Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 104 of Hueding Crack System

Two fresh flowers

Step by step, it seems that the gods have come from heaven to the world, which makes people seem to be the illusion of his side.

'Is it really you? I am. Although the appearance of the moment is so big, the portal is still recognized at a glance, I don't know in my eyes.

Overflowed tears.

I also looked at him in an instance, I haven't seen the gains in the old, but it is a little reduced, I think it is because I have been concerned about the concerns.

I have a long-lost beauty in front of you. I have no more words to say a word, and I will take the gap in the gods before, and I posted her after it.

The back will kiss together.

At this moment, both people have waited for too long.

Next to the moonlight, the two people who are unbelievable, and the two people who have kissed their eyes. Suddenly appeared, suddenly took his again.


Suddenly, the moonlight wind feeling that his heart seems to be torn, and the world in front of him only has a gray tone. ...

'Ah, ah ...,'

There is no extra thinking to consider the difference between the two people, the moonlight is crazy directly from the back, just want to go to the brake

go with.

Suddenly, a strong gravity came from the ground. The moonlight blast only felt that the whole body was in the case of an increase in countless times, the whole person instantly

It's can't be moved on the ground, and I can't even lose a finger.

At the moment, there is no movement, and I haven't going to pay attention to the moon moonlight blown on the ground, holding the throne and continue to kiss, both people have

Waiting for too long, and each other is talking about the thoughts of each other.

Two lovers who kissed each other have a resentful ninja.

One time, this unmanned woodwood walked, and founded this somewhat strange picture ...

Chapter 131, then see the three generations (seeking to reward automatic)

After leaving the walkway of the woods, the flash of the thrill came to the bustling street outside.

Along the way, the two laughed, there were too many thoughts and experiences that they need to be.

On the face of the face, it took a smile from the moment of flash, as if they had to make up the smile in these years.

I finally came back ... I feel like I am dreaming ..., 'I'm going to hold hands, the portrait of the face is some ml red, and the slide is quiet.

The moment of temperament is in the moment.

"Of course, I am not dreaming ... Sorry, let you wait for me for so long ..., 'province's delicate grace, the beginning of the moment, a born,

Let a girl wait for it for so long, it is correct.

"As long as you can wait until the 'Jiuqiqi" this day ... Waiting for how long I am willing ...,' Prescent is lightly snuggled to the moment, light words, '

Yes ... will you leave again after this time? "

'I will leave after I have finished doing some things. But you don't have to worry. Now I want to come back, I can come back anytime, anywhere.

..., 'The beginning of the side of the moment, and sent her to the door.

At this time, a wind blows.

Two dark ninja suddenly appeared in front of the two, said to the moment:. At the moment, the three generations of fire, please, please have passed ...

Three generations old head? There is a complicated look on the face, and the mouth is saving the throne: 'You go in, I will see the three generations.


'Um ... You are a little careful. ...,' Pinnam nodded, there is a bit worried.

At the moment, I revealed her a sucking smile, and I was going to the eye. Under the eyes of the two secrets, I disappeared in the original place.

When the moment appeared again, it was already in the office of the three generations of fire.

Three generations and loethes that are talking about, they were scared by sudden appearance.

'You ...?'. Three generations of shocking province suddenly appeared, he did not expect that the changes in the moment have been so big.

Not only the people are growing, even the temperament has changed, the day to the national iconic white eyes and brunette also turned into a blue eyes and silver

White long hair, the body revealed a strong sense of compression.

How? Don't you know me? The three generations of old men ..., 'After many years, the moment is still the tone of the world, just both sides

The situation and position are no longer reseeding.

' ... The body three generations are staring at the moment, there is Xin C, but more of the complex look,' You have grown into one

Colored ninja ..., '

The side of the side is also surprisingly playing the moment that appears in front of you, with the different appearances of the whole day to the family ...

'More important thing is. ... The eyes. ... It seems not ordinary eyes ...,' all the year ago in the Xianli Shengmiamushan follows the fairy

He practiced him, there is a certain understanding of the legendary six immortal eyes, so I will replace it at the moment.

Everything, 'and this is no

The way of signing the appearance. ... more tone of the flying thunder of the water door ..., '

'Well? This figure, you must be a propriety ...,' At this moment, you will move your eyes to the side of the side, from his body.

Feel a breath with some photos like it, it should be the breath of cultivating the immortal mode.

'Oh ... "That is, I often hear the strongest genius ninja in people's mouth to the moment?'. The province will open it on himself.

It is also a smile, and I have recovered my thoughts. Sure enough, it is not a simple guy.

'Give a prize ... but three generations old, I think you let the dark side call me, will not be so simple?'.

The smile and directly provoked three generations.

'... Russian wants to know that the purpose of this time ... The body is deeply staring at the moment, it seems that I want to save anything from his expression,' clear