Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 96 of the Crash System

Several people left on the bridge, shocked by the Lei Tou and 210 Lana Pills for dozens of meters, and fell into the sea, I didn't know life and death.

'You are. Kakasi opened his scarlet written eye, staring at the people who gradually came out from the fog.

It's better to have a good thing that I have just been able to have a sense of dangerous ability. _._ "Bring the sound of the floating sound, the fog is getting closer, the contour is more clear.

The slender shape, the white long hair, the perfect face, the eyes of the eyes.

Keeping a close-up of Carti, Carti, unbelieving the favorite, and feels the pressure of the bursts passing from the moment of the moment, is definitely not ordinary eyes.

'I haven't seen it for a long time. "Finally, the moment came out of the fog, came to everyone, and smashed the four weeks.

'You have a bit familiar with this person in front of you, but it can't remember it.

'I haven't forgotten it for a long time? Let us still stay together in the dark, together on the battlefield ~ _.' 'Seems to remind Kakasi, the moment is soft.

Chapter 123's power (seeking automatic request)

"Small part ... battlefield ..."

Detailed repeatedly, Cartica seems to have suddenly remembered what, suddenly rolled a name, one now has a taboos in the woods.

"Day ... moment. ... ?!" Kakasi slowly spit out this name, so like the mouth. Holding a poison, calling this person in front of you, there is shocking, complicated, even fear all.

'Is you ... how can you appear here. ... still what you look? "Bayed in front of the image of the image, Kakasi was shocked again.

"Japan to flash?! You are the day to the Basin ?! 'I heard the title of Kakasi, the same thing will never encounter a few years ago, the teenager encountered in the Water, linked to the person in front of him.

Almost unreasonable, no one, two people in Kakasie remembered the rumors of the clouds four years ago, and two people were more difficult to swallow the throat water.

"Don't be so surprised, the surprised man is me, I didn't think that the misty peach and the black necrotic. Two people would come to a flash of a moment with a light smile, no After thinking that the white is taken away by himself, it will never go to a piece of black.

'Rumor you have been separated from the wooden leaves, no one of the ninja, you can't help them here? "No more eyes were denied, and asked with a trace of uncertain.

'I didn't help them, but you got a little disrupted ...,' said, flashing, I am a hurt, I will die, so you will die today. Here. It is so simple. "

The tone of the moment is lightly written, and it is easy to determine the life and death of a person. It seems that the people in front of you are just a floor ant, not the fear of 'ghost. Taoily no longer.


I heard that I would die here today, I don't immediately follow my hands, and I will get a fog in the bridge, which is not the southwest of China.

'Come on, I've seen a part of us. ... put it out of the sickness you can use ...,' Facing the mist, the moment is still taking, ',' and you are sure Plan to escape? "

'Throat, heart, lungs, neck. ... Do you want me to get started with Nah? "The fog came again to floating the sound.

' ...,' I really don't know what to say, maybe many years of murderous career have made no longer become a numb machine, 'Also let you say this most exciting line. ... then die again Let's! "

After finishing, the moment is gently gently. You have a right hand, under the vision of the blind eye, anything among the fog is invisible.

It is hidden in the fog, the opportunity to determine the attack or escape again, suddenly feel that the body is hysteresis, a unable to resist sucking, suddenly pulling himself down, and the body will not be self-flying to the moment. .

This is the use of Vientiane in the eye to the eye in the eye. The moment is a neck, and there will be no more than this tall ninja.

I feel that the giant force passed in the hands of the moment, and I don't feel that my neck seems to be bullied. I just want to fight against the kick. At this time, the power in my hand suddenly changed, and I suddenly controlled myself. I can't stop being thrown away from the air.

'Goodbye, ghost people ...,'.

Water residue, dragon bites !! "

Almost didn't see the launch of the flash, and the bridge plane appeared in the water swirls close to the 20 meters. The continuous appearance. The rapid water flow, bombarded the air.

Just not hit the high-speed water flow in the air. When there are countless wounds, all the water flows suddenly fell sharply, turned into a huge dragon. A bite swallowed him down.

The huge dragon has no bodies, and they have been in the ground.

At this time, there is only a bridge, Kasi and Naruto Sasuke and Sakura shocked the eyes, and some emergency breathing, declared that all this is not drunk.

There is a sufficient water environment around here, with the moment of the moment, plus the lock of the revivement, and the S-class water showing it, causing such a big power, and kill this elite in an instant. Endure.

This is the suppression of the level, just like a strong, even if you use ordinary bitter, you can endure it in minutes.

'' End ... "It's like gently whispered goodbye, just shot, killing, then there is a falling water in the water, and it is like a fallen angel, evil, powerful, but gorgeous.

Is there such a powerful power in the water? ... What kind of level is you now?, 'The What is the 'script, what is it, what is the plan?

'Actually ... so easily ...,' Dinnish (Nuo) Then, the Naruto suddenly had his own eyes, and it seems that it looks like Kaka Western teachers is still small. ... It's so easy to kill the enemy of Carti's teachers who can't beat ....

Be evil. ... we face the enemy that is difficult to face by him ... The body is dying and dying, and hates yourself. When you go, you can kill the man, 'We just So desperate battle. What is it ?! "

On the side of Sakura, it took the eyes at this time, '

I didn't pay attention to the three ghosts, but I found that the Naruto suddenly ran to my face, and the evils saved himself ...

Chapter 124, seventh class (seeking automatic request)


Seeing the movement of the Naruto, Kakasi became a little flustered, and the purpose of sudden appearance at this moment, no one can be clear, he treats himself

Is it in a kind of attitude, no one can guarantee that maybe he will suddenly kill all the people in the next second.

After all, there are so many things happening in him, so many incidents made in one hand, there is no more danger than him.


'Who is this guy?? Actually running, killing the opponents we have to fight! Are you ...

The province's nurses ran into their faces and started loudly, and the moment was a little fun. After all, the big voice and the thick nerve were

All blood animation protagonists ....

Naruto. Do you don't remember me? '. The little ghost in front of him, the eyes of the moment are somewhat unveiled, and the thoughts seem to fly a few years ago.

'You. ... you are ...,' I heard that I suddenly called my name, Naruto, seems to have evokes yourself for a long time.

Memory, 'You are the big brother of that time ?! ".

Naruto, do you know him? "At this time, the Sakura is suspicious, and I can't think of Naruto. This idiot actually -233 and I know such a handsome guy.


Well. ... I have seen him at my four years old. At that time, he asked me to ate a pleasure! "Naruto also seems to be completely recalled, next to

Sakura explained the side.

'You. You are that person at that time! You are the friend of the man! ".

Going to death! "" At this time, the other side is emotionally excited, and there is a bitter in his hand.