Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 91 of Hueding Crack System

It seems like a demertive friend, with a little false expression, drunkenness standing in the same place, looking at the land of the belonging in front, then the body begins to gradually disappear.

Suddenly, the back of the moment was distorted, and it was a black shadow that came out from it, and he went to the back of the moment.

Ice Emperor !! "

However, the moment is like ahead of pre-knowledge in advance, turning around with an incredible speed, frozen, the huge frost dragon directly swallowed in the future.

'Is it an evilness? "At the moment, he once again showed his own belt soil, and he was swallowed by his own frost dragon,' troubleshoot ... _. Is a soul of the soul Not scattered ._. ''

Since I know that you are Yuxi Bo, will I do not prevent your Yi Evil?

'Clear two _.' '

The bandwater that is swallowed by the frost dragon, only feels ourselves. The arm has not perceived. Feeling the horror frozen force that will be swallowed by yourself, and the earth bite is directly Shan broken his own frozen hit, a moment barely escapes the frost dragon's freezing range.

(Tonight, even more liver).

Chapter 116, Real Estate (two even more)

'. ... call ...,'

I barely escape the soil, greedy. The breath of the smuggling of the mouth is air. Most of his area has been frozen from the flash of frozen, and lose the function of the body.

'; East Junky. ... how can this god in the world?

I feel that my sight began to gradually blur, but the territory is still dead, and it is like a boy like this. 'And two Yu Zhiwei belt ..., how can you know this name ...

The province has the same soil, it seems that I want to wear my eyes, but I refused to answer any questions, 'I said that I used the fart. Shares, do you believe? Say ... Russian thinking of your eyes is already It's right ... "

· Four three three

Reincarnation !!

There is no sign, the next instant is now appearing behind the belonging, and his heart is to stand the heart.

'Sure enough. Have you already opened the gods ...,'

The province of your head is once again wear it from the earth, although some regrets can't kill him here, but I have not surprised this.

'Day is now. ... You are a can't have a guy ...,'

Before I stayed, I will open the might, and the body gradually sucked into the spiral distorted space. I used his only one left with his only written eye. I thought I was insufficient to you. I didn't expect it to be strict. 0 Undeterer, it is not often

Monster that can be measured ..., '

If you don't pay attention to it, you just have a soothestone standing in the same place, watching the solar disappearance in the air. It seems that everything has not happened.

Mysterious gewest space.

'The death ...,' into the land of the midst of the Qiwei space, lying on the thickness of the building in the building, and most parts of his body have lost their physical skills, have not perceived it.

The day is now in the moment. ... Japan's moment ..., the hate in the mouth over and over again, it seems to remember this name in our heart.

Using Yi Evai lost a write-eyed eye ... but this is nothing. ... Anyway, the last time Unexpea has got a lot of write round eyes, '.

However, the body has not been conscious, and consciousness has also become blurred. If you don't hurry back to change your new write-eyed eye, I use Yivad ... It is estimated to die here ..., '

In the endless neighborhood space, there is a front of it in the front of the Wolf ...

Field National Border.

Three ninjas wearing the red clouds are quickly flying quickly. It is still looking forward to the time, and the province will look like a ghost.

'Help ... He will not catch up with ...,' ghost n while flying, sneak, while counting how many monthly moon is taking it, 'After all, his speed,'.

It should not. The situation of the province has just been fighting for the two sides ..., 'scarlet written eyes are rotated, which is also analyzed in the form of the front.

'Damn. I can't think of his strength. It is so horrible ... that is completely unreasonable to move, and the kind of intravailed body strange force, it is my gratitude ...,' The sideline on the side, this is also replaced. Another a letter, I am afraid, I am afraid.

"I haven't seen him for a few years. I didn't expect his strength. After the strength ... After the finish, A will continue to be silent, just a pair of scarlet scorpions, no one knows that his heart thinks What is it.

'For example, anyway, the task is just let us get in touch with him, try to pull him into the organization, no work, after all, the gap between the strength ...,'

The words of the ghost N are in the case, and A got unanimously endorsement.

On the road of the border, the three of the tissue continued to travel.

After returning to the sound of the village. It is a wolf after a battle.

Ice, burnt, broken wall, and residual.

However, in the moment, but it is still white and Jun Ma Lu two teenager care and enthusiasm.

Of course, there is also a big snake pill and pharmacist to say, and some sincere attitudes.

Not for others, only because of the current strength, it has been completely ultra-off, and although there is no provision of the moment after the moment, there is a battle of Unechyo, but at least the S-class ninja, the three families. I still look at the eyes.

Oh. ... is really the best genius from the leaves ..., '

In the base of the night, in the base, with a stunned light, the big snake pill is a flash in front of the mood, as if it is like a perfect art. Your current strength seems to have reached a kind of me. Stage I can't understand, '

When it comes to, he still remembers that the country is in the country with the moment, although it is still being defeated in the moment, but at least I still touched the limit of the moment. But now, sitting in front of you, but he finds that he has already found a depth of him.

If you are alone, you can destroy the entire cloud, you will easily defeat his help, and it is also crafted together with the ghosts, although everyone did not make the bottom of the undressing box, but the peaks are also visible. A spot.

That's because you haven't seen those changes that will come out later. The strength of the state ... Looking at the unbelievable look of the big snake pill, slightly slightly spoating in the heart, to the fourth endurance battle, with your big snake pill It is estimated that it is difficult to continue.

Although I don't think there is anything in the world who can defeat me ..., 'Listen to the feelings of the big snake pills. Provide him a blaze. Hot eyes, the moment is somewhat not to say:' But I will not set it now, I think I am Invincible. ... you want to know that there will be some existing existence you imagined in the world ....

Chapter 117 Agreement (three even more)

'indeed. 'When I heard the moment, the big snake pill was deeply awkward.' Don't say other, even if there is such a ninja world, there are a lot of mystery still not unlocked. "

At this time, the big snake pill seems to be restored to a researcher's true color, seeing a strong curie desire in his eyes. Hope, there is something that can't bear to fight him.

Although I didn't dare to say that I have a completely thorough understanding of the world of nature, I at least at the point of view of the enemy, at least a clearer understanding of the essence of this world than the big snake pill. This is these The people of niga of nature cannot be multi-player.

' _. What is the arrangement for your next step?'. After a while, I recovered my own enthusiastic eyes, and the big snake pill was a little curious to the moment.

'I plan to go to the program teacher second _. For a long time, I didn't see her _._.' Said that I have a look at the two guidelines like two guards. I still have two juveniles like two guards. There is ~. Trouble big snake pills, you have a good helper for this time, I will guide the white and Jun Ma Lu, I am very optimistic about them.


Speaking of the agency, the brain of the moment can not help but appear in the bad person, but in fact, a very good woman, I don't know how she is now _._. It is also to save her _._ .

Anyway, according to your own plan. _ Left the left, there is no exhausted words, to the fourth endurance battle, even if the glow night, you should have a battle.

'Opener. _. I haven't seen her for many years. I have never seen her _._. "I heard the moment, the big snake pill seems to remember this past companion.