Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 80 of the Crash System

'Ming Ming clearly: ._.' '

Suddenly, the pain in the whole body began to increase violently, and the moment biting the teeth and couldn't help the pain, and the pain between the pain, I felt my body.

It seems that the whole body is changing.

If there is someone else at this time. When you come, you will find the most obvious change in the body. It is the original darkness.

Long hair, this is transformed into a gray color with a fast speed.

If you look close carefully, you will see this moment, the original pure white eyes are gradually being gradually changed to a blue color.

However, all of this can find that the institute is full of mourning in the institute, covering the sound of the moment, on the other hand

The snake pills and pockets are now with white and Jun Ma Lu to pick up the ninja going out in actual training.

Between the confused, the moment I feel that I have been fainted. When I gradually recovery, I will slowly support myself from the ground.

Get up.

'! The system detects that the host has obtained a complete big simmer, breaking the boundary is successful, congratulations to the host to get a reincarnation. "

Is this a reincarnation? The legend is destroyed and created, and the eye of the end of the fashionable.

I am a little confused at everything around, it seems that there is something around, and it seems that everything has changed, and it seems

Cuts did not change _._.

'The body doesn't seem to be different, two _.' '

I stood up and stretched out. Holding a fist in both hands, I feel that my body is significantly more power than before.

'! The system detected that the host chalk puller has reached the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, congratulate the host Chakra increase to a higher level.

The system suddenly issued a message, letting the moment I can't help but frown, 'system, this is what is going on?' '.

Because the host, you have successfully blended the bodies of the family, your current body is bigger than the moon.

The wood family is closer to the Dajiwu Village, although it is not more than the fairy body, but far more strong than your original body, so your Chakra

Breaking the boundaries, improve

At a higher level. "

Originally such a super shadow level Chakra? I can't help but feel carefully to feel the huge Chakra.

There is also a host. If you have chosen a compromise, make a wrong choice, then you mean that you deny yourself to become

Strong possibilities mean that your latent you will not see more yourself. From now, the collapse system will never have to work.

'' '

'You have to remember that only the strong can serve the power, only diamonds can cut diamonds, collapse, and will only help strong ...,'

Listening to the sound of the system is gradually dissipating in your own mind. The self-proliferation muttered in the moment: 'The collapse system will only serve the strong ...,

Immediately, the blue eyes were turned, it seems to understand what it happened, and the heart seized a truth, and the look became more determined.

This kind of power ... I can feel ... this moment I ... I have no one can defeat me. At least now there is no ..., '

Feel the new eyes, there is an endless odor, and the inner body is not only in Chakra, and the self-confidence in this moment. Swelling

An unprecedented height.

Waving a shadow, erase all the traces of existence, and collect the reel with all the genes.

Walk outside facing the door.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…,'

There is a laughing laughter in the dimwater. ....

Chapter 101 Xiaoxin (two even more)

I have walked a dark walkway along the way, and I came to an open space outside.

'! ! ...,'

The central white and Jun Ma Lu two teenagers are fighting with forty ten ninja. It is a bitterness that has been unfair to endure the sound of cross-interference.

The big snake pills and the venue of the venue were observed in the battle of the enemy. At this moment, I found that the sky outside is still in the evening, the sun, indicating that I have just been coma in a coma.

', you have ...,'

The edge of the venue is the battle of the big snake pill. First, I walked out from the inside. I just wanted to say that he would like to see the treasure. The whole person stayed.

'how you look like…,'

Is "zero one three, 'shocking in the flash of the appearance and temperament, the big snake pill suddenly found a sharp eyes, as if he was worn by the whole body, as if there was no one in front of this eye. Located secret.

How is it a pair of eyes!

The big snake pill looked up, I saw the white long hair drift, the discouraged person, and a pair of blue eyes as much as the endless light. The is a shape like a snowflake, appears to be beautiful.

Beautiful, but it is strong.

It seems that the night is in the eyes of the sky, and it seems that there is a powerful magnetic force that is generally absorbed by everyone.

'Is that God's eyes ...,'

I don't know how to do this idea, even if he he himself can be perceived, because the moment is not close to, he feels a great pressure from this pair, this is the gap between the level, It seems like the gods in the sky in the general public, and all beings.

'Just broke through some capabilities, making some changes in the body ...,' The moment is laughing, as if a breeze comes to the shocking big snake pills and two people.

I woke up from the shock, the question and shock of the big snake pills, decided to go back to the new book, and the province can not find the mysterious eyes of the moment. What is the origin?

Secret mirror ice crystal !!! ".

The body of the body, ten fingers, wear!!!

At this time, the white and Jun Ma Lu Lu in the middle of the venue, just made the blood sustaining capacity of his hand.

I saw that the white summoned dozens of huge mirrors made from ice, and the more than a dozen ninja were trapped. White herself jumped from the outside in the mirror. The painful mourning, constantly has a silk sprinkle.

And Jun Ma Lu is cold, and the eyes are not in the eyes. The body is in the middle of the air, and the whole body will open a beautiful in the air. The wonderful radians, quickly a rotation and use of their own blood The ten fingers of the boundary bones are bounded in the boundary, and there are more than ten ninja.