Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 87 of Hueding Crack System

'Everyone ... talents ...,'

After coming out, the scenery is shocked, all shocked in the original place, everywhere is a rolling, the iceberg, and all the companions that have been present were frozen.

At this time, the villagers evacuated the other clouds returned to the villages, and the village was already turned into an endless iceberg. All were all stagnant, and then the dream was awake and crazy, and tall it. Iceberg, trying to save your companions from it.

'Day to the moment ...,'

Lei Ying looked around his own village, and so many Ninja under his hand, all were frozen in this iceberg, and there was an arm that was broken, and hated almost budding his teeth.

It is this power ... and more horrible than before ..., '

And Chiraby didn't know when and had changed back to human form, standing next to Lei Yai, looking at the world around, while muttered.

At this moment, it is in the middle of the endless iceberg.

'Still have a lot of people to survive ... Calling my A force has consumed a lot of ...,' I feel that I have a lot of reincarnation of my eyes today, and I look down on the following cloud syringe. Village.

', And finally give you a gift ...,'

"I have never used this ability after I am awakening to the eye."

After saying, the moment floating in the high-altitude, the immortal model begins to print, suddenly the eyes are bursting, and the whole person has entered a state of mystery.

At the beginning of the green Chakra, the white long hair flying after the brain, there was a white robes, and there were several hooks on the collar.

The most amazing thing is that there is a dark mission of nine animalnapi, which is the world's current only in this world, will only be recorded in the world.

Fast r,! What are he doing ?! '. At this time, the cloud of survival is also noted in the flash in the high altitude, and it exclaimed.

'It can be flying. ... Lei Ying looked at the moment of the sky, and he suddenly had a bad premonition.

Not good! Everyone is escaped!! ', Aware of the place where you are not angry, Lei Ying quickly fidad with all survived clouds around.

Silver wheel to rebirth !!! "

In the high-altitude, there was a flash of a flash, and I saw the moment. I put the right hand and gently allocated, nine seek jade immediately started violent rotation, and the speed is getting faster and faster, blinking has formed a way. It seems that there is a Tongbiao Teni to the following Yunyin Village.

No one can describe the power of this way. The cloud of escaping only feels a disaster that seems to be the end of the world. The whole way of connecting the world will have been frozen, the cloudy village, all swallowed in. Stir the fragmentation ....

To do this ... should be almost ..., 'Looking at the original house under the foot of the original house, the

Then I will look at the fall directly toward the flying in the distance. ...

A few days later, after the shock of the Yi Zhiyu Yiyi Time, the endurance once again ushered in a more violent storm.

One of the five major ninja villages, and it is the strongest military power, currently preserved the most complete cloudy village, which has been completely destroyed before.

And the murderer has only one person, it is called before, and now it has left the wooden leaves, the strongest genius of the trekky day.

· Seeking flowers ··· ......

After this news came out, the countries vibrated, and the entire endurance seems to have burst a plague, and the ninja is talking about this matter.

Let's not say how other four ninja villages, this moment, in the rain, a dark cave, several mysterious people are being gathered.

The hole can't see the hole. Point, a huge and horrible magic image, several of the black shadow of the whole body full of color M light, only my eyes.

"Never arrived yet? '. The corrugated eyes glanced at all members, but did not find that the leader of Penne took the lead.

He said that he had an intelligence need to be handled, so this time I didn't come ..., 'I heard Wen's question, and the small south of the side explained.

Payne heard a little bit, continued: 'In addition to the absolute, the big snake pill did not come, the province came to this guy indeed betrayed us ...,'

Said, Pethen is deeply glanced at the newly added member Unechybo wh. If you think.

'Big Snake Pills Her ...,' The ghost n while the ghost n is also confused, 'It is really good to see him for a few days ... less

'What happened?' The corner is provoked by Payne seems to be paying attention to the newly added member of the newly added member, asked.

'The big snake pill has no reason for the VA for a few days, but after being defeated, it will disappear, saying that there is still a lot of intelligence on our hands ...,' I heard the corner, Pethen Shen Sheng The speech explained.

The big snake pill was defeated? It was defeated by the furd kid of the 134-year-old in front of him. In addition to Payne himself, several other members felt incredible.

Although the members of the classroom are all the children who are self-cultivation, the big snake pill is good. It is one of the legendary three tolerance. The strength is worthy of everyone. I didn't expect that today I heard that I have just joined the organization. The new member is defeated ...

Chapter 111 Xiao Zhiwi strike (two even more)

"Right, these days of the news don't know if you have heard it ._" Suddenly, the corner said: About this day to the flash.

You are talking about Yun Yin. It was a thing that was destroyed by a single person in the day. 'At this time, the silence suddenly opened the topic. Of course, I heard that it is talking about it every day. This thing is ~ _ less.

I really want to make him into my people, _._. I think it is the most perfect piece of work. The scorpion of the , 'Only eternal things will not be destroyed, in order to achieve immortal second _.' '

If Didara has joined the tissue, he heard the words of the martyrs, will definitely be a moment of art. Jiujiu Zero is the topic of eternal.

bored. "At this time, I am talking about satiria, 'I like his head more than his body. Do you know how much is the value? The reward of the country is 100 million.

You are really a funeral _._ " .

The time, I have been listening to Penne, who has been discussed for all members of the family, suddenly opened again, and turned the gaze to the Sui Zhihua help standing while silent, 'Help, you and the day. It is the ninja of wood, I don't know if you know this person.

I heard the sentence of Payne suddenly asked, all members of the battlefield were a little surprised. To know that the leader generally won't actively open the topic regardless of the organization's internal affairs.

Yischo A heard a saying, I couldn't think that I will ask about this topic, saving a bit of Pethen who stands in the middle, if I think about it.

He is very strong. _ "In silence, it seems that some things have been remembered, finally opened, 'When he is in the wood, he is the same ninja, but it is always in front of me. ~ _. Every time he see him, he will be more stronger than the past _. ''.

The progress of his strength is as if there is no bottom line. The first line is general. "The last finish, the mind seems to have an impressive shadow.

I thought I got this pair of cursed eyes, I can soon surpass you, province, you have to be faster than before.

"The strength seems to have no bottom line." There are some words whiskers muttered in the mouth, and Payne remembered that the mysterious man who always took the mask with him later, 'province has It is necessary to absorb this force into our organization. After all, our current organization needs to grow.

'Ghost N, next you and W Make up a team, go to the day to come into contact, you can absorb him into our organization _._.' '' Wen's finishing thoughts, then continue to say, ', You also go together, to find a new teammate for yourself ~ _ less

"Target I have chosen for you, there is a good ninja on the country of the earth, you can convince him to join _._. ''

'There are also big snake pills, the best, kill him, he knows that we have a lot of secrets.

But don't have to be too interesting, after all, this guy hides the means of life _._. And now his village can be very good for me to pay attention to me, this is very beneficial to our actions. One. ''

Pene's narration, after all the mission arrangements, the members of each of the rock caves have different minds and disappeared in the hole.

'Zero gives me a teammate _._. It is expected. ', Before leaving, there is some taste to see the help I' and that day, it is the old friend you have passed by you in the past, but you should not be told me to make him my collection. '.

_._ "Help the topic of the results, a pair of scarlets in silence, no one knows what is thinking at this moment.

Looking at the rain outside the cave, there seems to be never stopped, and the sigh will eventually disappeared in the dark.