Of course, it is a hot shadow! "

Sasuke and Sakura on the side, and it is rare to agree with what he said, no leaked with him.

No ..., 'Province of your three students, Kasi is not brought to a inexplicable meaning,' I once is more than you.

When I was still small, I killed the first generation of spots and four years ago, he destroyed the entire cloud.

'' '

Kill the last generation of water shadows ?? Alone destroy the entire cloudy ninja village??

I saw that the Naruto Sasuke also had small Sakura, and the three little ghosts were like being stuck by the bones. He also said that the eyes and then said 'seven or five people.


If there is no such thing in the original ..., 'seems to have not seen their expressions. Carti will continue to say, maybe

He is now on the wooden leaves of the wood ... less.

The fire of the wooden leaves ??! 'Hearing the sentence of Kakasi, the Naruto seems to wake up, isn't he always persisted the dream of pursuit ...

When I thought here, the Naruto went back to see the three people behind the wine, but he just gave a look at it.


The nunpeople in the province returned to save himself, only to see the mouth of the white hook, gave a gentle smile.

'Shi ... What is ...,' Naruto is stunned, the philosophy is almost more than all girls who have beautiful white, the Xeng smile, Naruto

The face is suddenly a suspicious red lotus, 'The sister is actually more cute than Xiao Yak ... less

'I remember him with that man. ... is the same ninja ... The corpse has been listening to Kasi's narrative, can't help but hold the palm in his hand.

Head, "I can't think of ... he is better than that man ...

If I have this power. I destroy a ninja village. Kill the power of the water.

Then I must kill the man ... revenge for the entire Unexpea family.

I didn't pay attention to the idea of ​​the heart, the Naruto suddenly ran to the front of the pedestrian, and the head of the head was saying:

'I tell you! Although you look like a strong look! But in the last person! It is definitely me! Swirl moon! ".

Naruto ?! "The second prostitute suddenly ran to himself, and he felt a little fun, 'that kind of thing.

... I am not interested in it ...


Seeing the disdain on the face of the flash, the Naruto only felt that it was a general, and some angry stared at the moment.

Tao: 'It is not to be a nig shadow will be recognized, but the talent recognized by everyone will become a shadow !! At the beginning, you said to me.

This sentence! I am

Remember now! How can you ..., '

I look at the niece like a child who is a child who has been crushed by the body, and there is a bit of playful brows, '

You have time to tell me this here, it is better to go back to practice, you have to know that there is no strength, you will always be angry.

' ... or not to kill him, if you save this, the little ghost runs over and the moment, walking on the side of Jun Ma Lu

Asked in an instance.

The province seemed to have a strong murderous boy, which has released a strong murder, and the Naruto did not fight a cold, but the sky

The character of the birth of the big trick made him once again called: 'You want to kill anyone ?! You are a white-haired ice-made man! "

'No ... It's just a naughty child,' Heavy wave waving, let Jun Ma Lu returned to it.

Jun Ma Lu also seems to have not heard the provocation of the Naruto at all. When he is a air. Silently retreat to the side.

Can evil ... Yigui, Yuca Lu, completely ignored himself, Naruto feels that his self-esteem seems to be embarrassed, 'actually there

People are more than Sasuke ... less

'Good niece! Come over! "At this time, I saw that the Naruto actually ran to the moment in front of the moment. Carti's heart seems to happen.

That juvenile, is not a simple ninja. The strong momentum. ... Kakasi deeply saved the Mun Ma Lu Lu next to the moment.

Swirl moats. It is indeed a very interesting person.

At this moment, I was saved by Kasira back to the team, and the nun of the smoke on the head of Xiao Yaki, couldn't help but fell out of the inexplicable smile. ...

The next day.

In the early morning, Jun Ma Lu came with the hot water of the washing.

After the washing is completed, the moment is drunk from the hostel's porch, and I will have a general sun in the door of the door.

Hey! Good pain !! ".

Can be evil ... actually still fail. I must master it faster than people !! "

Under the woods, Naruto Sasuke also has small Sakura, three teenage girls seem to climb trees under the tree, while white stands on the side of the smile.

"The words come back. ... White sister. ... You are a good person. ... Teach us to use Chakra climbed the tree. ..." I saw the head of the nam, I fell a few

A big bag, but still laughs with white and white.

'That is, Carti is too unreliable. It turns out that this ninja is the most basic skill. He has never taught us ... less is also scarred.

Tired Sasuke is also dissatisfied.

'Sister? After listening to the name of the Narler, white is still gentle smile, but 1.8 has said that the cruel fact,' I am a man. ... "

I heard this sentence, three ghouses seem to hit three huge stones, all the same face.

'Deceived ... .

'Yes ... floating u white ratio of Sakura is not like girls ...,' Naruto is also unbelieited at all.

'Who do you say ... Don't be like. ... girls !! After listening to the words, the general Sakura double-eyed is a flame, directly turning into a human shape.

The ram dragon, flew out the Naruto.