Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 83 of Hueding Crash System

For example, this is now the ability to control gravitational and repulsive, using the forces of the revivement, reduce the gravity of its own body to a certain degree, and then control this ability to float or fly.

It is located between the country and the country of the fire, but the sound village and Yun Yin Village are located at the two edges of the two countries. It is not much more far. It is not much more close, even if The moment is in high altitude flight, and it takes two days to come to the country of Lei.

It is good to have a road in the moment. In the process, I am familiar with the way, I have a hard work, I have just got it.

For the death of the daily difference, this thing has always been a thorn that is in the heart of the moment. In this thing, if the leaves and the day, the man is a murder that killed the daily poor, so the cloudy of the country, that is, the root cause of this incident, is the truly killing of the Yuan Dynasty.

Moreover, in addition, a few years ago, in the battlefield, the hatred of the collision, causing the two years of travel before, and the cloud is more than once, and the employment ninja assassinated himself.

And your own born parents. It is also died on the battlefield. Therefore, no matter which point of view, it is inevitably hate that the clouds will have a great hate.

Raytary, Yun Yun Na Village.

In the evening, Red A is annual.

As a country with the top five countries and the most developed military power, Yunyin Na Village has signed the age of the Peace Agreement in this endurance, but it is still expanding its own armament power.

Therefore, the Yunyin Ninja Village has always pursued the management style of military, even if it has already arrived at the patrol ninja duty, the ninja in the streets in the village is still in the order, and the work of his eyes, five major The strength and meteorological strength of one of the Ninja Villages ((ABDF) doubt.

However, in the past, a cloudy cloudy cloudy is over, but the air is faintly emits an uneasy oscillation.

Well? What is that? "

The two are in the clouds that are patrolling, and they look up at the sky but suddenly A to the extremely far-reaching day, there is about dozens of small black dots, and it is gradually enlarged.

In this doubt, this is a telescope in this neck, and the rack is looking at the sky, and it is muttered in his mouth: 'It seems to be a meteorite. ... and direction seems to be our side. .... No, I have to hurry to go to the ticket news. "

Under all the way, this cloud hiped quickly to a similar spherical building P-BXBF-TEXT

'What six cactors? What are you talking nonsense ?! "Seeing his ninja assistant so lost, the temper is hot, the ignorant is unsatisfactory.

'Lei Ying Adults!. The sky above the meteorite. Someone above the meteorite !!', I didn't expect this lost ninja assistant, even Lei Ying's swears, and stunned.

'Take it to me! "

The Lei Ying brow wrinkled, and a telescope took the telescoped from the assistant. She was in her face. She looked at it. I saved him even when he was also surprised!

I saw the direction of the sun in the distance, dozens of meteorites that were automatically burned in the friction of the air, and they were flipping in the direction of the village.

It is even more horrified. The largest meteorite in the middle is true. It really stood alone!

Long-haired dance, foot, meteorite, fly in the sky, - the province is really like the six immortals!

Chapter 105 enters slow clouds (more than one)

"Hurry to call the ninja in the village! Evacive the villagers! Protect the comics! Also! Go to the Chakra Mun! Go to Yun Lei Gorge to call! Fast !!"

It is worthy of the abundant Thunder, and immediately responded, there is an enemy into slow, immediately in the opponent's ninja, and there is five orders in one breath.

The Village of Yunyin is a Ninja Village of the Average Ninjian. Regardless of the ninja or villagers in the village.

After a while, the work of the villagers urgently evacuated and evacuated, and a huge Chakra cannon has already raised.

I saw the Lei Ying Station next to the Chakra gun. The commander just came back from the eight tail column of the Yunlei Gorge, 'Quickly entered the chakra! Crush those meteorites! Never let the meteorite fall into the village !! "

I heard the eight-tail column Piraby, directly released his huge eight-tailed beast, and crazy into Chakraun.

Under the huge Chakra input, Chakra cannon is quickly filled with energy.


Under the order of Lei Ying, the Chakra, the Chakra, which was accumulated in the tail beast, broke out, turned into a blue-white lightning, and the many meteorite shots in the sky.

'Um? Chakra? I can't think of this kind of thing now, the cloud is not the most powerful village in the five villages: ._.' '

The sky is getting closer and closer, and the moment is standing on the largest meteorites in the middle. It has clearly clear the trend of Yun Yin village through insight.

He can attack the cloudy village through this shocking manner, which rely on the power of the transfusion eye, through controlling huge gravitation, directly pulling the sky outside these huge meteorites.

I saw Chakra energy guns that bombarded on the ground, air injection. When I was halfway, I suddenly spread into dozens of wave of small energy guns, and I hit the number of ten huge meteorites traged to the moment.

The ability to launch a translusive eye gravity, the huge meteorite under the moment of the moment avoids the attack of Chakra energy guns, but only the other meteorites next to it, all by Chakra energy shells, have made a gravel, go to the ground Fall.

The moment is not in interest, but continues to control the meteorite at the foot to accelerate the direction of Cang Yun's hidden center.

He escaped the attack of Chakra! Everyone flashed !! "

The huge meteorite in the foot of the eye is close, and the powerful air pressure caused by the air causes the cloud in the ground to suffocate.

It seems that the end of the natural disaster is general, the defense of the guardian Yunyin Village is fragile. It seems like a layer of chicken egg shell, and the huge meteorite in diameter is directly smashed in the central center of Yunyin Naja.

The huge roar and impact will directly include the Yunyin Ninja Village, including the Naruto Office, almost all buildings are crushed out.

Can be evil ... The village is ._. ''

The province is almost destroyed by the meteorite, and the strong airflow and smoke and smoke that reached out, and the many Ninja in Lei Ying and Yunyin couldn't help but pinch the hand.

'Ah, hey .... This is the cloud impression...'

At this time, the middle, dust is filled, and a blurry figure is getting clearer in it, and I also issued a discoupling of the world.

This obviously more stimulating the nerves of the clouds of the clouds, some ninja even tight. Biting the teeth, bout red.

Who is you ?! Actually attack us Yun Yin !! "Lei Ying was shocked and angry, directly drinking.

What is the strength of the people, actually dare to attack the cloudy of the five ninja villages of the 10 Ninja Villages, and also bring such a vast potential and squatting.

The angry is the village who has been trying to guard. It turns out that this person is destroyed into a ruin, and it also said that this kind of picked up provocation.

Who are you? Why attack our village ?! Stupid, Bastard! "

· Ask for flowers ·· ......

The province is destroyed into this, and the eight tail columal Qirabi can't help but angry, and I asked directly.

What? Has old friends don't know? "

At this time, the heavy flying smoke is finally scattered. From the ruins, it slowly came out of a black and suits, silver long hair, and the perfect junior face is inlaid. Juvenile.

From the appearance of this mysterious teenager, all the clouds present are very confident that they have not seen him before.

However, after the eight tail column, Qirabi heard the voice of the Bounce, it seems that he seems to have heard this voice, it is familiar with strangers.

Don't remember me? Say it, the outer number of the middle and two somewhere is or given by you ..., '

After listening to this sentence, most of the clouds seem to have come up with what, the face changed, especially the Chilabi directly stood up, looks at the moment, 'Japan is now in the moment ?! Yes you?!".

But you look like ... corpse.