Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 112 of Hueding Crack System

Want to the extremely frozen force, explosive, in an instant, a burst of coldness like the normally drilled the cold, and the blink of an eye seems to spread out of the four sides.

Hey! Hey! Hey! ...

All the fire of the fire is disappeared, and the whole dark bottom world is blusted into ice sculptures. There is no one-stop life.

The moment of the moment is slowly spit out of a white cold, and the curse of self-created curse gradually returns. Santed a circle to the underground world of the endless ice sculpture, and Chakra fly quickly, lifted his feet. Gently gently on the ground.

The whole world of frozen bottom is shocked by this effort, countless crocink, and the whole world began to collapse.

The blue-blue reincarnation of the vision, the moment of moment is transferred to the top world, and the philosophy in the outside of the woods a large number of Chakra fluctuations.

'Shout ... There are other big cards ...,' Finished, the moment of turning my eyes, launching, after the arrival, there is a disappearing in the underground world that collapse.

Yi Evone. It's really the same thing about cheating ..., '

Back to the ground.

Everyone is ready! The first strategy failed. Now I am ready to implement the second strategy !! "

In the trees in the ground, the Turki province seems to have no injunction to the surrounding ambush.

Everyone has improved! The day is absolutely not so easy ..., '

If the group is still finished, the sound suddenly stops, all the ambitious root organization members are tight, the group is slowly turned to the head, I saw that I didn't know when I was standing behind him, the green Ying Ying's extension version Kra Scalpel penetrated his Moon and Her and Hungar, cut his internal organs ...

'So ... there is still a seven written eyes ...,'

Behind the bodies that have disappeared from the Tibet, I have a flash of a laughter, and it is as if it is playing with a beloved toy.

Heart turn !! "

A light and shudder, I suddenly became a shock, and I suddenly felt that a strange spiritual force is handsome and accounting for her own body, I want to grab the control of myself.

The blue-blue reincarnation of the flats, representing the fashionable sleeping power of the yin, the huge spiritual power turned this, and the spirit of tried the spirit of his body.

, !! "

In the field of view of the revivement, the clear province of the moment is between the mountains in the mountains in the trees, and seven have flowing out of the blood, and lost their vitality.

Immediately, I felt a touch of the wind, and another effort to help the group of the Tibetan Tibetan, I was wrapped in a purple phosphorus, and I sent a violent attack from above.

The group hidden in Yi Evil can rewrite death, so he is a bait with himself, killing himself, letting the mountains in the mountains in the mountains turning the heart.

I don't want to control myself, but I can reveal myself 3.4 flaws, and then let the oil in the tree use the nano-stage poisonous phosphorus in the tree to use the nano-stage poisonous insects to launch a fatal blow to themselves.

It's a laughter of the servant. _. "The untestable smile, the failure of this serial assassination is in that the group is not worthy of myself awakening the bloody eyes, the huge spiritual power makes the stroke The heart turning is not possible to have any effect on yourself.

, God blows !!! "

A loud noise, a power of Chakra's breath, suddenly broke out from the moment.

The whole air is all eliminated, a huge vacuum fist forms, the power cannot be resistant to the power, and the oil girl hitting it in the moment into a blood mist ...

Chapter 142 Killing Advent (seeking full order)

'Today, even if it's a six cactus, I will also save your life ... less

A god blowing, after the top of the oil fell into a group of blood, the moment of icy saving, and a group of rooted tissues surrounded.

Zhe saw the leader in the organization, the resilience of the group, the helper, the oil woman taking the root, a strong ninja actually bled a blush, the bone is not available.

The time around these seems to have no idea, there is no emotion, like the machine's general ninja, and can not help but have a closer shadow.

'All give me! I have to kill him here at all costs !! "

With a failure of planning, the more the written eyes in the hand becomes, the inner heart of the group begins to panic.

The center of the long wooden leaves constantly came from the sound of war, but at this moment, the TRC did not feel ten times more atmosphere than the chaos.

Not for others, just because of the monster that is often unable to measure this.

After listening to the command of the group, the Ninja in the woods once, arranged into neat formations, and put their death in the middle, forming an angle that makes the moment the most uncomfortable.

'Every Ninja here is a special selection in this seven years, specializes in your body's internal tissue, illusion and all aspects, special training to choose from the elite ninja ...,' For distorted smile, he feels that he seems to have seen the miserable death.

It turns out ... The province is ready to deal with me, you are ready to prepare ..., '

I heard the chaos of the centers in the distance, and the mouth of the moment floated a subtle angle. The battle between the saicos is almost over. I will seriously think about it. ...

Reincarnation of the eye overbear travel!!

The mysterious brilliant glory in the moment, like the star reflection, the toner of the stars, and the invisible gravity field is located around the entire ground.

Huge gravity applied to almost all ninja around, heavy to the unimaginable gravity directly put them on the ground, all the endurance is born with an adsorption, and the body is heavy to an additional addition.

'This. What is this? "

I saw a moment of moving. I almost all the ninja under all hands didn't have a shot on the ground. I raised the eyes of the eye.

I suddenly worked again to the mysterious double mile of the flash. When he was in the cloud, he borrowed the back of the long door, and his eyes brought to him. It is not weak to look back in the long door, but it is still.

'Is it ._. Your eyes ?? "Suddenly, the hearts of the group have poured a terrible guess.

'You seem to guess what is the second _.' 'See the expression of Tibetan horror, I have to admit that my inner heart has indeed a trip. However, no matter what you guess, there is no future! ! "

During the speech, the moment is gently walking.

The strong gravitational gravitation broke out, and the role was on the ground. After all the ninja on the ground, after a burst of mourning, all were crushed into the giant pit in the underground.

The group hidden point is sitting on the ground, and the sluggish, the ground, suddenly being crushed, as if it is a road to the door of hell.

'Is there another pair of eyes that can fight against an eye in the world? "This is the only idea in his mind.

It seems that it is not enough to give the group's excitement, and the moment has started his hands, the whole body starts, and a large amount of green Chakra, the huge momentum suddenly becomes a flying sand.

After the dust settled, the championship was put down the shaped sleeves, and the shocked found that the whole body exudes the green Chakra flame, and a white robe is covered with a few hooks, and the white long hair has no wind. After floating in the brain, you will enjoy the nine national balls that exude fluorescence, just like a fairy.


When it comes to this, when I first awakened my eyes, I thought I had completely mastered the jade, but it was not the case.

According to the information in the original, seeking jade is a black sphere that is fused from all the nature of the five elements of yin and yang, belongs to the blood jeoper who exceeds blood succelives and blood drops.

According to the history of noodle, Hui Yiji, Luoxao Cactus, Da Jiwu Yu Village, these three are people who can make the jade with their own strength, and Hui Ni Ji is the real body of the ten tail, Chakra's ancestors, Her courts have a lot of power or size, far beyond others.

And the big simmer, Yuxi Bao, Yuxi Bo, whirlpiece, these four people have gained the jade. The original Zhongyu Zhihu spots and the Unecy Belt are both because of the tail of the people, and the use of Shenshu's forces have made jade. And the whirlpool moisture is rely on the subsequent nine

The power of the big beast, and the school (good Zhao) will be six immortal, so I can master the jade.