Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 94 of Huedings

Chapter 120, four years, a moment (six consecrances more)

I heard the championship asked myself to get out of the wooden leaves, and I was slightly fascinated.

Carefully organize the language, put yourself with the wooden leaves, high-rise, and the contradiction between the days to the people, I have said it in detail.

After listening to the narrative, the agency and drunken sound are silent.

There is a malpractice of a system. Since the second-generation, the second-generation rumored rollover reform, the woods have developed, but the dark breeding is also unavoidable, and for these, she also Not too heard of witness.

After the last, the agency still opened the mouth: "I am also a ninja who left the wooden leaves. I am really qualified to judge what you said ..., '.

In short, I just hope that you can be safe, since the wooden leaves have not given you a wanted, I will feel relieved ... Less and talk about the prior to the two words, you destroy the cloud. it is true?"

"Well ... I'm in a phenecons, the hatred between him and the cloud is actually existing. Through this destruction, the kind of helplessness that can't change the rate of destiny seems to be much faded.

You are really too messy! Do you know that you have to do more dangerous!? 'I heard that I have destroyed Yun Yun, the prime and drunken face is full of worry, although you are now The strength has already arrived at all my point ... But do you know that one of the five major countries?

What is the meaning of the village ?! "

Zhe saw the player and drunk sound for his own appearance, and the heart of the moment can not help but heat up. Don't worry, my current strength, temporary this world, no one can, can I make me. '' '

Seeing so confident in the wrong place, the aperator is helpless, and I can't care about you, I really don't know how this freighter is cultivated, and the strength actually reached this level ... ... but you don't relax, I heard that Yun Yin has been working on W-shelled work.

It is estimated that the new construction of the village will take action to you ...

Do you act on me?!

I watched the heart and smiled. When I got it, I won't let them taste it again ...

I found that the moment of complete dismissers, and the apeer also knew that they would not be able to say anything, so I talked about other topics with the moment.

For a while, three people were not seen for many years. I also have the topics and experiences that I can't finish, and I said that smiles have come to the hotel in the hotel.

The next time, in addition to the time and the scheme drunk, the rest of the moment will take the free time to check the cultivation of the two teenagers of white and Jun Ma Lu.

And looking at the whole tolerance, at this time, it is like being inkilled, and it is true to Bulk clouds.

After the last endurance battle, in fact, from the Wu Zhiso, the monarchy and the day, the world's two events, the dark flow under the world is too raging.

Between the world, if the white gap is over, suddenly it.

Time is like the Dahe Tao, the flow cannot be reversed before, and there is no one to sway.

Wooden leaves for 60 years, near summer.

When the moment, I received the big snake pill, and I plan to start the message to start, I'm tied to the world's trajectory, and it seems that I have embarked on my most familiar stage.

Some of the expectant in front of the front mirror, wearing a loose black ninja and clothing, the silver-white long hair is like a silver waterfall in black clothes, which is extraordinant. A pair of blue mystery enhanced eyes, which is included in the entire universe star, embellishment above the perfect one.

Four years have passed, and the moment to find that he has become a highly pick-up ninja, and the faint approximately from some of the past.

Of course, it is very clear that he has changed in these years, it is not only the appearance, the strength of it has also happened.

In addition to the fire pure, the ability of the refrigeration, the ability of the frozen fruits finally entered the demon fruit awakening, Chakra's level is also to reach the top of the super-shadow level, and other various capabilities of the bottleneck are also One advancement arrived at a new height.

Two fresh flowers ··· ......

Once again, waved farewell to the agency and drunk, and the moment was blown up, and I came to the Village.

Within the scope of the sound of the Village, I have heard the bursts from the inside play field.

Mr. Big Snake Pill, you are careful, the water is secret, killing the water !! "

I saw that Jun Ma Lu was hungry with the big snake pill, and Bai Teng out the space to make a fucking, blinking, there was a dozen complex handprints.

Occlasting the surrounding air in the big snake pill, there were countless root-intensive spurs, and suddenly stabbed the big snake pill in a whole-dead angle.

"Oh. ... I really meet your character. ... I have to make this enemy even the emotion of the embarrassment ..., 'Faced with the dense water thorns of all escape angles, the big snake pill does not seem to be I am worried about it, still talking.

If you don't have exhausted big snake pills, I just said half, I was smashed by the white water thorns.

However, the color of Jun Ma Lu and the white face did not decrease, because many trips in these years have made them very clear, and this enemy in front of you can absolutely be so easy.

Sure enough, the two teenagements will be saved, and the big snake pills killed by the water thorns have become a human skin.

'White, be careful! The body of the body, the dance !!',

I have been careful, Jun Ma Lu, who carefully be guarded, and the immediateness of the body, directly showing his own blood sustaining boundary, one corpse, hands on the ground, and suddenly the whole vast exercise site, tatting the dense Ma Ma Sen Bone, the scene is a bitter.

(These chapters are a transition, which is going to start being a plot).

Chapter 121 Waves National (Seven Connections More)

'Hey. ... too slow! "" The big snakes were shot, I saw him drilled from the ground like a snake, and quickly wrapped around a few laps on the huge bones behind the white body. Bitten in white.

'Hey, it's too slow !!' The attack of the scorpion of the big snake pill must hit the white, then Jun Ma Lu's cold snort suddenly passed from him.

I only saw when Jun Ma Lu had drilled out from the bones of the big snake pills, and the spiral white bones were smashed in the hand, slamming the back of the big snake pill.

This change is too fast, and the big snake pill seems to be bored in his head. The scene suddenly caught in silence.

' ... ...

When I came over, I would like to see such a wonderful fight. I can't help but drift from the sky.

'At the moment! "The emergence of the emergence of a moment, Jun Ma Lu and the two teenagers did not call.

'The recent progress is really big, I am very satisfied. "At the flash, the face is laughed, but the sight of the revivement is suddenly turned to the white." Let's go here today, let your water, white ..., '

'Oh. ... Sure enough, you are gotting. 'The smile before the scoop said, suddenly turned into the ground.

'For a period of time, you can save your strength and have a good job. ... At this time, the big snake pill is also in the mouth of Jun Ma Lu's "killing", and the new drill came out, it seems that there is no damage.

This is the body. ... No matter how many times, I feel so disgusting. ... , ......

'So ... the senior of the big snake. ... Thank you for your two careful cultivation ...,'

I have to say that the big snake pill is not a good person, but it is absolutely a good teacher like the three generations. After the original Yuxi Bo saga, the strength can be the same as that, the strength can have the same mass change, the big snake pill must not be .

It is also the same as Bai and Jun Ma Lu, and in this fifty-five years, combat skills and strength have been fully exercise almost every day.

Even after they reached the hierarchy of the strength of their previous year, the big snake pills were all accompanied by themselves. This is the treatment that even the protagonist Yuxio Sasuo, which is the protagonist of the original.

So the big snake pill can be so excited to guide Jun Ma Lu and white, let them two in such a short time in such an elite, although the purpose is to be with the agreement between them, but the moment is still sincere Thank you.

'Oh. ... You don't have to be polite with me. ... As long as you don't forget that our agreement is good.,' Faced with the gratitude of the moment, the big snake pills smile.

'Of course ...,' moment is a smile, turned around, leave a big snake pill, a distant back. 'Jun Ma Lu, white, let us! "