Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 107 of Hueding Cracks

Chapter 134 First Exam (seeking automatic reward)

Half a month, turning into an eye.

The Ninja World is eye-catching in the world, in the fire country wooden, ninja, is held as scheduled.

Various countries and forces will bet to the battle of the Ninja Selection in this year. A waist episode of a brightening between this country and the force is never coming.

Compared with the previous period of the previous phase of the past, the inner test, the people who participated in and concern were more than before. The world is difficult to say that there is no new outbreak in the war, so there is more energy to pay more attention to this village between the countries and forces.

The context between the star and other villages.

In these half a month, in addition to the daily and the dating dating every day, it is a place to stay in place. Of course, there is still a shadow that is constantly moving a madness in Ning. Borrowing the Breast This is similar to that is cloudy, and some viewing lines around the surveillance are slightly converged.

In the examination room started in the first game.

In the entire classroom, it is crowded with the ninja from all kinds of normative villages from various countries.

'White, theory is not my one 510 strong item, I will not let go of the expectations of the big people ._.' 'Very rare, Jun Ma Lu seems to be a cold face that is always on the moment.

It is rare that Jun Ma Lu will have such a look, and Bai Xiu's face suddenly reveals a difficult to cover, 'Jun Ma Lu, you don't need to be so nervous, I need to know the theory, my strength, moment and Mr. Big Snake Pill has taught it, and you only need it ._. ''

After listening to the white An C and arrangements, Jun Ma Lu's face finally returned to calm, and restored to the cold gesture.

The nun of the other side of the classroom, but suddenly made an amazing move at this moment.

I saw him shouting the big hand on the table, shouted with all the ninja in the classroom with his iconic big noise: 'You gave me a good time! My name is the swirl song! It is the future of the wooden leaves! Narrow! I won't lose to anyone! "

Naruto this is amazingly drunk, attracts all the ninja in the classroom. Of course, most of this is someweight.

'Idiot!'. Sasuke habitual vomiting is a Naruto, and the Sakura, while smashing the Naruto is draging from the chair.

'Naruto this guy. _. Harm everyone put all the care to us _. The Lu Pill is also complaining about it.

'Is Naruto Jun ._. Sure enough is his style. _.' 'Sitting in the white next to Jun Ma Lu is also a laugh.

'The fool is doing? "Jun Ma Lu also looked in the past, with him; a light character, I can't understand the behavior of the niece. In the case of itself, why should I attract all? What about people?

'But. ... The ability of the pharmacus. ... It is really powerful with someone else ... Suddenly, Jun Ma Lu pays attention to the low-key to the low-key to a sense of presence, I have been mixed. Naruto their group.

'Pavilion. ... this should be your second time to participate in the Chinese tolerance test? "Xiao Yak on the side of the Naruto immediately recognized the pocket. Identity.

'No, this is already the seventh time to participate in the Chinese tolerance,' The face is always with a hypocritical smile, from the endurance bag, I took out a group of cards, 'Let me use me. Help the card, come to 9 intelligence to you, these younger generation

Immediately, through the Ninja information and data on the bachelor's card, the information ((ADEF) and information of each of the various nunasters (ADEF) and the information will also have Sakura. It also includes sandy I love Luolk, and the Ninja information of the Ninja and the Ninja.

"Just tell you the name, you can find out this person's ninja intelligence is ..., 'At this time, he listened to the drunkenness around the Naruto, suddenly asked to the plum.

'Theory is true like this ...,' I smiled and looks to Sasuke, reflecting inexplicable glory on the glasses, 'Saso, do you want to know who the information? "

"The day is in the moment ..., 'Sasu help the vibrant," I don't know if you have information about this person ...,'

On the moment, I'm now?!

I heard Sasuke suddenly mentioned this name. The face was stalemating, but he quickly turned back and continued to laugh:............................................................................................

'We also want to know ...,' At this time, the Naruto around him is also an expression that you want to try. It seems that he left him before, causing him to be strong curious.

'I am here about his intelligence is not a lot ... I only have the data information on him or the time of your time ... less, I'm talking to a card from a group of cards, and I am in the moment of myself. Photo, still black long hair pure white double destination Junxiu children look.

"Japan to the flash of the 43rd, the original wood Ye Day is unknown to the family, the task experience is unknown, 7 years old to participate in the Chinese tolerance test, in the second test of the exam, defeated the first to participate alone All the Ninja of the exam, only one person is promoted in the exam, and the same year

Three generations of fire fares to promote. "

After reading all the information on the bachelor card, he was also secretly surprised, and all the cards in his hand were raised, and the three people in front of him.

Deceive ... deceptive. ... How can it be seven years old how to get that kind of thing ..., 'Sakura twitch your mouth. I can't believe what I just said.

I saw that the people made a heavy red. I didn't dare to make a big shout: 'It is definitely a deceptive! How can someone in the world? Some people have to be genius ...,'

'Sucking ... After Sasuke, after hearing, the silence silently cleared the head in his hand. "A person defeated all the Ninja in the middle tolerance ...,'.

Chapter 135 Death Forest (seeking to reward automatic)

The first test of the Chinese tolerance test One of the ninja theory tests, in the last minute of the last minute, in the declaration of the mouth, the number of people passed.

Under the leadership of the Royal Hand Washing Red Beans, all the internal tolerance exams have come to the second test of the test hall.

Under a minus, all the Ninja is all in groups, and rushed into the death forest.

Between the huge woods, dozens of shadows are fast shuttle, except for the Ninja Out of Jun Ma Lu and the white, all three people are a group, with each of the respective reels, and forward in the direction of the end.

'White. The big people say that the snake pill has also been mixed into this candidate. I don't know where he is now ...,' is a fast galloping, Jun Ma Lu is asked to the white opening.

So many candidates, it is difficult to save which is him ..., 'In the run in the run, the white face has always been bleak.' But these are not what we need to care ... Russia just according to the instructions of the moment, Get the reel, just reach the end point. "

'As the other things ... The big people will naturally be arranged ...,' Flying, the white province has emerged from the dark eyes of the distance, there is an inexplicable brilliance.

Another end of the death forest.

'Ning, what have you been doing recently. A.'. It is curious every day to watch the Ning of your side.

'Yeah, the nearest Akai teacher calls us to train you. And what is your wound? "The other side of the little Li, also strangely province Ning.

I saw Ninja, the same, the same ninja sweater, but only the difference is that the body is full of small and small medical tape and bandage.

I will see Xiao Li and the doubtful expression, and I won a inexplicable smile in the mouth of the mouth, but I didn't explain too much, but I was only in my eyes, and it was more confident and firm.

Time passed, the opening of the death forest has passed for more than two hours.


The huge impact of the death forest came from far, it seems that it is a big bullet that has a big tree.

Mr. Big Snake Pill seems to have begun ..., 'is in the middle of the forest, white and Jun Ma Lu are not slow in it, and smiles and smiles.

Ah, ah!! ',

Suddenly, the a few screams came in front of this, attracted two people who were ticky. It seems that the grass is hiding behind the grass. It seems that they are shaking. It is a young, dogist teeth. And oil women are three groups.

'Well? Then is the young lady who mentioned by the big people? We have saved it ...,' I recognize the identity of the young field. White remembered the premature moment. If you encounter the day in the day of the day, you will have two shots to help them if you need it.

On the middle of the dead forest, the ground is full of yellow sand and blood.

In a few desperate screams, the three ninja were wrapped in the hands and feet, and then wrapped in Yellow Sands, and finally squeezed into a meat sauce by the sand.

'It's really clever. ... Just is the reel of the sky, it is exactly what we want. "Searching in Ji Lang, I love Luo to use the Sha Waterfare to funeral, after the rain, after the rain to rob the reel, picked up the reel on the ground, 'Ok, let's go to the tower!"

After seeing that I loved three cloud in the world, I have begun to faintly control my own kill, and I feel uneasy in the heart of Jiulan.