Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 90 of Hueding Crack System

This feeling. It's just the same as the teacher's flying thunder.

Thinking of this, the mysterious mask men remembered that she was a short-lived hand in the woods with their own teachers, which seems to be bidding on the arm. The feeling of hint pain.

Through the previous young face, the silver-white long hair, there is also the mysterious double that brought it to himself, the mask man discovered that his mood was a little difficult.

'who are you?"

Through his eyes, he suddenly attacked his Yischo belt soil, and the tone of the moment was very indifferent, although he had seen his identity, but it did not break it.

'I came to invite you to join us ...,' I have invited the soil of soil and honesty.

'? So you will shoot me?'. I have a cold smile on my face, some ridicule, 'Just now they have been inviting me to join you, after you shoot, you also flee it. You also Province ..., '

'Oh, I just want to check your strength ...,' If you don't bring a mask at this moment, I want to be a smile that is harmless.

(ACBB) 'Testing my strength? There is no need, I have no interest in the join you ...,' .

Perhaps future. This will have this opportunity, but not now.

"Don't worry, do you seem to be surprised by my appearance? '. With the soil borrowed a fresh expression, he can't help but suspicion.

"There is nothing surprised." Face to the suspicion of the belonging, the moment is not enough, no matter who you are, what kind of purpose, it is impossible to stop, forced me to do anything ..., '.

Because at least in this world, no one can defeat me ..., 'The tone of the moment is extremely determined, as if it is just a simple fact.

"No one can defeat you? '. The moment is like a bit of arrogance, letting the land, then smiled at:' Then I let you understand what is realistic, teenager."

, Fire !! "

It seems that it is determined to teach this arrogant teenager how to be a person, and the soil is directly engaged. After the high temperature fire is released, the flame is distorted, and begins like a flame whip, as a flame whip. And the speed is very fast.

This province seems to avoid unavoidable fire, but there is no change in the face of the brake.

Renovation of the eye · The next, launched again.

I won't be a blink of an eye, I have once again appeared around the territory, and a strong kick is blown. As a result, it was not tired, and the kick in the moment passed through the body of the belt.

Wanhua is short-on-eyed, one one, the neighborhood. Sure enough, it is the most cheating in the world, no one.

Although the time that belt soil can only last for five minutes, but as long as he doesn't want to come out or don't take the initiative to attack, there is no way to take him in this world, and it can be converted between him, and you can absorb others. Or the object enters his time space.

It is simply a murderer, the necessary God of the home travel, the most terrible thing is that this is only the case of the abbreviated wheel eye, if he is unique in his two long flowers, the speed of the Qiwei Also doubled.

Give up the day of the day, although I don't know how to make the spikes in your time space, but you can't hurt me a hair ..., 'Some flavors, some sarcasm, saving the moment in front of you.

(Killing tomorrow, how to hang the soil this.).

Chapter 115, Food with soil (one more)

"Yes?" Face the ridicule of the soil, the moment is not as , 'But you seem to hurt me a hair ...,'

Indeed, the situation on the surface is that the flash attack is not the land of the land, and the belt cannot touch the body of the moment. Who is not there.

Sure enough, only waiting for him to attack my instant, his time space, the sputum will have a flaw, or I will take the initiative to attack him harm to him. ...

'Then, I will force him A to go out with him ...,' ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Thinking here, the moment is directly rushed to the soil, and a box hit on his face.

'Hey, I haven't used it. ',

In the face of the fierce boxing of the moment, the land of the earth did not lift it, and the fists who didn't have a flash still passed through his body.

However, after the philosophone passed through his body, there was a flaw in the back of the top, and the only one of the land masks was flashing, but it did not take the hand.

'Oh, it is not a black, so that you have to live ...,' Roosing your eyes clearly, you can see the soil, and press the urge to inhale your own space.

It is no wonder that the tendebits are still in the world, and the bad guys will die immediately, and the good people go back against the sky. ...

There is no discouragement in the moment. Anyway, some of them is time to take the power consumption. When you simply make the sun to the Soft Fighting method, it seems that it is practiced with soil.

At the moment, I took a trick on my unreal body, and the only X of the soil was in front of the written eye revealed the unstopable kill.

On the moment, you are really a tricky ninja ...

In order not to let you become the formity of my plan, you can only solve you first ...

The killery starts, and the Township is quickly shot immediately. After the body attacks through the moment, I will directly punch the door.

No. This is not a real attack ..., '

It is the case where the fist with soil is swaying, and the brain is fast, and it is true that the fist with soil passes its own face.

Sure enough.

On the one hand, the bottom is amazed at the soil, on the other hand, after he provoked the soil through his body, he suddenly turned back to herself.

In the shoulder of the moment, I felt the touch from my hand courier, and the face under the terrestrial plane finally floated the smile.

Suddenly, the space around the two begins the distortion of the spiral, and the province has seen his body and start distorting with the space. He is to absorb the genital time space.

Suddenly, the face of the moment floated a smile.

I feel that I have been completely rootable, and I will take the moment to absorb myself into my own space. It is soaring that I have exhausted the slightest and ridicule.

Drums !!! "

As if a gently sigh, when five mysterious words are spit out from the mouth of the moment.

The words that are difficult to describe the frozen force suddenly broke out, covering the whole time and space around this, and suddenly, it seems that the whole world is in silence.

We will save everything that is paused around, and there is also a foundation in front of you. The belt soil of the Wanhua Shiwen Wheel, and the moment of flashing is coming to him.

It seems that the light is a palm, bombards the soil, the powerful bruises Chakla, and immediately destroyed his entire five organs.

After doing this, the entire time and space has recovered, and the time recovers the passage, everything is not changed before.

The only change is that the boss of the gestor is unbelievable, it is unbelieving everything happened in front of his eyes, and the stomach is weak, the blood in the mouth is like a faucet, which is like a gang. Pour on the ground.

How can this, what happened. ... What did you do. ..., 'The terrestrial feeling that you can't understand all the changes in front of you. It is clear that it is just to absorb its own space immediately. how come.

I am not afraid, I am not afraid to tell you, I just frozen the whole time and space around us, within this time and space, everything will stop, only I can free action. "

At the moment, the face was standing in front of the territory, with a distracted look, horing him, just like a poor insect.

Your internal organs have been destroyed by me, the death of peace of mind, Yuxi Bo ...

Just before I stayed, I heard the last few words that I said in the moment, and the shocked eyes were big, and I finally lost my breath.