Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 82 of the Capabar System

Nima wants so long! Then I didn't have a turtle this time?!

After listening to the system's goodwill, I can't help but feel depressed. I immediately went to the Yun Yin Village and kill the impulse of the group.

Chapter 103, the night (four consecutive)

White is over, six months have passed the horse.

It's time to turn to the wooden leaves for 56 years, open spring.

During this time, I have always stated that I have been in the melery of the gussenge, and I have passed the second deviant manual of the revivement of the eye.

In addition to guiding white and Jun Ma Lu two small ghosts, the body is improved, the strength is rapid, and the most important thing is the thing in the moment, that is, the big snake pill.

About four or five months ago, the big snake pills finally went to the contract, but after coming back, I saw this old boy and I saw this old boy. I saw anything, and I happened again. What did it, just a white ring that portraits in the hand is a white ring.

In the heart, I have a darkness in my heart, and I estimate that the big snake pills went to the designated place to go to the appointment, and 80% was the secret of Penne round. I wanted to take my back to the eye, and the result was given away by others.

Then be convinced by Payne, I learned that after the a large number of research materials, I promised to join the tissue and helped collect the tail.

This night, I felt that my eyes were crazy, I knew that I finally ushered in the third couple of reincarnation.

As long as this last couple moves, you can have the final complete body. ...

However, in the moment, the last fetal movement of the revivement of the revivement of the village, at this time, I will happen to shock the whole tolerance. It is quietly happening.

Wooden leaves, Yuxi Bo family.

'I promised to help you revenge to Yisha, but you can't do it for Sasuke and village. "

Among the nights of unattended courts, Unexpo A wearing a wooden dark costume, with an expression of any emotion in his face, saving a mysterious person who is standing in front of him.

"Of course, after this thing, you join my organization. Let '..." this mysterious man in Uzhi Bo, with a spiral mask with a spiral mask, from above The device has been writing the eyes.

I hope that you don't want to have a message ... After the saying, the face is changing, and a turn is immediately disappearing in the original place.

'Yuxi Bo. This sorrowful family ... From today, you will be in the end of the rename. ... "

After looking at it, the mysterious mask male stations muttered in place, very fast, a spiral distortion, he also disappeared in the original place, as if this yard never had anyone. '

Blood flow into the river, the corpse is straight.

Yuxi sagers didn't know how many people they kill themselves. He only knew that everything in front of him was red, and everything in his heart was dark.

From your own home, kill your parents, read the month of my brother, buried a kind of revenge, and brought him with a kind of revenge .a reached out to bring the macke of the dark part. Black cloak.

At this point, the Tibetan Tibetan stood in the nation of the Yishabo family collected a write-wheel eye, so many number of writes, making his face greedy desire almost hit.

The day is now. ... haha ​​... I got so much written eye ... You give me the shame I must double it and give you ..., '

I thought that the expression and discourse of the vice-pointed ridicule when I was separated in two or three years ago, I am in the village in a so embarrassing situation. All this seems to be in front of my eyes, and the old face of the group is coming. I didn't know when I didn't know how to I didn't know how to I.


'Get so much written eye. You seem happily ...,'

Cold, the dark ninja, which made a strange and cold voice, pulling the group from emotions.

I just wanted to drink this unknown person, but suddenly saw the mask under this dark ninja cloak, and even a pair of writings, and soon, this is a three-way eye to rotate, and it has become a three Wanhua .

'If you have a hand, you will sell the village's intelligence to the enemy. "To help the dead stare at the group, the flowers are brush, and the cold-eyed colors.

'Good self ... Russia will use this eyes to keep your ...,' After saying this sentence, A is a moment, blinking disappeared in the original place.

'Yuxiliary ...,'

Only left a group hiding in the same place alone, whispering.

Wooden leaves for 56 years.

The most brilliant famous name of the wooden leaves, from the Warring States era, have been circulated with the Nago family of the most stronger battlefare, and was disased by the extinguishing.

According to the news released by the wooden leaves, the murderer of the UXIo is is the genius ninja, the long son of Unexpello, Yushu A. Now the wooden leaves have announced that Unechybo A is the grain of the wood, and it is fully committed.

When the news came out, the whole relief shock, between the whole, the whole endurance.

Even now in the small place in Tian Zhixin, this small place, also received this shocking message in the first time.

Touch ... You still have to come today this step ...

In the dark room, the hands slowly opened the bandage around the eyes (Wang's), slowly opened his eyes, a pair of blue eyes, emitting infinite pupil, actually in this dark In the room, it is still blooming with a horizontal brilliance.

'Renovation of the eyes finally fate over the last couple, and now my finally reached the most perfect stage ... corpse.

And after this period of time. I am also familiar with the ability to reincarnate your eyes.

'Next. Go to the cloud symptom trial, I have just got new force ...

Sitting in the dark room muttered, feeling the power it is imposed in his eyes, and the moment is holding his head, and the heart is bolding and confident.

As if he will go, it is not facing, not one of the five major countries, but only a group of earth chicken watches ...

Chapter 104, Meteorite (5 even more)

"Jun Ma Lu. White, you will stay here first, practice well."

I am going out, I'm going to run, I will come back ... '

Early the next morning, I stood in the center of the musicaltal practice farm, and two of the two hit of the white and Jun Ma Lu.

Anyway, the big snake pill is a smart person, knowing the strength of his own, can't make anything that is not wise. Moreover, Big Snake is now a formal member of Xiwa, and the two days are not in their own village. The other members of the organization are often taught, 'O.

Pharmacist, I don't have time, they will give you a care of you, I hope you will not make me dissatisfied with things ..., '

If there is no such thing as a look at the sight of the scene, the huge pressure on the eyes of the immortal, and the momentum of the people in the moment, let the plunger of the pockets next to him. Sweat.

This is of course. ... ..., '

I watched the sound of the response, I quickly pushed the sound of the eye, reach out the glasses on the rhinar, and I took the first sweat bead, just in the glasses of the reflective glasses. What is thinking about thinking in my heart.

"This day, the strength of the moment is getting more and more horrible ..."

"Well, then I am gone, waiting for me to come back."

After all things, the moment was satisfied, I nodded. In the eyes of all people who were shocked, they were floated, and they went to high altitude.

In addition to one of the capabilities of the moment of reincarnation, other similarities have been substantially identical in other ways with the big simmer of the Ninja Omerase.