Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 106 of the Capaci Yushu System

But the more I started, the more I am surprised, and the mysterious man in front of my own gossip is like a can't smoke.

, Easily, the left, the left flash, the body is free to sway, escaped to the gossip sixty-four palms that he fully applied.

This is impossible!? 'Ningxi fully finished a full set of gossip sixty-four palms. He has discovered that he didn't hit this man before


Eight Diagrams 64? You self-study? It's not bad ..., ' ,

Even a comment on a voice.

Who are you ?! 'Ning is incredibly looked at him. On the day, the secrets of the family can be transmitted from the school, and they are actually this.

The man is like this cloud, and it is like a jade play.

Suddenly, he had a great doubt that he had worked hard for so long, and had a great doubt. ....

Milk ... This age has surpassed the 793 degree of general in general, no wonder people will call you for genius ... The corpse has no answer

Ning's question, but suddenly speared him.

Soft law, gossip, twenty-eighth palm!!

Just in Ning, I saw the ghost's eyes, I saved the tissue raised my right hand, and I waved a lot of punches in an instant.

Palm finger.

This speed is fast, and it is no longer tilted, and the body of Ning is still not coming, and there will be a burst of numbness and

Pain, the whole person is blown out of the moment.

'Deceived ... deceived ... actually just a hand. ... I played such a softness ...,' I'm going to the uppermost incredible open.

Great my eyes.

His appearance seems to be much bigger than yourself. ... and his appeal is not like a day?

'Is it very incredible? "The flash smiles on his face, the province, the Ning of the ground, he did not make much strength.

The province is indeed a qualified genius. It will be able to understand the sky with self-study, and cultivate it into this process.

Degree, the usual day to the family is not likely to do this ...

Chapter 133 Removes the people of fate (seeking to reward automatic)

It is no wonder that the plot in the original is at this point. If it is normal, in addition to the sandy, I will be his opponent, there is no one in the exam.

The only unfortunate thing is that Ning is lacking the tutor of the protagonist. In the years, he has opened the street in the trend of the destiny.

Strictly speaking, the five national scorpions sang this generation of the Ninja, remove the Naruto and Sasuke these two unforced things in accordance with the symposium of the six sons, which cannot be treated with the symposium, truly relying on their own talent and efforts, and instantly think that It belonged to my love and Ning.

I loved the strength of the same level in the beginning of the start, and some people will feel that this is because of a hiking crane, but after the disease is biography, I love Luo is the first to reach the first part of the same generation. The degree of shadow level. And after being smoked. After the tail guard, the strength is not refundable.

Inspected, in the fourth endurance battle, a higher degree is reached, even got a few generations of five shadows, identifying that he is a promising ninja.

And Ning Ji_._.

Recovered his own thoughts, quietly saving the face of the show in front of his eyes, and his eyes became more complicated.

The destiny of the daily difference cannot reverse, so in any case, Ning's fate must change it:.

'Ning Ji ._.' 'Silent, the moment is open,' What is your mother? Have her at home? "

'Why do you know my name, I'm looking for my body. The road seems to have not been blocked. Some doubts are stunned to save the moment. My mother is going to die. _. ''


After I heard Ning, the whole person shocked, when I was a child, I especially liked myself, I would like to be very good..

Suddenly, I thought of the scene that I just passed through a child, and the day to Mei Ling, a picture, like Yesterday.

I saw some shocking expressions, I would like to be more confused, 'Do you know my mother' '.? "

Immediately, I saved a little bit of a little, I would like to find a figure in front of this person and my memory in front of my memory.

'You second _. Are you a brother ?!' Ning suddenly asked in a little uncertain, that person and the name, have become a taboo in the village in the past few years, basically already trenching.

'Do you finally recognize me? "At the moment, he was in the heart of the inner waves, and he saved the Ningxin of the Huang, which saved him.

'Really you ?! But you look ". _.'" Seeing the moment to admit your identity, Ning Ji suddenly became a little excited.

'Don't care about these details. ... Ning Ji, today appeared here ... I just want to ask you a word ...,' I'm directly interrupting the problem of Ning. Deep mysterious reincarnation is at Ning's eyes, you ... do you want to change your own destiny? "

'Change your own fate ??' Ning Ji feels your own breath and has a big eyes. Suddenly he worked again to the moment of light, then the above is so good.

'Change the fate of the family to a family. Change. Birds in the cage, the fate of the cage ...,' Subject to Ning, and the moment will continue to add his own words.

'Change the fate of the family to a family of family? Change. In the cage, the fate of the birds,' Listening to the flash, the mind muttered in the mouth.

It is Ming ... isn't the moment in front of you? Is it a change in the existence of your fate?

In a flash, his mind flashed the father who sacrificed the day, I remembered the mother after the father sacrificed, and finally thought of such fate, and finally thought of such fate ...

No, I will never have such fate ....

How to change ?? 'Call a time, Ning's breathing is inevitably urgently. The sputum of burning, this sudden disappeared from memory, now people who appear in the sky.

'Very good ...,'

The voice fell, and the moment called a picture of the shadow, standing in the front of Ning, 'unlocked the day to a family' cage, the key of the bird, L, L., there is one, '"but before this ... I have to get my recognition first. After I will give you the key to the lock of the destiny. ... Otherwise, I will also harm you ..., 'I have no expression, and the flat order Ning.

'Change your own strength ...,' Ning Jun , although he now has completely exceeded the general peers, but he also knows that he and his eyes, there is still a gap between heaven and earth, ' Then what should I do? "

'Now to endure the exam, there is still a short time ...,' I'm talking about it, while the province's own shadow is divided, 'In this time, my shadow will be a cultivation of you. And it is not the kind of one, '

'You. ... Can you accept it?' Sharudy, the moment is once again moved to Ning, waiting for his answer.

'Do not cultivate hell in the bottom line? "Zhao's) Ning Ji heard the meaning of Senhan from the moment, a moment of his mind flashed in his mind, but eventually turned out A firm look, 'I accept it! No matter what the price is paid. ... I must break away from this hate.


'Very good ... I hope you will not let me down ...,'

Finally, the moment of the moment is deeply saved, and the mouth has a inexplicable smile. Since the matter is almost all the things have been arranged, then the next time you need to have a well-evil. .

Is the group hide ?_. Hehe ... _. I won't let you wait too long _._.

Wink, the moment, the whole person has disappeared in the air, and only a little in the whole woods, and it is a bit of a daze to look at the moment of the moment _._.