Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 108 of the Capaci Yushu System

At this time, the handcuffs around you also felt that I loved the noise killing, so I also said: "Let's here, I love Luo ... Don't forget that we have a mission ..., '

'Short up! "It's unfirming that I am stimulated by the killing in front of you, I've been able to spend a glance directly.' I haven't played enough yet ..., '

Said, if I love the look at the grass next to my love, I seem to be aware that someone is hiding there.

'Will not be discovered by him ...,' I saw that I loved the powerful strength and tyrannical character, the dog's family was scared by the two legs with a strong kilute.

... seeking flowers ······

'His eyes are really scary ... we will die ...,' The young fields and oil women on the side also seep the fine sweat on the forehead, this strength and personality opponents, if found The three people have finished.

'Can n't you come out? You a few little mice ...,' Surene, I loved someone in the grass. I started to control the sand in the gourd, slowly floating into the grass.

Just in the young fields, the three people were nervous, and when they had come out from the Yunnanese, a indifferent voice suddenly broke this dull atmosphere.

'You didn't play enough. Let me come to play with you ...,'

I don't know when, there are more than two teenagers on the empty space in the forest, a white hair is cold, a black hair smiles.

I saw the sudden white and Jun Ma Lu, I felt that the two were completely exceeded by other ninja. I love Luo Liu suddenly squatted, and slowly returned the sand.

'Killing these two people must prove that I have existed the exhaustion ...,' Dead staring at Jun Ma Lu, who just talk, whispered in the heart of love.

You are nothing to do? I will give us ..., 'When I walked to the grass of the three people hiding, saving them on the three faces,' You will go first ..., '.

You. ... Why do you want to help us? "The philosophone suddenly suddenly had more than two people provocating my love, the noisy blood, the dog, the dog's family was surprised.

'Because the adults are awkward, if the young lady is in trouble ... We have to shoot. ... "White is still smiling, but his eyes turned to the surprised young field.

Adult? Help me? 'The young ladita has a pair of pure white eyes, how can she think this person in a simple mind?

'Good first, don't ask so much ... We hurry first ...,' The atmosphere in the province is getting more and more pressure, and the dog's family is quickly pulling the sleeves of the fields ...

Chapter 136, Sand Waterfall, I love Luo (ask for an automatic)

A group of young fields leaving with a doubtable look, smiled and shook his head, and then turned his gaze to the middle of the air.

If I have not read a wrong ... What are you not the ninja of the wood? "At this time, the handcuffs on the side, also saved the different ordinary things of these two teenagers, asked: 'Why did you come out to help them? ? "

No ..., 'This time it is also standing in front of the handcuffs and survival, the face can not fluctuate,' Just listen to the laughing of adults ..., '.

You can be more than the few little mice who have just been ..., 'I love the original drunken face has been controlled. The killing desire completely distorted. The two killed you two must be very interesting ...,'.

Just a lack of a reel in your hand ... The corpse seven seconds will take you may be right ..., 'Jun Ma Lu is still a indifferent look, as if there is no thing in this world to change his expression.

After listening to Jun Ma Lu is so challenged, I love Luo cold scorpion and red light flash, and the kills suddenly broke out, reached out forward, 'Sand !! "

A shanghai suddenly spread from Jun Ma Lu, as if I grabbed his feet like a living person, just successfully grabbed his foot to restrict his move, all of my love all the sand immediately All over, put him into a meat sauce.

The sand of the province, the green scorpion of Jun Ma Lu is flashes, the body is moving, disappearing in the original place.

So fast !! The provision of Jun Ma Lu, I love the pupil of love, and I lost his traces in front of him.

When he once again found that Jun Ma Lu's body shape, the horp the sand beside the left has blocked him an attack, and the sound of collision between Jun Ma Lu's fists.

It's hard to wrap the sand ... I will automatically protect him ..., '

The province seeking his own attack instantly is blocked by the sand, Jun Ma Lu is still drunk, and the speed is full, and the blink once again disappeared in the position.

My love is still in the position of the left side, suddenly the right cheek is painful, and the whole person suddenly kicked out by a strong force.

I was flying in Ai Luo? "

Next to the handcuffs and the unbelievable eyes of Jilang, from small to big, they almost didn't see my love. Any offensive will be blocked by my Ai Luo's absolute defense, any opponent will be pressed by my love, today is actually seen in front of this, it looks almost a big white hair born.


'Your sand speed is not fast enough ... After I kicked my love, Jun Ma is standing in the same place, after the moment of the moment and the big snake pill, this time he compared to the original It is obvious that there is more than one grade.

'Hey ... Your blood tastes must be delicious ...,' was flying out from Jun Ma Lu, who had just got up from the ground, and his face was cracking, and the sand was constantly peeling down. The look is more horrible, 'I must kill you !! "

'? Sand forming the sale? "Jun Ma Lu has a little surprised to call the no-hurt, I didn't expect this tolerance, and the opponent of this far-endure,' I will peel it out of your sale, no sand, you can't do anything! "

'There is a sand, I will get anything!' Rui released a lot of sand in the gourd behind my love, the air is full of gravel and dust, and the faintness turns a strong bloody. It can be seen that there are many people in his sand, 'sand !! "

When the moisture of the air is a burst of sand and rain, the speed is flying towards Jun Ma Lu, and the sand will only be trapped, then the other party can only let mear, with this trick, I don't know this trick. How many people have killed.

My body, ten fingers, wear!! "

On the one side, avoiding the attack of sand and rain, while the sound of blasted, Jun Ma Lu's hands ten fingers took ten fingers, like bursting bullets, generally noodles I love.

!! ...

A series of impact sounds, Jun Ma Lu 10 refers to the power of wearing a strong force to break the shield of my love, and don't even reduce my love, gravel and splash ...

'I love !!'. The handcuffs next to him and the Jiu Lang exclaimed, although my love is noisy and violent, but after all, they are both biological brothers.

'Sands? Less province, I loved it by my ten fingers, I loved a pile of sand, and Jun Ma Lu is indifferent.

Go to death! Sand !! "At this time, I drilled out from the other side, I was a single hand, and all the sand immediately met the Jun Ma Lu immediately, and firmly trapped him firmly. inside.

"Sahets funeral ... Less hand is kneaded, my love is a distorted excitement expression, can kill this powerful opponent, let the killing desire of his heart has been very satisfied.

However, at this moment, the handcuffs noticed that the white face did not change, as if it didn't worry about it.

Dance of the body of the bones !!! "

Sure enough, there was a light drink in the sand, and more than a dozen white bones were springer. I saw Jun Ma Lu with the bones that were blocked, and the hard-born is hard to get out of the sand.

'You are a good opponent ... I use this strongest spear to kill you ...,' In the eyes of everyone, I sprpen sharp white bones, and Jun Ma Lu's hand gradually circled a lot. White skeleton, slowly cast the arm into a bone formation 5.1 spiral long gun.

'It's enough! Jun Ma Lu ...,' Just opened this, 'It's so moving. ... Don't forget our task ...,'

'Anyway, Miss Miss, they are already far away, we will get the end of the end, don't let the big people wait ...,' White reminded.

Listening to the white reminder, Jun Ma Lu seems to suddenly be cold and comfortable, and I have provistered my three people in love, gradually collecting the bones of the body, 'Yes. ... can't let the big people wait ...,'

'So ... Russia's battle will stay next time ... Those tone fall, Jun Ma Lu and white two people disappeared in a dimwood.

(These chapters, I will pass the fast transition, I will enter the Jiguo tomorrow).

Chapter 137 Third Exam (seeking to reward)


When the bright sunshine is irradiated. Entered the room, finally wake up the port.

Feel the warm body temperature next to the body, and the throne snort, turned over and put his face in the moment of the moon and rushed, as a kitten.