Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigs Crack System Chapter 93

Although I only wear a simple black and service, I didn't take the sandals of the people, just stepping on a pair of horizontal bars, but ~ _.

It's so good to save yourself ?? Why can I be so arrogant ?? I have a pair of reincarnation, you are there ??

'That dragon set. _ How did you say' rolling horses? "The first three faces of the top three faces, and the moment is laughing.

"Dare to laugh?"

Perhaps it is used to a three-point place in this side of sleeping towns. When this moment, this is not like a ninja, but not hiding them, but I still dare to laugh, two straw reluctance directly waved the fist The moment is rushed.

Through the two dragon sockets, they rushed toward themselves. In the eyes of ordinary people, it is difficult to imagine quickly, but in the eyes of the moment, this speed is not much better than the turtle.

Even the eyelids were too lazy to lift it, and I was going to fly the two dragon sets. When I ended this farce, I suddenly entered the vision of the flash of my eyes.

Although this powerful Chakra is being close to the body of the moment, some people attacked themselves, and the moment is not yet, but they continue to stand in place to wait for an attack of the patriary automatic hard coming.

As a result, the development of the next thing was completely unexpected to the moment (Zhao's) tared, and the people did not think that the movement did not think.

I only felt a blind wind, and the knee is in the knee, I have been huddled in the people _._.

'If you don't want to die, it is best to leave me now! "

A cool and cold drink, the sound is like a grain FA, and people who come horing the moment and lift their legs in an instant.

'You are nothing? The provincial body is not a ninja, remember not to intervene the struggle of this ninja..'

After taking the two grass, I took my heart with her cold voice and said that I would like to remind myself.

When it is stopped, the moment is carefully borrowed, this will be hosted by himself, 'Save, his own people, it is a quite beautiful girl ...

Chapter 119 Xiaonan (five even more)

It seems that the two years old, the beauty is beautiful, the spirit is cold, the most caused, her blue-purple hair, it seems to be as good as the ordinary people.

Nima ?! What ghosts ?! I am actually hugged by the Master ?! And it is still a sister ?!

The mouth of the moment. Bar Zhang Cheng, 0 ', inner crazy spit.

Do you have a beautiful woman ?! Don't you think I look very strong ?! Do you have any philosophy?!

It is more in the middle. ... I have been hugged by a girl, what ghost, how shameful posture!

That ..., 'I saw the face of the flash, and the pain of the show,' beauty, can you let me go down?

For the moment, I didn't thank myself, saving his behavior, the beauty of blue purple hair didn't mind, just in the statement, the moment will be put down, then drunk, the three have already fled it. Strain.

Wait, is this not a small South ?!

After standing back to the ground, the moment was taken carefully and found that the beauty of his eyes just took himself, saved, and the white. Tiger, long-door and Niko from a small to large companion 350.

At this time, she didn't have a red cloud big pen in the organization, just wearing an ordinary ninja casual clothes, outlined her good posture curve.

I didn't expect to meet Xiaoshan ... I have disappeared that she didn't recognize me ..., 'Looking at the little south of the eyes, I thought about it.' Well. ... Here is the border of rainy and grassy, ​​here She also said that she has been ..., '

Hualan is to think that he wants to interlee him to help the rain, then the attack of the two straw, but even the eye is not lifted, probably thinking that he is attacked by his eyes.

After scaring a few straw, the rain in the ground also got up and got up with the small south road. Thank you, and then warehouses.

Well? Your eyes ..., '

At this time, Xiaonan also shifted his line of sight to the moment. First printing her eyes is a pair of blue mysterious sodes, caught her strong attention, and the second is that the full beauty of the moment is brought to her. Strong intuitive impression.

Well. ... Good eyes, (ACBI) does not seem to be ordinary eyes, at least save more than the long door, the long-door reincarnation is powerful, but a circle is always a circle Not very comfortable. ....

It seems that there seems to be more nerve. ... "Staring at the smart in front of the smart."

'I have something to do, there is in advance, you are so good ._. "Xiaonan recovered his thoughts, the cold, said goodbye, turn around.

Really cold

Obviously, there is a dedicated heart, but always put a born with someone who is close to the face.

Looking at the back of Xiaonan away, it seems to be thoughtful if there is thinking, the corner of the mouth gradually raises inexplicably smile.

Xiao Southern ._. I think we must have a chance to see the _._. I just don't know when we are enemies or friends.

Inside the pub.

I have seen the two sorrows in the past.

The closer foot, the more it is, the more it is difficult to drunk, the aperator is strictly tied to this world, and he is really exhausted after this world, and he is really exhausted.

'Adults, less _ "I haven't walked into the pub, I have heard the drunk voice.

Don't drink, how is it _._. Drinking and gambling is the only thing left in my life _._. '' The ahead of the side seems to be awkward, and there is some vague in the mouth.

Is there only something left in life ._. I don't know why I heard the sentence in this time, I have an inexplicable touch in my heart.

'Outlet teacher, drunk tone master ._.' '

The dialogue between the prime and drunken sound was interrupted by this abrupt voice, but this sound seems to be a little familiar?

When the two came to the door while looking at the door, he only saw a silver-white dress, the Junxiu teenager of Zhan Blue, standing at the door, revealing a unpredictable temperament.

"Kid, who are you ._." The master is drunk, which will call himself like this.

You _._ You are the moment ?! "At this time, the state of drunken sound is recognized at a glance, but it is not a little sure.

Sure enough. _. Stone comes from the blood of the big simmer, the appearance of the appearance of the appearance is too big.

'Is me, I'm. "The moment is slightly smile, and I step into the bar door.

'It's really you, moment! "Optimized to the moment, the drunk voice is full of surprises.

'Odor boy, really you, come over, give me a strong, how you changed _._.' 'After the moment, the aperator's drunary seems to be awake, and I have hooked. The neck of the moment, saving him.

'Where is not suitable for speaking, I have time. I will explain it in detail. The second _.' 'I saw the moving movement, I feel the warmth of the body, and I have some bureaus.

'Well? There is a woman's smell! "The aperator seems to have smelling, and it is a little bit of chopping. Some of the buses said:' Don't you pay your girl?"

Wen said that there was a little awkward to say it just now. Of course, Xiaonan is a child's identity and did not say it.

It turned out to be so _. '' Listening to the narrative, the planner hangs the expression of laughter, but the words come back, your kid is getting more and more handsome. - The female nintee encountered on the road will Show you ._._. Hahaha. One

The provincial personality is still a hand, and the moment is smiling and shook his head.

'Right, how do you get rid of the wooden leaves? "Suddenly the look of the look, there is no drunk distinction,' This is a matter of this competition?"

In the end, in addition to the attention of the moment, although the mouth did not admit it, the wooden leaves were still in the bottom of her heart.