Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 105

I was so exclaimed that I was suddenly returned now. Now I have to understand the purpose of your back ..., '

The province see the three generations seem to make the mighty eyes of the floods, and the moment is slightly smile. 'After all, it is a shadow. Everything is in the village.

The interests are priorities ..., '

'I can only tell you, this time I took me two parts to participate in the middle and tentative exam ...,' I said, my heart thought: 'Other

The purpose of you don't have to know ... Because you know that you can't, you can't ..., '

'Heartbeat, I know that there are many places where the leaves, sometimes I can't save ...,' listen to the moment and the three generations.

If you say that you are in the moment: 'But the leaves are the shadow of history and the old age, and there are countless people's life. ... if you want to pair

The leaves are unfavorable. ... I am absolutely

Don't sit, no matter what! "

'Oh. ... Who knows? "In the face of the voice, there is no loud noise, and the moment is not placed at all. Whoever has a thing to do.

The voice fell, and I was launched and disappeared in the fire office.

The province seemed to have disappeared in the moment, afraid of the words he left, and the three generations and each other were in silence.

'To tell the truth, I have now fully exhausted his strength ... The three generations of the corpse are faint, and suddenly the opening breaks the silence,' I think my inde

Is old ..., '

4.0 'So a few years ago, I asked you, I now ask you again ...,' with a vicissitudes of life, the three generations are desirable

Take a come, 'Location, you are willing to be the fifth-generation rigid, to protect the village in front of you? "

In the face of the three generations of burning eyes, and his old face, he also felt that he really couldn't worry to reject such an old man in front of him. but

After that, he still opened: 'Old man, I am really not suitable for it, I am really unsuitable ...,'

Under the expression of three generations, he continued: 'But I think there is a person, it will be more suitable than me ...,'

(Fei Lu started to copy my book with the wind, I am also drunk, real fire).

Chapter 132, day to Ning (seeking to reward)

After coming out of the three generations of office, I went to the street again, and organized complex thoughts in my heart.

The streets of the wooden leaves are still in the past, and the scenes of both sides are unchanged, and there are also referred to the face. In short, there are these scenes, and the moment is like

Today's mood has long been different from the original.

After 'Zhe came to this world, more or less caught a lot of changes _._. "If you think about it.

During the original, there was no return to the wooden leaves at all, but he saw him in the three generations of office today.

I finally caused some butterfly effects.

But this is nothing, anyway, it's not a lot of things, it is too much.

Day to the family.

A exercise site in the dense forest.

, Soft, "L 64 palm 02 !!!"

A face-sized day, a young boy, is spilling his hand in his hand in front of a stump in front of him.

I saw him hands into a few vain. The fierce attack seems to be a heavy rain, and the lottery is in the wooden pile, blinking, the eyes are strong.

Wood pile is under the dozens of offensive in his hand, it is turned into a fertile debris.

'Well ._. _ Next _._.' '

I muttered on your mouth, suddenly a biencular blush, the tickness moment moved to the position of the rear of his body.

'The direction of the right rear, the number on the branch of the two kilometers is 9. "

Then the boy looks close to it. The above-eyed numbers are 8, silently admire,. Isn't it? _. It seems yourself

There is always a blind spot in the back of the body _. ''

It turns out that this teenager is in this way to exercise his own white eyes, the result is because the relationship between birds, mantlet prints, the front of the body

There is a dead end that is not seen in the white eyes. The more visited the line of sights, the greater the extension of this dead angle.

The teenager samused and contracted her mood, and continued to take advantage of the speed of the rocking.

This teenager who is drunk is in the middle of the woods. There is a slight god in the moment, and he seems to have a shadow of his original shadow in this boy.

It's just what you were at the beginning. It's a small than this boy.

Cough. ... Ning Ji ..., '

At the moment, I finally coughfully cough. I called the name of the day to the teenager in the middle of the woods.

I was practicing soft tricks, and suddenly heard a strange voice called his name, couldn't help but move.

How can this, ... I obviously open white eyes ... How can someone approach me but didn't find it. ...

Ning did not believe that I can't believe it, but I found someone in the bottom of the big tree, one who can't ignore it.

A black ninja is sprinkled with a silver-white long hair, and Jun Xiu's face is dotted with a pair of blue mysterious eyes, and the whole person is imitation.

Buddha is like a black sun, deep and shine.

Who are you ?! 'Ning Some vigilant lanes in front of this person appeared in the sky, and released the day to the Japanese soft punch. This

The day is the territory of the family, how did you come in ?! "

Some funny lanes stared at their own Ning, and I thought about his strength, so he deliberately said: 'You

Don't know who I am ... You just know that I am going to destroy the wooden leaves ..., '

Sure enough, after I heard the words, Ning Ji suddenly shocked, and I suddenly bullied it, and I hit into the middle door of the moment, and I didn't stop my hand.

The practice of launching soft boxing.

Soft, gossip, sixty-four palms !!! "

Ning Ji looked with a light. A invisible gossip field caged him and the two people, both hands and fucking, and the clouds are played.

Soft Fighting, gossip, sixty-four palms. One instant is full of rooms full of space.