Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 111 of Huedings

However, the words are coming back, the outside of the wooden leaves are being attacked, and you can't hide this. "The province has saved the bodies in front of the group to have disappeared, then reappear, the color of the flash is more beautiful. Don't tell me, this is also a way you called guardian wood? "

The gradually researchers, an eye is dead to the moment, and he is probably unable to make this person give him how much humiliation before the eyes. ...

Chapter 140 will hide again (seeking to reward)

"I have been separated from the wooden leaves ..., '

'How can I understand that let the dry leaves fall down and grow new leaves, but also a way to guard the naked trees? "

Surrounded by a hand surrounded by an incomparably surrounded, the group has finally gradually put down his own high-hitting, just a gloomy-free one in his hand, and there is a write-eyed eye in the 'base. What did he suddenly appear? "

The problem of the province of Tibetan, which is now, I really don't know that this guy is already a certain level, or it is still thoroughly giving him a brainstorm, I really think that all the actions you have made are for wooden leaves. .

It should be the sentence.

Touched yourself. ... disgusting others ...

'Leather your disgusting crying!'. The moment I disdainfully glanced around, my eyes were ignored by countless roots that were surrounded by my group, 'The province was previously destroyed by me. ... you have reconstructed a base, '


At the moment, I lost a slightly around a number of Ninja than the previous, since I last, the province comes to increase the efforts to absorb members. ...

The day is in the moment ..., 'I heard the moment to re-filed the root tissue base that was destroyed by him, and the hearts of the group were simply dripped. The face suddenly was more gloomy,' Finally let me catch you again ... You know me How long have you waited for this moment? "

'Catch me? "The look was stunned, I couldn't help but laugh,' You think such a piece of waste put me in the middle ... Just catch me?"

'Oh. ... Soon you will know ... Tongzhao deep smile, raise your hand to make a gesture to the ninja surrounded by it.

'? You have prepared for your death for your death? "The moment is angry around you, and you will be a rearition of the ninja after years of training. Face has no change, continue to take a ridiculous tone.

'If you want to end a person's life ... I thought it was seven years. ... I think you will definitely count all possible changes and possible mistakes,' Tang Tang stare The eyes of the moment, where the hate is almost desirable, pouring.

As I said, the group hide slowly lifted the bandage on the hand, and the whole arm is written. The hand has been completely closed, and there is ten in the moment. There are ten.

What is much worthy of the child is, the group is slowly lifting his belt bandage, and a scarlet write-wheel eye, and the moment has passed the translusion of the eyes to the green Chakra, this The feeling is not stranger, and it is the eyes of Yuxi Woshi.

The eyes of the water are ... The corpse is muttered, and the fool of this ignorant, it is still in the middle of the group, and it is taken away.

Think of the past, I can't help but sigh.

This is the power brought by a system, even if you have a strong strength, it is strong as wooden white teeth, strong such as Yuxi Woshi, and they are still a person in the system of life, and finally can't get rid of the system.

Unless you can have the ability to get a system, the rules of the entire system will surround you, and the law is in the world.

Reincarnation !!

Thoughts are all between, the movements in the hands have not stopped, and the secret of the blind eye is flashing. The whole person has already appeared behind the group.

, Ice Emperor !! "

Bring the big boxing, frozen the full number of outbreaks, and there is a huge frost dragon in the hands of a huge broccoli directly.

Almost zero-distance hits, between the groups, the whole man, made a ice sculpture, and was burned by a punch, and the frozen is zero!

Correating you, you can't relax........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

... seeking flowers ...

"Wind, vacuum: ._. ''

Just when the re-emergence is about to release the tolerance, the flash of the unfamous angle of the moment is in an instant to catch the impression of the wind.

Sheng Dragon !!

A dragon-shaped air cannon strikes with a violent kick in the air. The traces of the air bombarded the hidden body in the test, and he took him a bloody, and the whole person flew out. .

Such a near distance, how can the printing exercise have vital surgery, not to face or the body's extraordinary ninja.

There is still nine of the written eye in your full body. Your Chakra, a write-wheel eye uses Ye Evil's time is sixty seconds _. I will keep some aunts and when you are seven

Ten seconds. One. ''

'You survive in this world, there is a total of ten minutes left ...,' Standing in the country, the resilience of re-emerged, and the middle of the eyes of the moment seems to condense the substance. .

Whether it is for the past, the TRC has repeatedly issued the calculation of him, or all the sins committed by the Group, no matter how it will make him live today.

Using Yi Evil once again successfully put his death into a dream of the dream, gloomy borrowed another closed written eye, said with a tone of poisonous death: 'Nothing distance The ability to appear in an instant ... It is so similar to the four-generation destination. But I don't have

Provision of you use the surgery ..., '

'What kind of time and space ability? Want to have you tried to assassinate me in the base, is this ability? "

It is worthy of experienced group hidden, only the use of the moment, it will roughly infer the nature of this technique ...

Chapter 141, chapter in the killing machine (seeking to reward)

'If you want to know, if you go to hell, ask ... Factory

It's not a smile, but suddenly, I suddenly inspected when I was already filled with my mysterious curse.

At the moment, the eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and they found that their bodies could not move, and the operation of Chakra in the body gradually started to be stagnant.

Hahahaha. ... This is the self-created burst of dozens of ninja together ... Not only can you seal your actions. You can also seal your Chakra ... strict

I saw a little doubts. I have a little bit of hidden hurt. 'Although I don't know how to use your time space, I use it. ... However, any of the scrubbing is required to Chakra's second corpse one or five,'. You will die here, you will go to the moment !! "

Xiang Sai Tang is in order to deal with himself for so many years. ... Finally, there is some means. ...

It's a drunk and glance around the inner hand-in-law, and the bottom is secretly thinking, including the outside of the outside world. The four-phase seal and put an end of the ruins of the roots of the roots. Print, and the seal action of yourself and Chakra's self-care curse

It is printing. These mulberry prints and sealing and printing used by roots should be the secret of lost vortex family.

'He has ice capabilities! Everyone is ready! All use fire to attack him !! "

Under the group swinging, all the ninja started the printer in front of the front hand.

'Want to kill me with a lot of fire?'. At the moment, his actions and Chakra were blocked, but it was a pity that the group was hidden.

That is in the past few years, his strength has already broken the bottleneck breakthrough to a higher level, even if you don't have to open the perfect fairy model, his frozen force has also reached the stage of demon fruit awakening.

Although it is like a danger of danger, it is actually unpanturbed, but the corner of the mouth has a disdain.

Just in all root organization members, I just finished, and released the air in the back of the Buffet, and the whole picture seems to be suddenly fixed.

Heaven, in the world, only my alone!!!