'I have said _._. If you are not careful ._. It will suffer from the second _.' 'White quietly standing in front of my love, save me, love, love, wet, The wolf is model,. And you have already in my water, a Russian thinking, your sand has become heavy? "

'The dead second _.' I stood up from the ground, just like white, the whole body's sand is in the white water, it becomes unusual, even other The sand control is also an abnormality.

'Still don't give up?'. The voice falls, and the whiteness is a whirlwind, and there is a boxing from the right side of my love.

W's sound, I loved the sand as if the sand of the cement is like the sand, and it blocks the white attack.

' · !! "

In the shocking eyes of everyone, the white actually opened a hand-held print, and a huge water dragon bomb was released from the other side of the ground, and I flew my love.

A silence in the audience, a bigger embarrassment broke out after a few seconds.

'I love Luo !! "I saw the younger brother who was hit by him, and the hand on the side was shocked.

'Who is this teenager ?! "On the highest level fence, Asa was surprised to open his mouth.

He is one of the two departments of the day, it is not simple. The mouth of Akai also sent a spray amazing.

At this time, I heard their conversations, and the next day, the sun was frequently secretly sneaking into the temple, and I didn't know what I was thinking.

In the top of the top, the performance of the whole station is also in the dark, white in the talents, the whole nignantian world is also shocked. Yan, and he is the only one-handed printing in the entire fire Ninja, of course, the blog period is not counted.

I have saved my own guidance in these years, plus the training of the big snake, and there is no white Feife. ...

Do you make sure you don't accept it? "

Using the water instant, I appeared in my love, I loved. White is still exacerbated. Many years of hard practice and mental guidance of the big snake pills. I have laid a solid foundation for his strength and strength of Jun Ma Lu.

Just give them some time and opportunities, it can break through the stage of the shadow level for two or three years. Of course, that is, it is a matter of the disease.

'I want to kill you! (Good)! "

When I was angry, I loved the expression of his original face. Suddenly I started to start crazy circle of Chakra, and the sand that was infiltrated around the water gradually enclosed him into a national ball, forming a secret Absolute defense.

'To be like a plot. Do you start using a tail? ...,'

This scene in the province, through the revivement of the eye, the moment, the clear almost, I love everything in the national shaped sand ball.

When everyone is immersed in the wonderful concomity between this ninja, the air of the entire venue suddenly started slowly.

"Plan. To start?"

I can see the majority of the sudden occurrence in front of you, and the blue double pupillat instantly captured a cat face mask in the edge of the venue. The ninja is quietly using illusion. ...

Chapter 139 Plan Start (seeking to reward automatic)

Suddenly someone suddenly used a large illusion among the venue, there were many people who had a lot of wooden leaves immediately.

Kakasi and Akai and other fewer endurance, sudden printing unwinds this illusion. But all the masses on the field, the vast majority of all, and fainted on the ground.

'This is a pile of illusion II _. Is it necessary to start actions ?_.' '

At this time, the ones of Sandy Village, the network is in the field, and immediately tightened the muscles of the whole body and started the action.

When the entire scene on the spot is chaotic, the three-generation rigs and, the four generations of wind shadow, the four generations of wind shadows, and the deep opposition to each other in the depressed atmosphere, and they will interact with each other.

A shocking, the most prosperous street center of the leaves made a three huge python, and the madness started to destroy the entire village.

Among the smoke and chaos, the darkness of the wood and the ninja rushed to the scene, the three generations of fire have been, four generations of wind shadows. Hold the top of the room.

The ninja of the four sounds instantly removes the camouflage, leaping the top of the room, and the ninja and the darkness of all the tops of the three-generation rigs are isolated.

'I didn't expect sand, it was violated 853 anti-Treaty, betrayed the wooden leaf _._ Re-launch the war? The wind shadow adult _._. ''

'Bored game games to this end _. Historical wheel will also roll again ._: The four generations of wind shadow, with his gloomy voice whispered in the ear of the three generations.

'Macro adults, we should avoid moving, and use the words and talks about the three generations to persuade, and they have been stared by the four generations.

' ... _. Are you too old?'. Four generations of wind shadow, finally unloaded the disguise, using his unique juggling noise to say in the ear of the three generations.

'You are. Three generations heard this somewhat familiar voice, unbelievable eyes.

But at this time, he was more uneasy that he went from the venue below the roof, and the trace of the moment was lost.

'Is he also participated in this incident? "It is not allowed to be not booked ((ADAB) heart, the three generations of hearts are not curbed, and this terrible idea is.

At the same time, Carti and others who are also in the middle of the venue and the Sabesy, and the sound of the tone, and the keen care has not been seen when I have disappeared in the venue.

Suddenly, all the ninjas of the wooden leaves, the hearts have a thick shadow. ...

On the streets of the wooden leaves, it is already chaotic, everywhere is a resident of four, and the ninja who kills, and the crazy destruction giant snake.

Among the chaos of the crowd, there are three stirs in the moment, just like a leisure.

'. What should we do now? "

I killed a sand that was attacking toward them, and I asked in Mun Ma Lu.

'Bai, Jun Ma Lu, you are now looking for my order, and I am ... in the messy street, I will have a mysterious light, and the whole person suddenly disappeared. In the air.

'Let me see me, old friends, ... After you disappeared, I left this sentence to float in the air.

Root tissue base.

'Ticket group hidden! The leaves have been attacked. The initial concluding invaders are the sandyness of the sound of the big snake pills and the sandy country of the country. At present, the three generations of fire are handed over with the big snake pill ..., "Same Tibet is sitting on the seat, body The former root tissue is halfway to the ground, and the situation outside of him is.

'Hey. I know. 'Listen to the ticket, the group hidden thinking about the eyes outside X.

'That. ... Triple Hidden adults, do we want to go out to help to hit the back Jun ...,' The ninja under the hand seems to be a little hesitant, and after the end, it will be asked.

No. We also have a more milesty to do ..., 'The group is hidden, and this seems to have some sorrowful ninja, and some unfortunately.

It's hard to wait for the attack of the big snake pill, which can be a good time to kill the flying, let me take the wooden leaves.

Suddenly a very slight movement, the Ninja, the group and the ninja is surprised, widened.

I saw a Chakra light blade that exudes the green light. It is from the back of the Tibet seat, and the Chakra is slowly cut up, and the mouth begins to spit a lot. Blood, more amazing is that the chair and clothes of the group have no damage.

At the occasion of death, a write-eyed eye on the back of the group opened, opened a slight rotation ....

Another evil ..., '

A touch of taunt, starting to fill in this dark underground space, a silver long hair, black ninja, the ninja of the blue mysterious double, and slowly come out from the rear of the group.

You. ... is the day of the day. "When I open the evil, I will turn the head, save this ninja that suddenly comes from myself. Although the outer shape of the moment is so big, the Sub-Humbler I have recognized him at a glance.

I can't think of it. ... You still recognize me, ... Mock the look.