Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 88 of Hueding Cracks

Tianzhi country, the sound of the village.

However, everything that happened outside seems to have nothing to do with an instance. He is engaged in his own double. Legs at this moment, on a long sofa, lying on the edge of the practice farm, enjoying this rare weather.

'Jun Ma Lu, the move is too slow, the body is not efficient enough.

'White, why are you still using thousands of this kind of thing ?! Don't you kill? Do you want to die in someone else ?! "

On the other side of the whole provincial venue, the two movements of dozens of ninja wrestles, and when they fought them, they broke the same.

And the big snake pills, the moment came back since then in the cloud, saved him to break a wrist, looking at the broken hand every day, and inquired some messages about writing the horned eyes.

And these days have not seen people every day, it is estimated that he has allocated himself in the study room to torch the drum, and he has just completed the ban on the ban.

'Zhe came to help him to help such a late and late generations, the fight against him is not small.. "The moment I glanced at the entrance to the study room. If I thought it,' province is because of this Due to 4.9, let him embark down to Lu Zhixue in the back of the ingredients. ''

Just outside the moment, the intermediates of the scenes in the middle of the field should end the actual training, and the flash of the moment is suddenly exhausted. There are three strong Chakra, which is constantly close. And the speed is amazing.

After a few breathing, the gate W of the waterfront wall was cut, and it was cut into several paragraphs, and she collapsed and raised the filled dust.

I saw three uncomfortable customers in the fog, and the black-shaped red clouds in the black bottom, and the mouth of the moment gradually raised a subtle curve.

Big snake pills! Go out to pick up the guest !! "

Chapter 112 is about to break out (three even more)

"Ah ... here is the sound village ..." There is a hoarse noise in the fog.

Yes, I said that the old nest of the big snake will come to the first time ..., 'a silhouette of the body is very high, and there seems to be carrying a big knife.

Well? The province is really true ... The day is also in this ..., 'Dust is coming, come to people, I saw the scorpion and hidden in the ground. Sound said.

'What is indeed, it's the same as a wanted order. ... But the day of the wooden leaf is not only the same as the family ...,' From the dust, the ghost N is staring at the sun to sunburn in the sofa At the moment, he has also seen the white eyes that he hidden. It is definitely not in front of him.

This look.

The famous sandy genius ,

Actually, I recognized our identity, the province came to have a special intelligence channel ..., 'I heard the moment, I broke my own identity, and the scorpion and ghosts were a bit surprised.

Then there was no dialogue between the ghosts n and the two people, and the flash of blue glory was directly on the third person's scarlet scorpion. Some emotions said: "Also, I haven't seen it for a long time, 0e ',.

I haven't seen you for a long time, I am. ... your look ..., 'finally coming out of the dust from the dust, wearing the red clouds, the writing of the three hooks is a little staring at the moment.

Oh. ... Your change is not quite big, and stand up from the sofa, and there is a philosophy of the scarlet writing on the sofa, and it seems that it is true.

The writing wheel seems to feel the powerful pressure passed on the moment on the eyes of the moment, and the discourse of the moment seems to have a secret of the tactic bottom, and it is silent between the time.

a a a a ah, you still have come to this step.

The village is the object of your guard, is it a family and relatives? Isn't your object?

You feel that Sasuke is innocent, is it difficult to get the child, so many children are not innocent?

Kill so many people in person, do you have to bear this?

Now it is not an old time, help. '. At this time, the scorpion broke this silence with hoarse noise, slowly walked to the two people, and the eyes turned to the moment, and we will come here today. The first is to find big snake pills, then to invite you to join our organization ..., '

Taking organization invites me?

I heard the red sand, I saw that the mountain road made a clear, and I was a bit surprised to pick up the brow, but I thought it was a little, and I was relieved.

Also. Treating this time the war member is still not full, still expanding the stage of absorbing new people. In the case, the big snake pill just rebells and exits, indeed, there is no reason to let go of such a powerful force.

Moreover, I have been separated from the original rivy. Although I still don't quit the defeat. But in the past few days, I destroyed the cloud, and the two incidents in the past few years ago, I found five major people. The Ninja Village can't be considered to be friendly, but is bad.

If you think about it, you have indeed become the incense T Li Baibi in your eyes ... "Iu thought, it has been analyzed in front of you.

'Invite me to join your organization ...,' After the clergy, the moment is smile,. Not good, I have no interest, but I will have a chance, I will have a chance...

I didn't think about it in the moment, I didn't think about their invitation, and the whole scene was in a silence between the entire scene.

'It's a regret ... that I seem to make you into my embarrassment ...,' I don't worry, I will have a murderous, and the drainage is full of poisonous tails, it seems Waiting for the opportunity.

'I don't want to come today, my muslus village has come to so many guests, it is really lively ...,' At this time, a voicy voice suddenly broke the atmosphere of the dignity on the field.

I don't have to look back at the moment, I saw that Big Snake Pill has standed at the entrance to the entrance of the Institute, saving the face of the people present with evil.

Surprisingly, only a few days, the whole people didn't see the whole person, and if they didn't guess wrong, this should be a woman's body.

'Big snake pills, the province comes to your ban has been completely developed, "As a scorpion, the big snake pill has a partnership, and there is a degree of understanding of the things of the big snake pill.

Don't say nonsense! The big snake pills, one of our purposes today ..., 'At this time, the ghost N open plumage interrupted the dialogue of the scorpion and the big snake,' Just zero let us come to bring you, although you left now Organize, but you and your tunnel of the village also have the utilization value for us,

I hope that some secrets are best buried in my heart, otherwise ..., '

The threats of threats in the ghosts are self-evident, and the big snake pills also squinted dangerous eyes. At a time, the atmosphere of the field was even more heavy.

In the field, the powerful momentum and oppression 560 that attended the S-Class Ninja released, allowing all the ninja in the practice farm to escape, in addition to the two devils of the white and Jun Ma Lu, the stunned stress, tightened to escort their moment .

The atmosphere on the field is getting more and more dignified, and the ghost drum has slowly unloaded the big knife N muscles behind it in the hands, and the ml ruins of the ML ruins are also keeping its poisonous tail.

A fierce battle seems to avoid unobuutation.

'Touch, this secret use of illusion is not your past style ...

Suddenly, some flavor sound broke a shortening in the field. But this voice made A, ghost mask and the masters of the three families of ghosts, deep shocking, scared a cold sweat.

Not other, because the sound of this sound is from their ear.

When the ghost r and the scorpion returned to the head found, I still saved them from the place where they six or seven meters away. I don't know when they have already appeared behind them, and I am holding a wrist.

What is even more surprised is M. I have just quietly printed in the sleeves, trying to let the moment and the big snake pills have not perceived illusion. As a result, sudden appearance suddenly appeared on his own wrist, interrupted his illusion ...

Chapter 113 is on the battle (four even more)

His eyes ...

This is definitely not ordinary eyes ...

A Some shocking uses the write-wheel eye to stare at the eyes of the blue eyes. I saw the glorious flow, the shape of the snow is like which is incorporated into the whole starry sky.

Even he felt completely not inferior to Petion round.

'Your insight is more terrible than before ... and this unscrupulous appearance ...,' is a small eye, and the dignity is close to the moment in front of it, and even my write-eyed eyes are complete Can't catch the track, it is definitely not a moment of instant ... less

'Alternative to destroy the Ninja of the cloud, really can't be small ...,' At this time, the ghost N and have been completely changed, it is a bitter, serious and careful.