Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 84 of Hueding Crack System

Don't talk nonsense with him! More than! No matter what this kid is! Actually destroy our village into this! We will definitely kill him! "

The temper violent Lei Yai Directly interrupted the Chilaby's words, suddenly broke out a strong thunder check Kara, and Chakra and lightning were surrounded by Chakra and Thunder. He is the endurance of the cloud secret. .

Walk? The temper of Lei Ying is the most embarrassing. It seems that there is so ..., '

Standing in the heart of the central ruins of the cloudy village, the moment of moment, even ignored the more and more surrounded by more and more surroundings.

'Since you are so anxious to start this good show. Let's start ...,'

At the moment, the voice of the moment is turned, and the eyes are turned, and the blue light is blooming. It seems to accommodate the whole starry sky, and the illegal marks are running. They have been slamming the ninja in the surroundings. ......

Chapter 106 is all enemy (two even more)

Lei Yai and Chiraby, as well as the remaining high-level clouds, the first time, I was somewhat unknown.

Occurred, as if there is any natural disaster, a sputum that has not seen a sputum suddenly broke out, and once in an instant, the ninja surrounded by the moment, and along with the surroundings of the streets. It became a twisted shape.

'Recycling of the eyes ...,'

It seems that there is no ingredients to the surrounding eyes, and the name of this trick is spit out in the mouth.

This trick is the ability to use the translusion eye to control the stunment. Reference The gravity of the Pirate King World Biji is killing the gravity. The things in front of the things are crushing, destroying it. Even if the goal is not damaged

The huge wind pressure produced by its repulsiveness is blown out.

The only difference between the two is, the rattles used by the gravity fruit, and the use of the moment is the repulsiveness of his own eyes, and the transcitation eye and the round look, there is a short cooling between controllavity and repulsion. Time.

'You a bastard! By being died! ".

Heavy violence !! "

Seeing that this natural disaster scene has caused this natural disaster, so many Ninja in his village, Lei Yai directly on the Ray, the whole person, the whole person is an elbow. Shot out.

In the moment, I only felt that I was in front of my eyes, and the figure of Lei Yai has already appeared in front of her eyes, and the hands of the violent tricks, a powerful elbow, headed into the head.

Using powerful thunder Chakra activated the body to the extreme ... Between a few photos, the flash of the moment clearly observed all the situation in the thunder.

I have to say that this speed and strength of the Lei Fili Exhibition is indeed very amazing, and then with his powerful instant surgery, it is no wonder that the orthodorization of Yushu Sasuke will not keep the endurance of Lei Ying. Speed, can only be able to stand passive beat in the ground.

'However. This speed is for me. ... Reincarnation !! "

Between the electro-optic stone, there is a flash of light in the eyes, and Lei Ying actually found that he lost his traces in front of him. .

'Big Brother! Be careful! He is behind you !! "" At this time, the Chilabi suddenly reminded.

Lei Ying is swepting the trace of the moment in front of him, and heard the wonderful reminders of Chilabi, turning to the moment of the moment, just after the moment.

This feeling:._

Will n't be wrong _._. When I started and gold flash, this is this feeling: ._. ''

This kind of air disappears and disappears in his own behavior, and immediately remembers the feeling when you have worked with the golden waters of the wood.

'Oh ._. Don't be so anxious _. Waiting for me to open a state and stay with you to play _._. "The flash of my face is a smile that is easily written, as if you are talking about your friends.

The revivement of the blind eye is the focus of the goal of the transcoction eye view in the moment, and the ability to reach the target point through the shuttle space.

This is also the only thing of the moment of revolving and wake up. The only difference between the stream. He found that his own reincarnation did not awakened the big Simon man with wireless manipulators, and control others. , Get the ability to get information in its brain, but awakened this ability.

In fact, the guess of Lei Ying did not have faults. At this moment, the ability of this abstains is indeed the category of spatial sputum, and it is a combination of flying thunder.

Like Tianzhao, the focus of the eyes is focused on the point of view, and then shuts it in an instant like the flying thunder. In addition to the shortcomings of cooling and pupil consumption, it is a more practical time-space ability than flying thunder.

The ability to shuttle like Fei Leizhen is the ability of the most eager to have the most envious ability, and now I can finally have. It is simply unpubated existence to cooperate with your strong body skills.

At all cloud in all cloud, I saw the flash of hands, and suddenly a strong airflow was erupt, and there was a burst of dust. When you carefully go, I don't know when I have already had a gorgeous white robe, which has been launched a perfect immortal model.

The reason why didn't use the reincarnation eye check of the original achievement, because the time of the moment of awakening is not very long, and the control of the revivement of the eye is not very integrated.

In this case, the moment is naturally chosen to use the most skilled in which you can consume the lowest perfect cactus, and this has a great increase in the ability of his frozen fruit.

'Start now. _ Left and don't defeat my words ._. People in your village will be killed by me _._.' '

After opening the perfect fairy mode, kill "the silver hair is unfained, the color is perfect but the feeling is indifferent


The sound of the moment is still scattered in the air, and the next instant has flashed to the cloud of the cloud.

Heavy smashing out of the ground, the long trajectory was dragged, and the blood lost his breath.

Spit out these cold words from your mouth.

Expanded a crazy killing slaughter. Under the body of a non-human body, these so-called elite ninjas that slaughter and clouds are like killing chicken, and there is ten ninja in a blink of an eye.

Can be evil _._ You all spread !! "

At first, the ninja under his hand was blocked like this, and it understood that the ordinary ninja in this level of the battle can only give him a dish. Lei Ying's angry madness, brought most of the ninja around the moment, his body, the thunder Chakra broke out, instantly rushed up ...

Chapter 107 Completed Lei Yingchirabi (three even more)

'Thunder Abuse Levels Day Dance !! "

Lei Ying's thunder is flashing, taking a magically striped speed to the air down, wrapped around the amazing thunder Chakra and violent power, and the brakes are full of positive hand knives.

Lift !! "

The anti-eye insight into the attack of Lei Ying, and the moment turned directly to the lower leg, and suddenly slammed, a crazy dragon shape in the air, a good air gun, a knife, a knife, a knife of Lei Ying Blade.

The clouds around the far away seem to be like heard the sound of the bomb explosion, meat. The impact wave visible from the eyes spread from the impact of the two, it is difficult to believe that this is the meat. Body The effect of manufacturing manufactured.

After the dust settled, all the people present were still in the same place, but their Lei Ying adults were hit by 01 ten meters, and the best is very bad.

He actually slammed the Lei Ying adult with body.

All the clouds in the scene only feel that everything in front of them is so difficult to make confident, Lei Ying is what the body level is naturally clear, whether it is the body defense, strength or speed, all the whole tolerance The presence.

In front of you, this seems to have only a fourteen or five boy, and even if you have a vitality, you will rider, and it is no wonder that the village has always spread to the battlefield for the warfield, which is true. terrible.

The tried Lei Ying is also quite quiet in this moment. From the arraction of paralysis from the arm, this boy actually in front of this teenager, it is really difficult to accept it.

Read and this, the eyes of Lei Yai Ai violently broke out a strong murderous murderous gas, today must kill him, or after suffering.

But no one knows that the moment of the leisurely standing at this moment is also surprised. What kind of power is the power of the dragon strike, who opened the perfect fairy mode?

It is the same air gun with the seven-door, the Lei Ying in front of him even seems to be no injury, but the arm is slightly damaged, it is unfortunately, it is unfortunately the first to endure the fourth endurance battle. He can use this trick. The third phase of the mood must be able to avoid _._.