Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 103 of the Capaci Yushu System

"Naruto" _._. Ming ._. Location is also: ._. ''

After entering the door, I just wanted to talk, Kakasi suddenly went to the office in the office, and there is a white long-haired tall man, wearing

Vintage ninja and clothes taking the wooden riding against the edge of the table.

'Is Kakasiming .... You go to the country to perform the task back. _.' 'Isaicon Kasi after entering the door, three generations smiled and said.

I don't say this, I'm coming back! "Carti is rare, and the look is a bit anxious.

'That person _ .... Who?' Calling the three generations Some surprised, usually, Kasi, which is always stable, is actually so lost today, is it a big snake pill?


'Day is now ._.' Carti seems to have some difficulties of this name, and the look is uneven.

When Kakasi said this name, the office has fallen into a silence, only the breathing of each other.

'The day of the day. _. Is it the disciple of the program? "At this time, he suddenly broke this silence suddenly, he was endured in these years.

All visitors in the world have also heard this name many times. In just a few years, this name seems to rise like a comet.

'Is Ming ._


Chapter 130, I have been reunited for a long time (seeking to reward automatic)

I took the nunpeak to carry out the task in the country of the wave, and I have encountered the peach of the seven people.

Kakasi organized his own language, if the truth is said, 'Just then he suddenly appeared, killing it again and blackly ...,


And. ... he became more stronger than before ... Shakkakasi deeply sucking a breath, said a terrible fact, 'his appearance happened

Very big change. His white eyes seem to have an evolution or changing, to a higher level, '.

By stronger ... After listening to Kakasi's narrative, the three generations muttered, even the smoke on the pipe is overflow.


He must grow a better ninja. ...

'According to him, he is a neutral test of this year this year this time. ... "Carti continued to report all the true

Feel something, 'that two teenagers are not simple ninja ... less

Internal Treatment? The three generations are slightly stunned. No one knows what is thinking at this moment, but the eyes have passed a trace of falling.

Len, look forward to and sad, finally turned a sigh.

Wood leaves, it will usher in a storm ...

The darkness is not far from the point of view, and there is a forest walkway.

"Moonlight wind, I worship you don't want to be wrapped again!"

Just finished the task, unloading the mask, the opening of the moon, there are some helpless steps, and the moonlight in the back is like a hanging ghost.

she was.

Hallow! Why have you been so long? You still have this attitude ..., 'The latter moonlight knife is dead to keep up with the pace of the thrill of the moon.

Time passed in the past seven years, and the long hair of the throne of the day, the long hair of the throne left the belly, the face was perfect, and the body was even more disappeared.

The moonlight wind behind, in these years, the characteristics of M disease seem more to be more obvious, the completion has a pathological compassion, eye

Termatic with a thick dark circle.

"Is there a long time in the past, you still can't forget the stinky boy! That rebellion ?!" It seems that suddenly thinks, the moonlight

Some excitement.

'I finally told you again! "

I heard the snoring of the moonlight, and the beginning of the month suddenly turned, and the face on the face was glamorous. 'Heart is not a rebellion! He is just a

Leave the leaves! Even the Naruto adults have not released wanted to say that he is a rebellion, do you say this !! "

In the end, the look of the throne suddenly became excited, and since she left, she was more or less in the village.

Have a lot of pressure.

For example, the harassment of the moonlight wind.

The day is now in the moment. ... is the day to the Baby ..., 'The mouth hates this name, the moonlight is beginning to be, he will always

I can't forget this name to give him a shame. That kid is to lie to you! So you have so many high-rise, you like him.

I thought he would come back to you?

?! He is just playing you! "

This sentence in the moonlight, seems to poke the pain of the port, I saw her gradually drunk, and indifferently looking at the moonlight wind blown in front of him.

Even if he is playing me, I am also willing to love ...

'Moonlight blast, you are gone, this is my last time I talk to you by my friend. 'After the sharp ended this sentence, the throne looked at the previous month.

The eyes of the light blown wind are already like a stranger.

'Prescent, you ...,' I saw the eyes of the port, and heard her words, the moonlight, the whole person stunned.

'Preshawish ...,'

Just then, a voice that was originally unable to end this space came into their ears.

I heard this familiar and strange voice, the glory and moonlight, and did not reply to the head.

Different, the portrait is a face period, looking forward to.

The moonlight blown is a complaint, and there is still a fear.

' ?!'. Xi Yan is happy, and welcomes the direction of the light.

I saw the refraction of the sun, an aged man came over, the perfect body and the five senses, embellished a pair of blue mystery.

Double, wearing a black ninja and suits, a silver-white long hair seems to be very dazzling.