Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 89 of Hueding Crack System

This kind of incoming speed, if he just shots my words. ...

Thinking of this, both people and ghost N will not die at the same time.

' !! "

Suddenly, the ghost N is one-handed, and the mouth is so hard to make a lot of water flow, but it is just that it is just that it is just a score between the moment, with the ghost n, with the vireal tail of the ml. Into it.

Nice cooperation, it is worthy of red sand and fog.

Moreover, it took the gap to take care of the moment to take care of the moment. It was previously grabbed. The craftsmanship, and suddenly made a crow of flying.

Water surgery ... The province is 0 from his own hands and escape, and it can't help but squin.

.... .

Ni ... "I II," The first time I saw this ability of the moment, the philosophy was turned into ice, and it was shocked by himself, and was shocked.

Using water to make a large amount of water environment, the lake is ... is really amazing Chakra ..., 'Ignore the surprised, ignorant, my eyes, the eyes of the ghost, the huge Chakra, the little tip is a bit surprised,' But You will only ask for me, you will only ask me.

It is worthy to say. There is no tail beast, the martillamon ghost n, can not provoke him, this guy's strength is also a strong ninja in the tissue.

Ice Age!!!"

In the face of the huge lake created between ghost N, the momentum of the ice is directly explosive, and the feet stepped on the water and pressed into the water.

In the eye, I just made a lake that flooded over most of the sounds. I was instantaneous, and I took the ghost moscemus, and the attack on the moment, all were frozen into ice sculptures.

'Water, it is too fast ...,' Standing on the endless ice origin, the moment of flashing, I saved the ghost hose by my own ice, just a substitute.

'There is you. ... help. "In the moment, it will be relaxed to A, the insight of the super-white eyes, and the perspective of the whole corner is always locked in the WH.

Renovation, reprimand your palm!!

I saw the moment to turn around, and I was born in my eyes, and I went to the wall of more than a dozen meters.


Strong repulsive with instead of the direction of the fist waving, all things on the whole ice instantly stunned a long trajectory, all houses, ice, and trees. They are all destroyed by this powerful repulsiveness.

'This kind of power ...,' Standing behind the body, hesitate to do the big snake pills that I want to shoot. At this time, the power to be exhibited at this time, suddenly widened his narrow snake, revealing the shocking light.

Fire warlon !!! "

Hiding in the back of the wall is almost in the flash, a boxing of a boxing, the use of the use of the wolf, is out of the wall, and makes a phantom in the wall, and the mouth is a house so big fireball spit.

Vacuum multi-layer ice wall!!

Looking at the huge fireball burned a long trajectory on the ice, the face did not change, and the easy way to make a huge ice wall in front of the face, and the war of Wrap the ball released. There is no one in the above printed.

This vacuum multi-layer ice wall is when the ice wall is made. Special control of the ice-free force will have a sloppy, and the gap of each side of the ice is separated from a vacuum barrier, which has super High temperature resistance and fighting ability.

The province to turn it out of the black shadow, A, which has been quietly opened, and the sputum of the ml flowing is also left out, and the water is used to hide the ice, and the drums will appear again. , The moment is straight and one hand.


A powerful airflow rolled up, and the perfect immortal mode turned on.

For a moment, the strong momentum brought by the perfect immortal model, so that all the faces of all the people in the scene have brought a solemn expression.


I saw the WA of the waffles of WA, and the burning of black flames were burned when they were suddenly turned.

No, it is only the residual shadow left by the flash movement.

When the moment appeared again, there was already in front of the ghost drum. In the face of this sudden appearance of the ghosts that appeared in front of them, the ghost n is also foggy (Wang Zhe) knife seven people. The leader, when the next move, it is raised, and the mosquito muscle is pulled, and a knife is 59.

N muscle food !! "

A slash, a moment kicked the n musister from the ghost N cut, quickly swinging the body, another leg, directly pumping.

In the case of a human body, the ghost N directly spit out a blood, the whole person flew out on the spot, and smashed the wall after the wall was dragged more than ten meters.

Yaoba !! "

'Establishing silicon !! "

The body of the scorpion came out of the two reels from behind, after opening, the two arms behind him immediately changed, a palm of the palm of the fire. Column, the other hand sprayed the drama Poisonous water flow, flying on the ice ...

Chapter 114 Yuxi Bo Belt (five even more)

"Nothing, in front of the absolute power, all this is empty ..."


The province is released by the dramatic attack, and the blue eyes of the moment are turned. They directly launched, instantly disappeared in the same place.

When the next instant appeared again, the moment has come to the front of the scorpion, and a punch directly smashed the body of the body into a fragment.

, Not his opponent! We retrieve !! "

There are several breathing between several breaths, and it will fly the ghost mask. Burned a wide wall.

The flame of the sky was blocked. I went to the road, and my blind eye was again swept again. I found that I was blown by my punch, and the core has not seen traces. The ghost N, who is hit by him, has long been running with mosquito mosquito.

'Oh ... You can't run again, you can't run out the scope of my life.

Insight to help them three people have been very far, but still in the vast visual range of themselves.

At the foot of the moment floating a contemptuous smile, I feel that I have been temporarily a 067, I haven't cooled it yet, so I flooled directly.

A flash directly fell into the woods outside the voice, honest the three people in the field of vision, and the rays in the eyes were turned.

Just wanted to launch, suddenly, the immortal model made him strongly, let him have a strong sense of crisis from his heart.

Through the revivement of the eye, the moment is clearly distorted, and the spiral twisted twisted, drilling out one person, reaching out to his back.


At the moment, it was a crisis, and it was on the way, directly a transient appeared in the back of the people, and he hit his head.

I didn't know that this punch didn't penetrate his head. From his body, it seems that this person appeared in front of him is just an illusory shadow.

Sure enough, Yisi Bozi is two.

After a hit, I didn't feel particularly surprised, but I just stressed the mysterious people who appeared in the eyes.

A black coat, summary, with a head, with a spiral shape with a spiral shape.

"It is a strongest genius ninja, this insight is really sensitive ..., 'The mysterious mask male standing in front of the moment, looking at this Junxiu teenager in front of him, tone is very surprised.