Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 97 of Hueding Cracks

It's interesting ... save the sakura to take a bitterness and rushing, and the mouth of the mouth raises a smile.

It is not easy to worry about it, and it is easy to hold it in the hands of the hand, and the whole person is blocked.

Light kicks out.

'You are too weak ...,' The flash is fluttering, but it hits it into the fragile heart, and let me kill

Your interest is ... less

'I am too weak ...,' I fell to the ground, the eyes of the eyes, some confused memories, the man seems to have said the same


Yes. I am too weak ... so the man is connected to my interest. I have no interest ... The corpse is low in Ms, sang the paint black.

The eyes are gradually subjected to scarlet colors, and a hook jade is rotating in it.

Write the wheel eye?!

At the moment, some Huisheng raised his eyebrows. I didn't expect to be stimulated by myself. I didn't fight with the album.

Help it to wake up the eyes, do you say this is the arrangement of destiny?

'Why ... why you are so powerful ... I didn't kill the man !? "

'The words. Everything will happen.,'

Sitting on the ground, Saso helped the new eyes that I just woke up, I couldn't help but show my tears. I have never seen him the Naruto and Sakura.

On the side, it is also awkward, only flashing in the eyes of Kasi flashing and the look.

'! "

'! "

At this time, the two sounds suddenly broke the situation in front of him, and I saw the side of the moment. I didn't know when there were more than two teenagers.

This speed ... Kasi is a horrible to open his own written eye. When is it approached, I don't know myself, this strength is

Less is already the level of elite. ...

And the age of these two teenagers ... let Kakasi shocked the age of these two teenagers in front of them, and they actually save people.

They are also big ((ACDA).

'Um. You have come here so early ...,'

There is no attention to others, and the moment to the arrival of white and Jun Ma Lu, just dull.

'They are my part. White, there is Jun Ma Lu ...,' The moment it seems to seem to be a good mood. I have introduced it to Carti them.

The name of the next two teenagers.

Just when Kasi them were surprised, I just thought about what I said, at this time, an uncomfortable voice interrupted his words.

The old man in Danzina is here ..., '

At this time, a middle-aged man wearing a black dress took more than 100 people, surrounded the gun of the entire bridge, it looked some

Samurai and the waves.

'Don't pay this waste. ... Sure, I said that the ninja is couldn't rely on ... The corpse saw this middle-aged man wearing sunglasses and smoked a cigar.

Looking at the dead neck.

How many cards ...

Really bored

'Jun Ma Lu, go to solve them! One don't stay! "In the face of the dark forces in the general people, I'm lifting the interest of the eyelids.


'Yes! Master! "

I heard the order of the turning, Jun Ma Lu directly disappeared in the original place.

'Ah, ah ._.' '

I saw a blood spraying everywhere, the screwdriver of the Samurai people was connected to a piece, Jun Ma is like a devil, no one with a silk emotion, hand

The bone knife in the crowd madly killed.

About a few minutes, the screams gradually calm down, all are the shrimp, but the clothes of Jun Ma Lu did not have a drop.

Blood, still with a cold look back to the moment.

Already solved, an adult. "

'Well ._. Do it. "Meet Jun Ma Lu does not costly solve all the dragon sets, and the moment is all told.

Some of the younger brother is especially good, don't use everything yourself.


Seeing the moment of the moment, I looked at the cold teenager in front of myself. I killed so many people when I shot. Sakura is desperate.

Catch your mouth. Pakistan is not screaming.

'This kind of strength _._ "Shijun Ma Lu is the strength, Sasuke and Naruto are unbelievable, and' clear

It seems to be similar to us _._. But strength is as strong as Kakasi teacher ._. How can this possible A

Chapter 125 Peers (seeking automatic request)

Even the two teenagers under the hand are this strength _._. It is really a clear.

I saw the incredible expression of the three students, and Kakasi helpless sigh, she was so big that this person was quickly opened.

When the gap is, it is not such a expression.

'So ... _. What is the purpose? "In the end, Kakasi still asked questions in his own heart, at the same time

Think of a bitter stare with the wheel eye.

'Don't be so nervous, Kakasi ._Russian is not a rebellious ninja: ._ seems like staring at an ancient behemoth

He yourself, I can't help but spend the fun.