Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 95 of Hueding Capaci Underline



Two teenagers should have a road, immediately follow the pace of the moment, three people's figure gradually eliminates in the sun in the summer.

The country of wave.

On a island between the fireland and the water of the fire, the water is surrounded by water.

This is a country that has no ninja, which is full of underground forces to control this country.

At the moment, it is not the first time. In fact, when the moment, I was going to the country to go to the water, I have passed here, so I was not strange to this country.

The scene in front of you is still in the memory of the moment, the waterway spread, the traffic is both cumbersome and complicated. However, if you just come over, you're just the scenery of this road, don't have a fun.

But obviously, a group of people in an instant is not coming over.

'Cough! Cough! ...,'

On the water, the water is a waters, three people walk in a row, and Jun Ma Lu suddenly comes from cough.

Are you okay? Jun Ma Lu ..., '

At the moment, I'm watching the footsteps, and I looked back at Jun Ma Lu. Although the long-term diagnosis and treatment of the moment, Jun Ma Lu's condition was much better than the original, but it was obviously there is no complete completion of his genotyletal defects. Before, these were the way to govern the standard.

Don't worry about me. At the moment, white, we will continue to go. ... Although the face has been white, Jun Ma is still insisted on continuing to go forward, he will never allow yourself to become a negative and white.

The province will see Jun Ma Lu's strong look, and the three people have only to continue.

Jun Ma Lu is definitely a loyal partial and companion. Any order of the moment will be completed, talent and potential are also the uppermost choice of the world.

And after a few years, there is a chance to see him.

I have already got the cell from the cells of the big snake pill. I have already got the hand ... I only have the cells of Unechyo and the vortex. I believe that I can get it soon ..., 'frontal water , The flash of the blue eyes flashed a mysterious glory.

'At the moment, I will go to the shore immediately!'. Among the water mist, it is a little delight.

"Well ... less don't have to remind it, the blind eye in the moment is far away from 3.9 in front of it. It took a look at Jun Ma Lu," White, you will take Yun Ma Lu to find a place. Go to take a break, the next thing I can go alone, you can use it ... You pay attention to the mark I left.

This country is not big, I can find your location at any time in my current . "

'Yes ...,' Some loubells, but the order of the moment is white with Jun Ma Lu or a hundred percent, although they are more hopeful to help them with the moment.

"Very good, then next. ... I don't know if you will appear. ... Future protagonists ..., '

In the self-discrete, the moment is gently, and suddenly fly the sky. ...

(All the matches are good, and the next step is to start being a plot).

Chapter 122 appears (seeking automatic request)

"Where is it?

(Seeking automatic request)

On the high-altitude of the Waves of the country, they are using their own reincarnation to search for the next.

Although the country is complicated, it is not big, it is not big, in the moment to reincarnate your eyes, it can search this island for a short time.

found it!"

Finally, after ten minutes of search, the moment finally found a bridge that appeared to be built, and there were several ninja on the battle.

'Will you be you? Cardi? No more? Is it still other ninja?'. The direction of the bridge and the fast landing.

Dangdang !!

A burst of the sound of the impact passed into the ears of the moment.

It's really a first technician, copying Ninja Kardi! It's more difficult than I think.

Among the concentrated fog, a tall man with a bandage, picking a huge dagger, fierce staring at the banner of the banner in front of the banner of the banner.

There are some wounds and blood marks on both sides. It seems that 02 is a fierce battle.

But the result of this battle has been destined to ... , the tangible ninja is not boring, and continues.

Can be evil ... Naruto, they can't support it ..., 'Kaki is also slightly awe, the left eye scarlet's written eye is dead, "I didn't expect an ordinary mission, actually I will encounter my foggy knives and seven opponents, but they are still two ... less

"Don't talk nonsense again, hurry to solve him!" On the other side, a whole body shrouded in a huge black cloak and said, said, holding two good steel fork. Weapons, three little ghosts in front of themselves,. Sure enough, it is worthy of burial

Are you right? Lan Pill. "

'Well, Lei Tao said it! "At this time, the long hair man came out of a tender voice with him, and the bag behind the man actually came back to a child.

'There is no more . ... and. Black Tigh ...,' Kasi's efforts widened the left eye, the expression is not comparative.

There is no problem in harmony with the peach, but another black tighs goes to the people, with such three students like a drag, and the results are obviously not too good.

Flagkarta, I advise you to give up ". _. '', No one with his dagger, never use his fierce eyes to die, try to use the language to dispell his fighting spirit, ' Give me the old man, have you seen your three students? "

Although Kakasi is only one person, there is a three rookie toward the oil bottle, but can use the language to persuade him, don't use the replication of the replication of this famous, no more and very pleasant.

Peer _._ floating mouth ... _. Task?

Kakasi and his father wooden white teeth, once they face this choice, what should I choose _._.

'Provail you still not will give up the Ming Second _.' 'I save Kakasi seems to have not retired, and then directly reveal the fierce smile,' Thunder! Go to the three little ghosts! "

'Although there is no sense of accomplishment. After listening to it, I heard the bloodthirsty smile,' But, I still will hold three for you. Funeral! "

'Can. One.' 'Province of the fierce enemy, Naruto and Sasuke send a unwillingness, but the powerful momentum and murderousness of the endurance, but let them all the three first official implementation of the mood Do not open the legs.

The voice fell, the two steel fork on the black, and the shining thunder is directly circled. It is necessary to take the life of three devils in front of you.

'Bad _._NDPINOR SYSTROUNTION One side is never dying. Cardi, you can't help but show an anxious look,' Now the Naruto is saber, there is a small Sakura, completely can't pay this. Level of enemies ._. ''

As a result, all the people tied to all things happened _._.

'No! Thunder! Run!'. It is planning to harvest three small ghosts in front of it. The result of Lan Pill on the back of the thunder suddenly spoke, 'We will die thunder! Run! ! "

Run? "Lei Tu's whole person stunned, some unexplained, it looked at the Lan Pill behind.

Reincarnation, repulsive!!

Suddenly, the bridge seems to have a natural disaster that has happened. It is a sudden outbreak of a sculver, and the speed is fast, and the time of the thunder is not, and the Lan Pill behind him. Flying out, along with the bridge of the bridge and the railing around it all by this

The repulsive force bent into distorted shapes.