Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 86 of Hueding Crack System

Be careful! More !! "

Some of the eight tails looked at Lei Ying, but did not pay attention to a slightly laughing smile floating at this moment.

Let's reincarish!!

I saw the huge meteorite that was bombarded by the eight tail with the tail beast, and the fragments of the four scattered fragments gradually started again, and formed a huge stone statue.

The huge stone statue finally landed, and the strong development of the ground collision made several clouds on the side. Shares sat on the ground.


The huge stone statue after landing actually issued a dramatic roar, as if it is an object with life and wisdom.


Each step has caused a dramatic vibration of the ground (Li Kehao), and the huge stone statue moved in front of the eight tail, and the huge gabet was started to start a violent attack.

'!!! "The eight tail attacked by the stone statue also broke out an angry snoring, immediately showed it, two huge samples suddenly warned to a piece.

'This is also tolerance ?? "

The province will call the meteorite dropped from the sky, and then change into a huge stone statue, fight against the eight tail, and all the people present, including Lei Ying, a bit of a bit.

'Mouse tail ball !! "

Just when the injection of all people was attracted by the battle of two homonomers, they quietly joined the battle of the two-tail column power from the wood, and the fireball was released. The fireball was released. The fireball burned blue flame. It is not an ordinary flame.

Unable to extinguish the second-tail-fired fire ..., '.

Chapter 109 single brush cloud hidden (five companies more)

It is easy to capture the sneak attack by the wood people, and the hips are hitting a hint smile, and the god is turning.

The little smile in Lei Ying, Lei Ying, who is not far from the flash, the heart is in a dark, and immediately thunder Chakra trepidation, once again mobilizing the body's activity to the ultimate.

When the next instant appeared again, the moment that I was unknown, I didn't know that the ghost was behind the woods, and the power of the whole body was hit.

This punch not only with the power of just fist and strange, and there is a softness of the Soft Chakra, and even launched the frozen fruits of frozen fruits, and strive to make the two-tail of the cloud. Hit to kill.

After all, the power did not start the power of the beast. The strength is just a level, I only felt that I suddenly lost my traces in front of myself, I didn't notice that I had instantly passed the space through the space.

In the moment, I was soaring that I suddenly suddenly had a big figure in front of it. This figure shines on this figure. I pushed the left hand to try the left hand tried to block the brakes. One 330.

The ,,

Lei Ying adult !! "

At this time, the wood has been reacted, but it was found that Lei Yai was burled with a fist in order to save her her own arm.

"Nothing! Be careful! This guy is not a general ninja!" Lei Yai directly interrupted, if the arm was taken away, the arm was suddenly broken, but he did not wrinkled, but he continued to die. The moment is to prevent him from raid again.

The move of Lei Yingsi, the moment is a bit surprised,. It's still a matter of Zhixi, you still have the second _. ''

'Hey ._. Human Power is the strategic weapon of our clouds, I will never let you come. One.' 'Faced with a strange expression, Lei Ying is not a cold.

'Is an important weapon ._. Then I will save what you can take ((abfi) in the province ?!'. The voice is just falling, the silver white long hair is floating, the whole person is turned into a white light to rush to the distance. A cloud that is trying to arrange the print.

Not good! "Seeing that it will kill it again to the ordinary cloud, Lei Ying's heart has also emerged in a hurry.

And at this time, the front of the eight tail next to the front, under the attack of the huge stone statue of the moment, has been defeated by the left right festival, even if it is used, the stone statue can immediately Quick restore.

So the wood people also directly liberated the two tail of Chakra, showing a huge cat demon, and went to help the eight-tailed piece of stone statue to fight.

Ice Emperor !! "

This hasn't rushed to the moment in front of the cloud. In the halfway, I have already mobilized the power of frozen, and the hand is a frost dragon roaring and swallowing the people of the cloud.

I saw the frost dragon. In addition to a few elite, dozens of clouds were all frozen into ice sculptures. Falling into the ground into a wingdoma powder.

This hasn't finished, and then the moment is kills into the remaining clouds, and the hand released the extension of the green rays Chakra surgery knife. In the crowd, he kills.

Whether it is speed, strength is still a skill, the moment has exceeded the level of these ninja.

There is no one in the income, and the people who have been slightly smashed by the extended version of the Chakra surgery knife in his hand, there is no scar, but there is no scar. But there is no lost Breathe.

, Damn !! "

When Lei Yings came to the crowd, the moment had been harvested to harvest dozens of ninja like a harvest straw. And this silent murderous way, all the Ninja in the field have seen the liver and altimeter, and the entire situation on the field will be placed in a horrible atmosphere.

Yi Lei Shen Renner !! "

Under the anger, the thunder, Chakra rang, and the moment of killing in the crowd violently slammed the leg.

I have to hit the moment. Who knows that the blue eyes of the Chun have, and it doesn't pay attention to Lei Ying, directly launched. The blink appears in front of the clouds that are running away, gently shot a few people The life.

Can be evil ... Subject! Sealing and printing! Attack him !! "

I have to hit the moment, I didn't expect him to use his death space to bear the time-life, running to chasing other clouds, Lei Ying simply angry eyes have a flame, directly to the surroundings The Solden Seal Seal Class Ninja issued an attack instruction.

"Water in the water" !! '. Water waters !! "

The crowd came out of a skin. Blackheads, whitening youth, who took a few faces before the battlefield, saw it under his leadership, twenty or thirty clouds to stand the middle of the moment Qi Qi made this B-class water.

'Thunder is grateful !! "The last thing, Darui used a few clouds to use a thunder.

It turns out that so many ninja uses water and thunder to form a huge hydraulic cage. Want to be paralyzed inside ...

'So ... let you revisit once ...,' The rack of a subtle curvature, mobilize the inquiry of Xianke Chakra.

Heaven and I am, only I am excited !!! "

A little drunk, as if the voice from the Duan House passed into the ear of everyone.

An AN road is boundless frozen force, as if it is like a plague, it spreads around.

After blinking, in addition to the foothold of the moment, all things were all frozen into a high. Slugous iceberg, between the times, as if the whole world except this ice world and drunken, there is already There is no thing.

(Tomorrow opens the student eye check Clana).

Chapter 110 shocking (one more)


At this time, a huge iceberg broke the crack, and the eight-tailed huge tentacles were drilled out, and the Lei Ying on the side also desperately broke out all the thunderic Chek, broke the iceberg.

Continental, other a few a little powerful clouds, finally escaped from this no iceberg, and reluctantly drilled out, grew, and breathed the outside air.