Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 98 of Hueding Crack System

But it is obvious that it seems that it seems harmless attitude, or it is still unable to dispense the alert of Kakasi. I only heard he continued: 'Yes, although you are not

What kind of rebellion, there is no downside to you in the village.. ''

When it is said that the throat of Kakasi seems to be blocked, and the difficult swallowed water continues: 'But from you four years ago

Destroying the behavior of the clouds to be gone _. Now the endurance is not more dangerous than you ~ No one can do before you know your purpose.

Troubled to you _ ''

Is the most dangerous person in the endurance?

'I can't think of the Ibara, I'm evaluating my second _.' 'I seem to have some murmour, suddenly the blue blush, flash

After the inexplicable brilliance.

Reincarnation !!

Next moment, the moment has appeared around Kakasi, one by hand, hook his shoulders in one hand, it seems that two people are like a pair

For many years, good friends, 'I said not to be so nervous. _. Some things are nervous, no use _.'

What happened just happened?!

The eyes of the eyeballs and suddenly appeared in their own shoulders, Kakasi only felt the sweat of his body.


Is my writing wheel ?!

Why didn't you see his move trajectory at all, how did he suddenly appear next to me:.

I didn't pay attention to the expression of Carti four of them. At this moment, I only tell them in absolute power with my actions.

Before, all resistance is a car car.

'Don't be stupid to stand, pack up, I have to go to the wooden leaves with you. "Provincial Carti's own expressions, moment, moment

A heavy bomb was thrown.

'Go to the wooden leaves with us ?! "Kakasi seems to jump like a cat who stepped on the tail,' What do you want to go to the leaves ?!"

'You see you again ... then so easy to nervously, like the replication of Ninja Kardi ... less than Kasi nervous

Attitude, there are some playing tastes: 'How to say. ... Wood leaves are also from small hometown. ... and the three generations of old heads

I am so good to me. ... I go back

I don't want to see him in the province? "

Is it really so simple?

After listening to this, the color of Kakasi's eyes is more strong ...

'There is also ... Russia will bring white and Jun Ma Lu ... go to the wooden and participate in this year's nectic exam ...,' seems to be used to be exhausted to Kakasi

The look of the gods, the moment, I also pulled out a torch of the village to take a tentative pass for the tentative exam.

'Bring them two. ... Go to the leaves to participate in the Chinese tolerance test?' Listen to the news, save the passage of the provincial brakes, Kakashe

Doubt is even more unable to let go.

These two teenagers have the strength ... What do you need to participate in what to endure exam ...

Forget it ... don't think ... Anyway, I can't stop it with his current strength.

'So everyone take a break here tonight ... Let's start again in the morning! "After I think, Kasi turned and got to the Naruto.

Sakura said.

'Nice arrangement. ... White, Jun Ma Lu, then I will stay in the country tonight! "After I heard Kakasi's arrangement, I laughed.

It is said to two teenagers around you.

'Yes! At the moment! "Two teenagers heard.

Two fresh flowers ·· ......

Go back to the way.

'Carti teacher. Who is he pH ?!

After a child, I saw a different side of the moment, and the automatic moment was out of the event, and the name of the day was already.

For a tabogen on the village, Skini can't help but ask the Kaki in the road.

'He? I heard the topic of Sakura, in Kakasi's tone. There is a complex hue.' He used us ... all of the wooden leaves ...

Ninja ... but there have been some things happened. ... he left the wooden leaves ..., '.

From the leaves ?! "At this time, Sasuke and Naruto also curiously came over, for the mysterious and powerful ninja, they two good

The uncomfortable fadel can't be exhausted.

Whether it is the mysterious force that is instantly flying in the black, the lattice ... or the instant spike is no longer awkward. ...

"This matter you have a few little ghosts, you don't have to manage ... In short, you remember, he is a very dangerous figure ..., 'said here, card

Casy paused a little, and then he continued: 'To know, he is already an endure when he is much smaller than you.


Don't bear it! What is much when we have much?!

The three little ghosts are unbelievable open their mouths. What kind of concept is it?!

'Once, some people in the Ninja said that he is the strongest genius of wood ...,' said that Kakasi himself is a bit of words she says.

A touch of emotions, 'But now, some people say that he is the strongest ninja in the Ninja in Ninja ...

Unconsciously, Kasi's thoughts seem to fly back to seven years ago, the endless icebergs of the mountain behind the mountains ...

Now the strongest ninja in the Ninja World ??!

Three little ninja schools have graduated a long time, seems to be stunned by this Shen Ri.

Chapter 126 is ready to depart (seeking automatic request)

I saw that the Naruto seems to have some dry boots to barely smile. Say:. Hahaha. ... What are you talking about Carti teacher. ... the strongest endurance