Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 81 of Hueding Crack System

Under the mouth.

"Call. ... call ..., '

In the middle of the venue, the two teenagers in the middle of the venue rely on the back of the backrest, slightly, so many ninja, all tolerate the ordered or even the endurance. The level of the elite can overcome so many Ninja in one time, no Don't say that there is still a bitterness in these two years.

"Hey. ... ..., '

At this time, the big snake pills and the pockets were finally pulled back to the two teenagers in the field. I saw that the big snake pill was unscrupulous: "It's a wonderful battle, it is really a ninja Talent, really, my original eyes are not wrong ..., '

Said here, the big snake pills could not help but recall the two teenagers in the country of the water, but because the strength is not enemy, it is not possible to take them. Now see them two shocks. Yan's performance, can't help but float a greedy. GEI and regret.

Regrettably, from now on the pressing power sent from the moment and the Chakra, who is far-won, he will never have a chance to get the two more people who have been white and Jun Ma Lu. ......

' !! "

'! You ...,'

The voice of the big snake pill will take care of the white and Jun Ma Lu two teenagers who have seen the figure. I just wanted to say something, but suddenly philosophied in the moment of M big changes.

Originally a black long hair turned into a white white, the original pure white, now became a blue mysterious double, and the transformation is even greater, the change in temperament on the moment.

If the original moment can also use Feng Shen Xiu, Wen Run as Yu to describe, then the temperament of the moment can only be perfect, and the fairy is desperate, and it will give birth to a layer of distance, as if This person in front of me is a distant dream.

'Don't ask first. I have time to explain it again ...,'

Zhe's surprise in the two eyes, the moment took the doubts of their hearts, turned around to look at the big snake pills, "The seniors of the snake pills, this time I really thank you for borrowing your laboratory, right My help is really very big. ... but I think we may still want to burst you at you here.


'? That's of course, very welcome. _.' The big snake pills with evil smile, the province's three people 3.2 eyes did not hide greedy. His desire. Hope, 'I immediately called the hand Sweeping the room came out to you _._. ''

'Thank you ._.' 'At this flash, I said that Xie Zhuan, ignored the big snake pill gregarise. Bright eyes, under the absolute strength, he can't do anything.

'Yes _._.' 'Big snake pill seems to have suddenly remembered something, pulled out a letter from the clothes. I received an interesting letter from the time ago _._. It seems to be a name called' Xiao Organization_._. ''

Waiting for the organization ??

When I heard the words of the big snake, the flash was a wall.

"Xiao ... finally heard this unable to be exhausted ..."

(Don't spit me why Xiao will send a letter to the big snake pill, Baidu Encyclopedia is why it is written).

Chapter 102 Fetal movement (three even more)

"How? What is your interested in the moment?" The big snake pill was carefully observed with the face of the moment. He found that it seems that it doesn't seem to hear this name for the first time.

No, I still heard this name for the first time: ._ The mass is slightly shakes, and I am not in the tied to the Snake Pills to believe my answer, 'How? What is the letter? "

The letter said that their organization has something that I am very interested, let me go to the appointment a few days: ._. '' The big snake pill is flashing, but truthfully answers the letter.

'Is it .... Do you plan to go to the appointment? "The moment is interested in the big snake pill before the eye, thinking about the provincial stone.

Of course, since I am interested in something, I don't go: ._Research on the big snake pills with evil, this period is very confident, except for young people. Half god, smashing, and in front of the blindfoot, he has never been to anyone who has lost his hand.

I saw a smile on the face of the big snake pill, and I went softly and smiled softly. When you went to 01, I would like you to believe in my strength like this now. _._

Don't you plan to save the province? "Stone is inexplicably laughing on his face, and the big snake pill is somewhat unclear.

': ._. No _. : ._.' '

Is some opportunity?

The back of the big snake pill is thoughtful, but it is very fast to have a evil smile on his face.

'Day is now ... Is it so amazing change in white eyes? _ Hehe, I must unveil this mystery _._ less

Back to the base belonging to your own room, it is not allowed to feel the new ability to get yourself after I am awakened to the eye. At this time, the brain is again transmitted.

'The host forgot reminds you to two things.

"Silent, will the system will forget things ... _. '' At this moment, this collapse system is laborious or intelligent.

'The first thing, reincarnation and round looks as the ultimate reflection, imagination and spiritual strength as the root cause, creating substances from intangible, from this point is a more powerful write round eye The heart portrayed a. So everyone open your eyes is different, the ability to produce will be Datong

Small different. ',

The eyes of the mind portrayal? Everyone opens the eyes, the ability to produce is different?

It was reminded by the system. At the moment, I also recalled the original, the original inside Unecho Sasuke and Yuxi Bouramid. The two people opened the eyes of the eyes indeed a subtle difference.

One capability of Unecheo Sasuke is the ability to focus on the rotation of the eye and the target in a particular range of the start-ups and targets.

The ability of Unechebra Spots is the wheel tomb. From. Wheel tombs World Calls a few people can't save and physically attacked unable to harm the shadow, and attack and defense.

Such careful thinking, knowing each person's eyes will have their own special abilities, listening to the system reminder, and the moment is hidden.

The province come. Your own reincarnation may have a subtle difference with the big simmer of the big simmener version. ...

Have insights that exceed the white eye.

It is possible to control the gravity and repulsive force, and the strength can even trace the running track of the planet (this and the reincarnation are common, but the use of methods and acts is different).

You can turn on Churakra, which can be opened, and the whole body cage Mens, Chakra, you can use the jade to attack and defense (you can use the golden wheel to go to the explosion and the silver wheel to rebirth, but it is also possible that this is the trick of Da Jiwu people. ).

With wireless manipulation, and control of the spiritual will and action of others. Get the ability of information in its brain.

Like the ability of the Round-eye hungry, Chakra can be absorbed, but Chakra with white eyes cannot be absorbed, and it is also possible to absorb the sterilization to the enemy.

It has the ability to master space, and can set an illusion trap in a space interval to connect the earth in the moon.

The cockroach called a huge stone statue that combat power is sufficient to suppress the nine tail, as long as the eye is still running, the stone statue can be restored even if it is broken.

The above seven capabilities are the impression of the moment to have the ability to reincarnate in the memory of Da Jiwu, which is the ability to reincarnate in the memory, just don't know if he is the ability of the revivement.

Heart and this. I can't help but feel carefully, I tried the power contained in my eyes, trying to explore known and unknown capabilities, but the system once again interrupted his meditation.

Host you don't want to be happy to be too early 927, and the second thing has not yet told you. Your current reincarnation is not complete, you still need to experience the three-year couple of reincarnation, your reincarnation will be integrated into complete body, otherwise, if you use excessive state, you turn

It is possible to degenerate the eye. ',

Fetal movement? Nima, do you think this is a child?!

After listening to the second reminder of the system, I can't help the broken slit.

But carefully, I can really feel that my eyes seem to be imagined, as if it is like two live objects.

That three confessions. How long is the cycle? "The opening of the moment asked a crucial issue to the system.

'Rehabilitation of the eye, the idle manual, the time is not fixed, so in the recent six months, you will do less with people, or it is suddenly influenced by juvenile and pain in the battle. I don't want my host to die. "