Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 102 of Hueding Crack System

? "

'Two bodies brought back by the only one brought back. The link between two of them, and the links between the cells are hit by a powerful wind.

The _._. One is that the blood vessels died in the carotid (Li Zhao), but the surface has no scar ~ _. '' The ninja under the hand carefully

Organize your own language

Currently, the extent of _._. Only one person _._. ''

"The day is in the moment." The tone in the mouth seems to be included. Tecosystems are general, the old man is a hate that this name is said.

But the Kakasi, a group seems to be with him, and his side seems to have brought two strange teenagers _._. ''.

Orange long-haired young ninja continues to speak.

"Kakasi?" The old man was somewhat stunned, and then quickly released. Broken,. It doesn't matter if you don't have to do it ... _. You go to do your own quasi

Alternative to _._. ''.

You still dare to go back to the wooden leaf _._. Hahahaha II _. ''

The whole dark underground is full of gloomy laughter.

Chapter 129 is another loaf of wood (seeking automatic)

Wooden leaves, gate.

Still in the usual two guards, I am talking about each other.

At this time, several people far away are gradually close, and the contour is more clear.

"Ha! Is Kakasi them!".

The province came to the country to go to the country to implement the task back! "

Looking at a group of people here, I saw that far philosophies saw that they were like a fool, they waved their hands.

The arm, still calling 'wooden leaves in his mouth! I am back!

'Idiot!' The Sasuke side snorted directly.

Who do you say is idiots ?! Stupid! '. After hearing the eyes, the eyes turned into a white circle, and the spark.

'Shut up! Naruto! We arrived ...,' province a few little ghost noisy, Kakasi helpless frown.

Is it an idiot like all the bloody anime? At this time, Zhe is here to have a thought of this idea.

Looking at the village that is getting closer in front of the eyes, I am looking at the door that I am familiar with the door. I found myself that I couldn't help but have a feeling.

One 213 is a bit complex.

In the past, all people and things happened in this village, like a breeze, blowing his mind.

Wooden leaves. I am back again ...

"Ha. Cardi. Although everyone is an old acquaintance, this is a routine examination ..., 'The laughter of the door, I have given the passport to Kaki,

Then the surprised will turn your eyes to the moment, 'they are. ...? "

The perfect body, extraordinary momentum, and the power can give people a strong pressure, and this eyes ... actually exudes a blue color

Mysterious brilliant. ... this is still a human eye?

Both of them are my ministry, is to come to the leaves to participate in this end of the test, this is our pass ... less face with a word

Smiling, took out a pass from the clothes to give him a pass.

"Well. ... Pass no problem ..., 'After the pass of the moment, the neutrality of the guardian door will look at Kakasi, only

Seeing Kakasi is nodding silently, 'Sorry this is necessary procedure ... Please go in ((acce) ... less

Anyway, with his strength. Now there is no one in the wood, you can do anything. I am not as good as I will notify the three generations of fire.

After passing the door, I walked into a long-lost wooden leaf, looking at this familiar and strange place, the moment is a bit silent.

The streets in the eyes are still bustling, and they are all vendors, residents and ninjas everywhere. Even the tourists who come to travel in the country, showing

A Five National Five Digital Northern Rights.

Is it the hometown of the big people in the moment ..., 'The white looking at the side of the side is very interested.

The original wood is like this ..., 'Jun Ma Lu's cold face, and I also put some curious look.

After a group entered the village, the three people strangely appeared, and they also caused a small turmoil on the street.

'Look at the man! The one wearing black clothes! Eyes. ... Eyes seem to be shining ...,'

'The white hair behind it is also cool ...,'

'You save another girl. Day, she laughed so beautiful. I really can't stand ...,'

Similar to this and exclamation is filled with a few people's ear, the moment is helpless, the setting of the second yuan world is so bad.

Can be evil ... I have to be welcomed by the girl than Sasuke. ... At this time, the Naruto will listen to some of the resentment around some girls.

,. Is there something that is great. Don't live a good life ... less

'Waiting for me, I am going to get on the spot. ... ...,' thinking about thinking, the Naruto's mind has already hosted a beautiful picture.

'Bored! The Sasuke on the side continues to fight him.

'I will report this task first with the fire. "At this time, Kasi suddenly opened, and it disappeared in the original place.

Three generations of old men. ... We have to meet soon ...

'You are going to go shopping or find a place to stay, I have something to deal with ...,'

I suddenly opened, arrange Jun Ma Lu and white himself to find the place where you live, and yourself came to the street, since I just entered the wood.

After the leaves, the blind eye of the moment can all be seen everywhere everywhere. If there is no line of sight, it is monitored.

I indifferent everything around, and I'm looking at the depths of the wooden leaves. No one knows what he is thinking at this moment.

Nightning office.

! 0 mouth!

Come in! "He said in the work of the three generations of speaking.