Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 109 of Hueding Crack System

You finally woke up ..., '

I opened my eyes slightly, and the throne will soon see the face of the handsome face with the expression of smiling, thinking of the two people crazy last night, can not help but face slightly red, Sundia fly cheeks, shy head The new buried in the bed.

During this time. At the moment, I finally broke through the relationship between the two, and successfully went to the third base.

Today is white they go to participate in the third day of the treatment of the exam ... don't you have to go to Wishes? ', Lazy snuggle in the absence of the moment, the portrait of the finger is in the moon, light, light Say.

During this time, the flash introduced the two teenagers of Bai and Jun Ma Lu Lu, gave each other, and it was now in this two departments in the moment.

03 'What? Do you want to see the province with me?', The left hand of the moment gently gently on the smooth back of the throne, comfortably closed his eyes.

What to do in the exam. ... Of course, it is not important. ...

It is what it is. ... Today is the day of the Big Snake Pill Plan ... It is also yourself. ... find a group of old days ......

Well ... I will not go ... I am still waiting for you here ..., 'I feel that my hand is behind myself, and the evening is slightly breathed.

The moment is laughing. Two are wrapped again. It took a while, and the moment was put on the clothes, and the vision was blusted. I launched it directly, and I lost the room ...

After coming to the venue of the third test of the exam, the surrounding audience seats are full of feet, the people of the mountains.

In addition to the guests from the leaves, the guests from all over the country, even the heads and big names of several countries come to see the tentative exam.

In the moment, I can't help but return to the epicker of the top-life, glanced on the environment around a circle, and the moment of light came to the highest level of fence, and the drunk relying on the top, and the appearance of the appearance. Start fight.

'Hello! Cardi! That person is not ...,'

The highest level gathered together, the whole person wearing the whole person is like a watermelon skin, the first time I noticed that sudden appearance was not far, appeared only.

'Um ... The provincial three generations of adults have already told you ... Shakkasi is remembered to Akai's reaction, silently nod.

So far, they don't know what it is, what is the purpose of this time, but no one dares to question him, this is the shock force brings to the power ...

"The day, moment ..., 'Akai's evening, full. Mei's lips, lightly spit out this name. The far-provincial will keep against the figure on the fence, the red eyes are not banned A variety of color.

The free wearing a black ninja and suits. The silver hair is free to sprinkle. The blue mysterious doubles lightly look at the following battle. Look from the side. It is a perfect sculpture. It seems to be isolated in an independent air. China. The surrounding environment seems to be so thick

'I can't think of him, I suddenly came back ... The province has recently been too peaceful ...,' Asta seems to have no care to the evening, deeply sucking a cigarette, spit out a smoke .

On the eve of the eve, I took a slight tip of this smoke, and I wrinkled my brow. I immediately remembered my marriage contract with Asma, and I couldn't help but sigh.

'Amount? J. The smoke that I spit out, I seem to be Tang Jian people around him. Asa quickly embarrassed smile, hurry to drop the cigarette in his mouth.

'I don't think of the three generations of old age, I can't recognize big snake pills ...,'

There is no reason to pass around, and it is also guess that these eyes are meaningful, and the moment is just Shu Pu's best guests through the highest place.

That is the position of the four generations of wind shadow and the three generations, looking at the two are talking about it, through the revivement of the eyes, the unclear, the four generations of wind shadows, the whole belonging, Chakra, which belongs to the big snake pills. Can't help but sigh.

Three generations old man. You are really old ...

Looking down, I saw the two people in the scene, and Jun Ma Lu was arrested.

'Calling the plot has been unfair by my destruction, and there is a different battle in this and the impression, and I murmite.

The battle under the province, according to the original plot, Jun Ma Lu and Chi Tongzhao's ninja, but now I am taking the battle.

'Hey. ... I advise you to surrender. ... I can absorb you through your hands. ... "

I saw that the red copper pin 207 this dragon set, and the arrogant lines were not finished. They were sent to the Rui Lu Yi, and there was no suspense spike.

'The strength of this child ...,' calling the performance of Jun Ma Lu, three generations of turbid eyes all over the eyes, 'Sure enough, people and things related to this child, you can't save it,

At this time, Jun Ma Lu, the province, 'four generations of wind shadow, have an inexplicable smile on the face, flickering.

In the next few battles, the moment is cheering, whether it is a ridiculous battle of the nun, and the dog's family, or Sasuke's mantra of the big snake pills, and the battle of the battle must be worn for a long battle. I'm playing smart interest.

The only thing worth ity is that after the hell special training in his own time, the strength has a rapid growth, and it is easy to crush the front of the opponent.

Next round, the electronic display on the field began new changes, I love VS white.

'White battle, I love Luo? I am a little quidden. If I haven't remembered the wrong, I should be Xiao Li, eight gates, I love Luo, I'm,'

Zhe saw the white transients appeared in the center of the venue, and the raging of interest is the eyebrows ...

Chapter 138 Wonderful Battle (seeking to reward)

"Fast province! It is a white mistake!" The upper fence in the venue, the Naruto saw that the white appearance was present, immediately excited.

Unlike indifferent Jun Ma Lu, Naruto, their impression of the white, has always been very good.

'I can't think of the white opponent is the terrible guy _._. I hope nothing is good: ._.' 'Sakura, Sakura, also worried, after all, I have taught them in the country before the white Three use Chakra cutting trees.

You are still worried about yourself ._. The man's department _._. It is definitely not that simple goods _._ "At this time, Sasuke said, whitening the stone in the sprout.

'I can't think of it is you _._.' '

I saw that the white entered appeared in the middle of the venue, and I love Luo, I also slowly condensed the body, and the bloodthirsty eyes stared at the white, 'Compared to you _._. I am more interested to follow you. Partner hand two _. ''

More than temperament is indifferent, the killing of the killing is indeed a weakness, which seems to be weak.

You said that Jun Ma Lu Ming is. No way this is the battle for the exam, but if the opponent is my words. _ You are not careful or will suffer a loss ._. '' White is still a drunk Party, it seems to be in good fortune reminding me.

'Is it ._. "Listen to the reminder of the white good interest, I love the expression of noisy face on the face,' So I will kill you _ second, let your companion hate me more less.

Sand-bound! "

Single hand, the main test of the main test of this exam is announced, I love to take a lot of sand in the gourd.

True is really anxious _._. ''

I saw the sand, the white smile, and the laughter still remains in place, and people have lost traces.

Water and big waterfalls!!

When I reoccupied the white figure, white has been finished with seventeen prints, and the sand will catch the white.

Suddenly produced a lot of water flow from the white, the water flow, like the eight parties like the waterfall dropped from the sky, and crazy like I love to brush.

In an instant, I was together with his sand, and I suddenly rushed away by this huge waterfall water.

'This is ._. !!'. Some people on the surrounding field saw this scene, even directly surprised to stand up.

'This juvenile one in this no water environment can make this level of rushing: ._.' ', Even the most prestigious. Refariat of Ninja. Three generations of fire, also surprised Big eyes, 'has this speed of printing ._. It is really amazing tolerance.

'It's so powerful ._. The original white is so strong !! "" The Naruto surrounded by the venue Zhang Danedi. Pakistan, just enough to put it in.

'._Russa know that the man's department is definitely not so simple ._.' 'Sasukist said, but the hand still unconsciously grabs his trousers.

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