplete, and some is incomplete.

There is no problem now, but the more you use your blood, you will have a seriousness of the bones.

What is the blood seminar? It is a genetic disease. In the world, everyone has the opportunity to wake up to get a rebate.

The phenomenon and ability, such as the people who have a chance to wake up in the eyes of this ancestor, the people and swirls of the thousand hands

Vortex people have a chance

Awakening the ability of the cactus one by one of this ancestors.

This is the case, the Hui night family is the blood of the ancient Jane Wood, and the blood circulation is circa the blood of Jun Ma Lu.

The return gene has been minimal.

In this generation of Hui Night, in addition to Jun Ma Lu Very good awakened blood session, the body of the body, the body, and inherited the characteristics of Hui Night Ji's appearance.

All Hui Night Family people are black hair, and there is no mind to know fight killing and destruction.

In contrast, Jun Ma Lu clearly has a more reasonable space, and closer to the appearance of Hui Yiji, this shows that his return is more


However, the disabled blood gene chain and premature awakening blood succeeds, leading to the outbreak of his blood, this is also an instant to check now


'' "The situation of Mun Ma Lu is more than my complicated ..., 'Locate the genetics in the hand, and I think if I think about it.

A final conclusion.

The province comes to his blood, only the day of the day, the genetics on the moon, and the complete Da Jiemu Village is restored.

Blood. Re-set Unexpo, thousands of hands, vortex, restore complete large simple wood feather blood, and finally combined, restore

Blood pulse

It is likely to complete his gene chain defect ..., '

It sounds very complicated, but it has already taken a moment of clue, and the at least has found the best way to cure Jun Ma Lu.

'Next. ... just try to wake up (Nono) !! "

Looking at the genes of the moon big simmerous wood family extracted in his hand, it is not allowed to be a heart god.

The mood of the swaying is suppressed, and the gene of the moon is slowly poured into the pinhole syringe slowly.

A picture of a shadow is a protective, and there is some depression of the breath.

"System. You said that I will inject the gene of the big simmer in the moon to her own body. Can not touch the blood of the big simmer, from

And awakened to the eye? 'This moment, he called for a long-lost system at your heart.

It is possible to succeed. However, it is also possible to die ... The antique sound of the system is in the brain sea.

(Long-lost system Jun, have you thinking about it?).

Chapter 100 Translindes to the eye (a more)

I heard the system sound that I haven't hearded for a long time, but at this moment, I didn't feel calm.

"Injection. Go in! Grasp this rare opportunity! Do you have long been long for a long time?! Now, the opportunity is in front of you?

Also give up ?! Injection. Go in, you can get the power of creation and destruction immediately, and no one will be your opponent before the final war. "

"Don't be injected! You are already very strong now, there is no need to go, this risk is gradually progressing according to the current progress.

Go, the final war is definitely there is a place! "

It seems that both ends of the heavens, the two sounds are crazy in the brain of the moment, and the two choices have their own truth, and the moment is in the moment.

Two difficulties.

Between, there was a year that I suddenly remembered myself, there was no collapse system, no devil fruit, nothing

It can only be struggling in front of their destiny.

If all this doesn't happen, what will it be like?

It is now relying on a 623-sided ability, it has become a leader in many members of a family, but

The cloth, is it from?

It is still like the arrival, and now it has become the benefit of the wood leaf for most people, it has become a sacrifice.

Or is it flattened, and all people, like a dragon package, which may not be mixed in the fourth endurance battle, which task is there?

No, those are not what I want.

Thoughts return to the reality in front of you, and the eyes of the moment are gradually determined. I didn't ask if I didn't ask the system, I cartoked directly in the hand.

I took a head on my arm.

There is no pain in the imagination.

There is no designer struggle.

It seems that everything has not changed, and the moment it feels like a liquid in the hospital when he is sick in his past life.

Suddenly, the nightmare came.

At the moment, I feel that the whole body is burning, and it seems that the cells under the body are swallowed with each other. It is good in the body ((CJFC) like hundreds of millions.

Ants are biting.

But the moment I bite my teeth and didn't have pain. At this point, he can still stick to it, but I don't know if I will happen.


'! The system detected that the host got a complete large simmer, the current blood is incorporated in