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Chapter 127 Ninja assassination (seeking automatic)

A few little ghosts in front of the eyes, I can't help but take a smile _.

This kind of scene is in line with the scene of my past life in anime.

'Okay! Everyone comes over! We have to leave! "

At this time, Kakasi, which is another side, has finished finishing, and hand over the hand, intimate heaven, come out, come out and say.

'Good, departure !!. ... Good pain....' ''

The Naruto under the tree jumped to jump, and the recurrent fall of the accumulated in Chakra hit it, let him not exempt from the column of the nine tail.


Stone to the poker, the face revealed a funny expression, slowly gone in the past: "Just me is also a medical ninja ... I will help you.

We treat it twice _. ''

'Hey! You don't need you! "It seems that because of yesterday's things are in the air, the Naruto refuses to make a moment of breath, and pulled out from his own clothes.

A white pair of papers, 'We own the medical compament of the village in the village ~ _.' '

Said to replace some of the interest 02, sway in front of the moment, put the white papers to yourself, gently enter Chakra, Sudden Medical

At the beginning, I got a green Chakra, and slowly tuned the wound on my body.

I can't think of medical compass now in the woods so generally configured for two _ see the medical compass in the hands of Naruto, and I think about thinking.

However, it doesn't matter. Anyway, this medical contribute can only reach the medical effect of treatment, but his own medical nip has reached a higher level.

At any time, it is possible to make a medical sympathy like the palm medical effect.

You stupid!"

When I was a little slightly god, the Sakura, next to the Sakura, I was in the head of the Naruto, and I didn't say it: 'You are in Ninja

Is the theoretical class of the school ?! "

'The medical controven is in 52 years in the wood, and the medical endage developed by the long day of the wooden leaf medical class! Changed the current whole

The pattern of the wood-leaved ninja team is configured, don't you know ?! '. It is worthy of the theoretical class's basic grades in the Ninja School.

The child is from the book.

In the information, I have contacted the moment in front of you.

'Say: ._. _ _ _ _ _

However, smiling, just that there is also a colorful color in the eyes, 'I served as the squad leader of the wood medical class when I was 9 years old.

Legend of the three endure of the master is unique

Billing disciple "...........

The Naruto and Sasuke under the tree were again squeezed by Caassi's series of plastic titles.

Can be evil. ... Is this guy? Is it omnipotent ... Less especially the heart is arrogant, now I am eager to revenge, my hands

Nail is embedded in the palm of the hand, I didn't find it. When I was, I was doing ..., '

'Don't say Kakasi. ... we set off ... The mass of the brake doesn't seem to hear too much about his past, speaking, interrupted the kara

Western words, 'Here is the road of wood, it is still very long ...,'

I heard the moment, everyone in the scene was finished, and the seventh classes of Kakasi were finished, and the three people in the moment, stepped on the waves.

The country, the main road of the country.

The country leads to the main road of the wooden leaves.

In the afternoon, the sun is screaming in the forest of the fire country, the tree is mottle.

The lush forest opened an extension of a small road, and the three people and Caassi's seventh classes walked on this road.

In the summer, there is a bit of hot weather, today's wood seems to be more silent than usual.

At this time, Carti came behind, it seems to feel something, suddenly opened his care, showing a write-eyed eye.

' ... less than Jun Ma Lu, on the moment, it seems that there is a place where it is not right, and it is a small sound from the moment.

Wake up.

'I know ... The corpse seems to be in the moment of holding the gods. At this time, I suddenly opened my eyes, and the blood of the blue blood was scattered.



More than a dozen black shadows in the woods quickly passed, dozens of hands swords and bitterness. There was no rain in the sky.

The body of the bones, one by one, Liu Zhi !! "

No need to have actions, Jun Ma Lu, who is around. Out of the bones on the arm, flying quickly jumping all the hands and swords and suffering.

Go out.

Hey! Hey!

It seems like the housing of the rain, let the Naruto in the team loudly, 'There is an enemy! Carti teacher! ".

Shut up! Do we have you can't save it ?! You this crane tail! 'The Sasuki is unfamiliar with the mouth.

' ... These seems not a general ninja.' At this time, Kasi suddenly took a bitter, and he said to the moment.

At this time, I went directly to 790 airfruit in front, said: 'You are all returned, let me come! "

Of course, I know that these are not a general ninja ... If you don't guess your left #, you should be. ...

All the hands of the sword and the bitterness were all by Jun Ma Lu, and the tenious black mask ninja in the woods were directly slammed.

Come out, the weapons that pull it out, quickly move towards the moment from all angles.

Rotating eye · Hell brigade !!!

Suddenly, more than a dozen rushed to the Ninja, only feeling that a unimaginable gravity was strongly added to himself, the body became Shen Ri