'And these two children _._. It really has a very potential _._ "The provisional moment seems to have a little deep thinking, the big snake pill continues with his double magnetic noise," I don't know the moment ... What kind of attitude you are holding a wooden leaf now? "

Wood leaves?

Listening to the big snake pills suddenly mentioned the leaves, the thoughts of the moment seem to have a little flying.

'Neitating neither close, nor is it. "

The blue eyes are long, no one knows what he is thinking about this moment, 'Wood is the place where I was born, but since I have happened the second _. Wood leaves for me, just A familiar but strange place, I am no longer a wooden ninja _. ''

'Next.' 'After listening to the answer, the big snake pill is somewhat inexplicably smile,' I think a plan....................................................... In

'Program? "At some cases unclear, it picked up the eyebrows, he refers to _._.

'I call this plan for a wooden crash plan _.' '

By flashing, the big snake pills smiles with their own plans.

Sure enough ...

'You. ... Just hate the leaves?' Hearing the big snake pills to talk about his own plan, and the moment is somewhat intake.

Don't choose a wave of water gates for the three generations, don't you choose you?

Moreover, your own character is very problematic, and is bired and lonely, and also engage in ban in human experiment. It is estimated that the whole wooden leaves are also voting for a vote.

'Yes! "The big snake pill converges his smile, and it turned out a color called hate,' You can never understand me to leave, the three generations of hate ...

Said here, the big snake pill is slightly, suddenly full of malicious smile, 'More people really want to borrow ... The left mouth has a day three generations in the face of you, save him so much sewers, and me The disciples he had abandoned became the same class, what would it be a good expression, '

True a snake ...

The silent dish seems to have some painful big snake pills, and the moment is finally opened: 'I think you have a mistake, I am not the same class. Although I don't like wood leaves, I don't like wood leaves, even hate wood leaves, but at most, the three generations of old men have always been good for me.

At least he used to protect me in the name of the fire, and ..., '

Said, I don't know how to improve your tone. 'He is the same for you! And you used to be his most important disciple! But why did you never think about yourself? Three generations old Where is the loss owed to you ?! "

After listening to the wrong, I don't know what the big snake will be silent. Suddenly he has some regrets: 'Province of us is not a class of people. ... ...,'

'Don't tell you, about this plan, I have two purposes. "I only listened to him next. 'In addition to destroying the wooden leaves, I still have a purpose, in order to get the power of writing, it should be said that it is the force of the Yishabo family. 28,'

Do you still embarrass it? The big snake pill.

Is' Unechebao Sasuk? "Some helpless smiles, history or return to the script.

' ... Guide to cultivate these two children's compensation, how? "

'? Do you think I do? "There is some flavor to save him.

'No, you don't need to do anything, you just need to promise that I can do this. '. The big snake pill is watching the burning stalking, looking forward to his answer.

'Don't walk off ...,' .. ... Wood leaves, handling some things, '

Ok, then it is said. "Get a sure reply, the big snake pill smiles.

And the moment it became silent, and the blue eyes were far away, and the shadow under the dark lights in the night was saved. ...

Chapter 118, a farce (four even more)

The next day, when the warm air of the open spring blows the leaves on both sides of the road.

In the morning, I left the Village in the morning, and I used a summoned dragonfly.

'Is very old, I'm don't call me, Xiao Babo ._.' 'The crazy battles you have gone in the past few years, it is still the soft.

'Yeah, I haven't seen it for a long time _._. "The moment laughs, and the spirit is owned by human language and character. This is also a major feature of the world.

What is the change in me? How do you change this? "Zhe came to the whole body and a few years ago.

'Well ._. Don't say this first, I ask your teacher now, where do you know?', The moment interrupted the old name, directly into the topic.

'The Out-Out Mode. _ " Q seems to think about it, answer:. It should be in the country of the grass: ._. Do you need to psycho your psychic to the wet bone? ".

No, thanks. "I cartoons the good idea of ​​Q, the grassland is very close to the country, especially the sound of the village, this is good.

After the spiritual drainage is lifted, the odd force of the transcocent eye is directly used, and the gravity is flying to the country of the grass.

Between the country of the grassland and the country of Tianzhi, the grass is also a strong ninja village in addition to the forces other than the five major ninja villages.

After flying into the country of the grass, it turned off the ground. When you travel to all countries, the grassland is also one of the countries he have not arrived. Since there is a chance to naturally come down.

Have to say, in this world, there is no industrial pollution, whether it is the environment or the air, it is much better than the last life of the last life.

I saw it in front of my eyes, and I have a lush town. Everywhere is a green mountain green water, and the grass is connected, and people can't help but feel happy.

According to the guidance of Q, I will step into a small town.

According to the scale of this small town, it should be the largest small town between the countries of the country and the country of Tianzhi.

The vendors, ninja, and the waves are endless. It is a bustling town. It is indeed a style that will be out.

Renovation of the eyes slightly sweeping a circle, surpassing the scope of the white eyes, making it easy to let the moment to borrow two shadows in a pub of the country in this town, found two people he want to find.

I saw the long-lost people in the town in front of you, and I won't help my face. I couldn't help but accelerate the footsteps, and went out of the crowd.

Suddenly, a thin figure fell in the foot of the moment.

'Haha ._

At the moment, I saw that the three faces of the rough ninja smiled and said that the thin ninja ridiculous to the foot of the moment.

Borrowing three of them, it is the symbol of the straw, the ninja at the beginning of his feet, it seems that it is only 13 or four years old, and it is almost the same as himself.

Three ninja bullies a teenager? No need.

However, there is no psychological meeting in the moment, the struggle between the Ninja and Ninja, the country of the country and the grassland country, there is no need to intervene.

Here, I have just though it across the past, I walked out of this dispute that was like a farce, so I could go to find a hand and drunk sound.

Unfortunately, the tree is invising and the wind is more, and the Dianete is not willing to come with people.

'Hello! Stink! The province, you are not the ninja ?! "

'If you are not ninja, you will go to me !! "

Suddenly I heard the three wax-like ninja screamed, and it was a little bit.