Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 101 of the Crash System of Huain

Unparalleled, suddenly was forced to stop the footsteps.

Everyone was pressed against the ground by this sudden result, and the body went to even a finger.

The scene seems to becomes more funny. It is safe to stand in the middle, and all the black ninja that attacks his black is all

On the face, you can't move, but no one laughs at this time.

I saw the flash in the eyes, and the child's effort broke out, lifted his feet slightly, and stepped out.

Suddenly, the ground of more than a dozen black people, suddenly pressed by a strong gravity, a giant pothole hole that wanted to see the bottom ...

Chapter 128 of the dark stream (seeking to reward automatic)

Renovation, Hell Brigade is the moment of the Pira King World, the killing of the vine Tiger gravity fruit, the development of the skill


The principle is to use the ability of his own transfusion eye to handle gravitation, and unlike the round-eye of the Vientiane sky, the moment is different.

You can use superior gravitational gravity to the ground, all the target enemies instantly can't move on the ground.

Then, the gravitational force acting on the ground is projected, and the ground pressure collaps the ground in an instant, and the enemy is pressed against all the target enemies.

Enter the pit.

This scene in front of you, everyone is a huge pit that is unheatched on the ground, and has disappeared enemy.

Their eyes are only lane, and more than a dozen ninja rushed to the moment, and then the moment is standing in the same place, and they have not used their fingers.

All the ninjas were crushing in the ground, and then the moment was taken out, all the enemies were pressed in front of him.

This is unable to see

The giant pit.

Is it a person or God?!

At this time, the members of the seventh class of Kakasi and Naruto, all of the people have allocated such a thought.

What is the power of ..., 'Kaka is looking into the eyes of the moment, the worry looks more and more strong, if he is unfavorable to the leaves


What is it ?! Is it tentative ?! "Only the nerve of the nerve, jumping up after shocking, and I have to learn

Solden! It's too cool !! ".

Intercorting ..., 'Don't forget to fight the Naruto, and it is difficult to cover the color in the eyes of Sasuke.

Power like this must kill the man.

I didn't pay attention to what the expressions they were now, because his reincarnation found two ninja in the woods.

The wind is a spiral hand sword !!.

Hey. 711 "A strong sound explosion in the air, there is a sharp spiral hand in the hands of the flash, facing far

The two ninja hidden will lose out.

A thorn white light, Kasi and Naruto can't help but lift the strong light and airflow of the arm to block the blow.

After the impact, I went to the front of the woods that had disappeared. The two ninja were lying there, I didn't know life and death.

"It's this, the corpkasi found that he had no philosophies for a long time, but today I found that it was more powerful.


"This is what Ibe: Shaozuo Support people and Sakura have long big mouth. The shock of the spiral hand looked at the sword.

'Um? There is still a lot of live ... The corpse is a little slightly, and it is clear to see one of the ninja on the far floor.


Lift your left hand slightly, and the ninja on the ground in the distance will fly in an instant, and it is sucking to the flash of the moment.

Who sent you? "The moment looked at the ninja on his hand.

The ninja in the hand is pinched in the hand, but he heard the question of the brakes, but there is no signs of opening.

'Oh ... Even if you don't say, I also guess ... corpse

At the other hand, I had a green Chakra ray in my hand, and I pulled it on his neck. The ninja in my hand suddenly lost breathing.

The hand is thrown into the ground.

Tibetan. ... is really anxious. ... I haven't arranged such an appetizer for me. I murmured in my mouth.

The transfusion eyes flashed infinite Guanghua, looking toward the eyes of the woods, it seems that the entire forest is worn.

At the moment, the white walking on the side of the corpse, and some of them attached.

"Don't worry ... Just a group of hidden clowns ..., ' ,

"Walk, we will continue to advance. '. It seems that the ninja that has just been encountered is just a boring farce.

Continue to travel with white and Jun Ma Lu toward the direction of the wooden leaves.

In this main road leading to the wood, it will be assassinated by the ninja. ... and the province, their goal is the day of the moment ..., '

Touching the back of the moment, Carti feels that you seem to have to catch what information, if you think about it, 'Zhe is coming. ... this time

Day after going back the leaves

Will n't it be intoxicated?

Subsequently, followed by the pace of the moment, and the ninja in the seventh class was followed.

Wooden leaves.

The darkness of the sky is not dark.

'' Ok it is him? 'Call a right eye. Wrap around the bandage, asked.

"Although his appearance changes very large _._. But if it is right, he should be a young ninja when he is an orange long hair.

Said, 'I used the secret surgeon of the mountains to live on the birds, and their is very dangerous. Factory

'._. "The old man sinks slightly, and transfer the line of sight to another ninja,' How is the corpse check back?