Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 113 of the Capaci Yushu System

The above three, deprived of the tail or the force of the nine tail beasts, can no longer be used.

In the case of the moment, like the big simmer, relying on the born eyes of the white eyes and the big simmer, the blend of the boss, and then combined with its own physical strength, that is, some yang's characteristics, after opening the revivement of the eye Only the power of seeking jade, but actually in the moment and the people seek jade.

It is not enough to fight with the above people.

Unless the moment is able to completely get the power of Yang, and combined with the power of the transfusion eye, we can make the jade like the six immortals.

However, those things are in the future, and I have already made a perfect plan and arrangement, just the arrival of the time ...

Chapter 143 Zhun Group (seeking automatic)

Tongling, dream !! "

It is like a moment of immortality, and the unfounded group is not sitting. It is a huge monster who uses Tongling to summon a huge monster. It is like a hippo, which is actually a Japanese myth. Monster in the dream.

Wind, vacuum jade !!! "

Double-handed, seeing his own spirit and beast dream, and then changing themselves. After the hitting, the Tibetan suddenly made the wind, and the dream is a huge suction, making the hidden wind. Sold complimentary power is doubled.

The air bullets in the air are saved, and the power is multiplied by the strong suction increase, but the moment is too lazy to lift it.

Gently reach out, as if there is an invisible knot, the wind that is released from Tang Dynasty is all attracted by it.

Ni !? "

I saw the windscript of myself released, and I was easily absorbed by the moment, and the eyeballs of the group bounce out from the eyes. In fact, he just tried to use the writing wheel of the right eye to the right eye, but found that one 300 did not produce any utility.

'Is it very surprised why the eyes of the water did not work for me? "I saw the group hiding that I didn't dare to confuse, I said that I said:' "

'Turn ._ Renang ._Reated group hide has been shocked by the information in the moment.

'Anyway, you have to die _._. Let you die. _ Production is a little understanding of the championship by the group, and it is a little understanding why the anti-school in the TV is in the wind. I always like it forced. It turns out that this kind of feeling of the enemy is the feeling of controlling it.


'The eye of the life, is the eyes of God who creates and destroyed, is a more advanced spiritual power than writing the eyes, what do you think is your illusion What is the effect of doing? "Head, while playing A touch of punch, and touched the psychicity of the Tibetan Tibet.

The ultimate war in the original, the unlimited month reading will only be invalid for the rounded look, that is, because the round-eye of Sasuke is representative of the highest level of spiritual power in the cloud.

'God's eyes ._.' 'Tagang hole muttered in his mouth, gradually faced, but started a look full of wild looking,' Since it is the eyes of God, then you just have to master it in mine. In your hand, I can unify the entire endure _._. ''

It's really dead.

I saw that the Tibetan is still the nauseaful face, and the moment is shocked and shook his head. The surrounding fluorescent seeking the jade is episoded as a green light ball, directly bombards the hidden body.

What is going on ._. My Chakra !! "

The group has just wanted to launch Yi Evil. The branch, but it was frightened to find that the whole body Chakra was taking away with an amazing speed. He didn't even use the evil.

No _._. For the wooden leaf "._Russa can't die here: ._. '' Feels that only the last chakra in your body is only a stunning move.

He began to run.

Turned to run.

"No: ._. I can't die _. '' Feels that I will lose my consciousness, I will start with the Ticra and God support of him only, and I will also run toward the direction of the centers of the leaves.

That seems to be in the back of it, let the moment have a little touching.

Does he really feel that he is guarding the wooden leaves?

Or does he really feel that he can change the entire endurance? (ADAO

No one knows that at this moment, I can't touch the real idea in the hearts of the group. I only see the group hidden in front. I will take a smile in my face. I started to follow the second _.

Wooden leaf center.

'Old man _ two you are okay? "

The body is also a wolf, standing on the roof of the Test Site, with the three generations of the same wolf.

Unlike the original plot, come back to the wooden leaves in advance. After his appearance and the three generations, we finally defeated the big snake pill and retired from the tone.

Fortunately _._. The old life is to keep _._. '' The three generations of the three generations of the three generations of the big mouth, the older body, after the big battle, a large number of Chakra consumption makes him seem to be Just drive the crane.

The Ninja of the following leaves began to clean the battlefield, and packed up with the big snake pills and sand finished. The three generations did not help but have a painful look on the face: I really can't think that the big snake pill has become now This look _ .... If the original second _. ''

I heard the three generations mentioned the big snake pill, and the side of the next time was silent, and the companion from this junior period was, and this road is the biggest regret in this life.

I contained my mood, three generations and myself took the clothes standing on the clothes, the next job is to do the good work of the wood and retreat and sandy ninja:.

At this time, the figure below ran into the venue.

'That is _._. Group?' '

Three generations and twins also saved the identity of the people, but soon, they found a person behind the group.

A person who has been exhausted, one who can't be ignored.

I saw the whole body exuded and amazing green Chakra flame. The cacto coat also suspended nine blooms and fluorescence, and the eyes of some people were focused here.

At this time, I also had a closure of the eyes, and I also saw the three generations on the roof, I saw this life in a lifetime.

"Japan _._. No matter where it goes to, I can't catch up with you _._. ''

'This round will sacrifice _._. But I will not become a spike _._.' '

Finally stopped his own footsteps, the group took the head of the head, there were some holes, and the clothes were opened, and the clothes showed the curse of the body.

For the Ninja World ._. For the wooden leaves ". _. Never let you live!, '.

Chapter 144 Holding Blow Blow (ask for automatic)

'That is. The leader of the roots ... group hiding ?? "

At this time, Carti's ninja, the ninjas of the wooden leaves, also saw the group of the wolf, and the moment of slowing in him later.

'That is. ...???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

At this moment, the shape and exuded momentum of the body, so that the ninja of the wooden leaves almost did not recognize his identity.

'Ory four-phase seal. ... "Pingshu Province, in front of the hidden move, no one knows the idea in the heart of this moment,' This is your last answer. Zhi Village Tibetan., '

'Also ...,'

At the moment, the province of the predecessor, suddenly felt that he also had such a ninja, even if it was a distorted belief, at least he also implemented his own twisted beliefs.

'I use this God's ability ... Send you a trip ...,'