Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 85 of Hueding Crack System

'Province of the province wants a single brush, this is currently in the five major ninja villages in the village of the 10th Ninja Village. It is not as easy as it is imagined ._.' '

The reincarnation of the eye, I have already rushed to the Lei Xi Bi, I can't help but replace a beautiful look with Lei Yai.

'Ratio, let's go together, this kid is not an ordinary ninja. _.' '' Lei shadow faces the stare, through the hands of the trip, he already knows that one person is impossible to win this opponent.

'Ok is also on the way to come over. _._ and dispatched! Jeah. One Kelby is still the strange quirk of the foot RAP.

Thunder is a bad thunder plow hot knife !!! "

Said for two people to lock in the middle, the whole body broke out the powerful Chakra, turned a speedless streamer, not a blinking time, it has sprint it in front of the moment.

The two people secretly hit by the secret of the country to hit the endurance. They used this trick to screw the head of the ghost drums directly, and even the time did not respond. .

Moreover, this is different from the Lerelife hot knife who is used in the battlefield a few years ago. It comes with the nutshell of Ray and Thunder, which is completely likely to generate the two _.

The eyes of the eyes will be intended for the arms of the two, and the intra-octrine will be screwed down, and there is a refined eye in the moment of life and death. The moment is turned out in the original place.

Reincarnation. Start !!

Next moment, when the Silabi's sunglasses flashed on the moment, the moment had appeared behind Lei Ying, and there was a spiral hand in the hand that made a sound burst.

Immortal spiral hand sword!!

In the eyes of Chiraby, Lei Ying just turned back, and he had to have a stronger thunder in the body, and he was hit by the huge spiral hand in the hand.

A violent sleek sleeve, a thorny ray shouted that there were people who were present.

When the surrounding cloud is put down the sleeve of the eye, the scene of the eye is a huge deep pit, and their thunding adult is ignorant, and the scars are lying in the center of the Juke.

'Lei Ying !!'. The surrounding clouds are screaming.

Big Brother !! "The Chilabi next to the Jurent, the appearance of Lei Ying is not worried.

It's really a strong body, two by my spiral hand, the sword is really dead. One. '' Head, standing in front of the pit, his reincarnation, I have been exhausted to my 290 spiral hand sword. Most of the thunders burst out of Lei Yai.

Lei said that the wind is a restrained thunder, and his fairy screw hand is used by Xianke Chakra. _ Saved the strongest shield sent from the three generations, and the name is unimagled.

'If I guess it is right.' Tway, should you be a time space? It's really troublesome. One. '' From the Lei Ying, who is standing in the deep pit, staring at the moment, the body is spread all over the body The scars of the sword are hit, and they are constantly tingling his nerves, 'and your eyes don't seem to an ordinary eye.

To now, experienced Lei Yai is of course the unusual situations of the moment of flash.

'Take the dead, you don't need to know so much.

, 'I heard the words of Lei Yai, I like it, I'm slamming, my face floated a tauntable smile.

Less to the big dramatic words here! Kid! "Seeing the midst of the moment, the temper is hot, the temper is directly wrapped on the sales of thunder, and it turned into a thunder, 'But I accidentally endured you. The Tao! "

At this time, Chiraby is also wrapped in the end of the beast.

Chapter 108 is reincarnation (four even more)

With Ray and Chiraby erupted the violent Chakra, with an amazing moment, he hit his own, and the body was running, and the body of the Xianke Chakra tract is mad, and it will go straight.

Shape! Shape! Shape! ...

Three people constantly collide together, the fight between body and body, meat. Body and meat.

I can only stand in the distance, but I don't go in this battle. I have lost the traces of the three people. I can only hear a collision sound, and the philosophy will come from time to time.

It is also not idle in the past few years. It is more stronger than before ..., 'and the two people have collided with the two people, and the heart is thinking.

'Can be evil. ... What is the big thing to eat? This is even more exciting under my compassion for the fight against the body, and Lei Ying is more and more surprised because he found himself. And Chiraby teamed up with two people to fight against the battle, and they were still embarrassed in the wind.

This little child has improved so fast. ... compared to so many years ago ..., 'Some efforts to unload the flash of the moment, Chiraby felt that the body of the moment is not only powerful, but also There is also a burst of Chakra, in the body, or because you are a column

The body of force is estimated that it has already been injured and vomited.

Three people quickly committed the battle, and the moment was successfully grabbed. I lived in a tip and fleeting. I once again launched the ability to go to the eye. I quickly moved to the sorrow of Chilabi, and kicked out.

At all, I can't crack the problem of this simplicity. Chira is lost in front of my eyes. I only felt that there was a hard attack behind, and immediately turned it, but a uniform The giant force of the resistance directly took him out.

After a few pieces of broken walls were broken along the ruins, I broke out the ruins of Chakra, which turned out to be a hurt of the hooded Chiraby to start the tail.

'Lei Ying adult!

At the same time, in the cloud of the ruins, rushed out of a philosopher who had been twenty-year-old, then combing a light golden braid, temperament is proud.

"Hey. I have to start the end of the beast ... and I also rushed over again ... Then I should be serious ..., 'The situation of the bureau, the situation outside the bureau, and press the body to press the Lei Ying," Sammold while you have a mouth.

I heard the murmour in the moment, I am trying to resist the thunder of the moment.

Zhe came, this kid didn't put our clouds in the eyes.


A deafening roaring came out, the huge eight-tailed bodies have already exposed their own body, rushing out among the ruins, flipped towards the moment, dragging a long trajectory along the way.

Ice spirit !! "

At the moment, the power of frozen fruit was suddenly used, and the immortal Chakra was running, and the Lei Ying frozen in front of his hand was frozen.

I didn't pay attention to the eight tail of my own collision, and the second-tail column of the brids that I was going to myself was taken by the wood. I saw the flash of my hands quickly, and I was in the eyes of Longli spilling, and then reached out to the sky.

What are he doing ?!

Seeing the move of the moment, everyone in the scene is a glimpse, they know that there will be no such non-interesting move without no reason.

A few breathing kung fu, all people presenting the sky seems to be much darker just now, and the lower situation looks up in the sky.

I saw a huge meteorite that was vertical to the orientation of them. Due to the large volume, the airflow drained in the sky blows all the flow clouds.

'this is…,'

'Is it a meteorite? This time is bigger than the scale of just now ... "

Everyone runs !! "

I don't know who is the first, and all the clouds began to hide next to it.

Don't hide! Let me come !! "

At this time, the collision was stopped, and after the mouth, Zhang opened the giant mouth to start the traces of Chakra, and a dark tail beast has been formed.

Just when the huge meteorite is getting closer to the ground, the eight-tailed tail beast is violently, directly bombards the main intermediate position of the meteorite, and the huge meteorite suddenly broke, and the four come.


When all the clouds on the ground thought that when they had already solved it, it took a lot of Chakra finally walked from the ice, and the eight-tailed anxious yelled next to it. .